If you have read the background in my blog “Saturn opposite Uranus – Phases 1 – 3” you will see that much of the focus of the first three phases, on the world stage at least, was in establishing Barack Obama in his role as U.S. President.  Rufus Wainwright was singing and playing on the Andrew Marr show this morning.  He first came to our notice (well mine at least) when he played “Going to a Town” disillusioned by his American heritage before Obama was elected.  This morning he proudly unveiled the title track to his new album where he is coming back home to New York, after the election of Obama.  Ironically, I missed seeing him perform live in Cambridge in 2007 because I was flying out to New York that evening.  Obama was elected the day of the first Saturn-Uranus opposition and still finding his feet at the second, but at the third opposition he was getting to grips with the Healthcare system reform.  The New York Times said this week: “When he took office last year, President Obama told his foreign policy advisers that he had two baskets of issues to deal with.  The first would be the legacy issues left from his predecessor, like Iraq, Afghanistan and America’s image in the world.  The second would be his own agenda for the future.  After 15 months addressing the vexing matters he inherited, Mr. Obama is now aggressively advancing his own vision of foreign policy and defining himself more clearly on the world stage.”  Having established this man of principle on the world stage, the rest of the world needs to upgrade its political thinking, and at this 4th stage Europe and the U.K. are in the spotlight for the political upgrade.  The Poles are going to the polls on 20 June, facing elections arising from their national tragedy – let us hope that there is a worthy future president to guide them through this period.  Britons and Poles have had a fair bit of karmic interaction in the last few years with Polish immigrant workers flocking to our shores, but now starting to turn back to their homeland.  Our own election looms large on Thursday May 6th, and the second televised debate between our three party leaders last Thursday showed Prime Minister Gordon Brown (who had tried to befriend Nick Clegg of the Lib Dems the previous week) fiercely on the attack.  The Guardian asked this week “Is Clegg really the new Obama”?  Well, no more than Raj Patel is the new Maitreya.  But  Clegg and Patel could be reflections of the potential of Obama and  Maitreya.  They have the sympathetic principles and freshness to break the mould of society.  The Saturn-Uranus opposition of this week is now coming more into focus with the square to Pluto (the “Cardinal Climax” or “Cardinal T-square”).  This implies a new force which has to provide co-operation between two or more components.  Voters would have to vote for Nick Clegg in their droves in order for him to be Prime Minister, but a sizeable vote could promote a hung parliament.  And a coalition of the three parties may be the new force of balance which is required.  Gordon Brown has the baggage of Tony Blair and the Iraq War, and David Cameron cannot shake off the inequities of the Thatcher legacies.  A coalition would be difficult, but none of the three have all the qualities needed, and astrological indications support the level-pegging direction of the polls.  In your own life, is there a situation where cooperation is being forced involving two, three or more parties?  And in your own psyche you may have a similar dynamic going on, a delicate balancing but worthwhile in order to bring in new energies and forces which require more finesse and a wider canvas.  For instance, you may recently have been brought together with new acquaintances for new work using your collective expertise.

The 4th Saturn-Uranus opposition is on Monday 26th April.