One effect of the Mercury retrograde last week was the panic of the British newspaper presses (Mercury) after the surge in popularity of Nick Clegg.  Having vested interests one way or the other (Conservative or Labour) it was unthinkable to them that the Lib Dems might be in the running, or that there might be a hung parliament.  They then set out to discredit the Lib Dems and their leader Nick Clegg with outraged headlines easily obtained from the smear campaigns of the Labour and Conservative factions.  They must redress the imbalance!  Meanwhile it is clear that the British public are not at all worried by the idea of a hung parliament, and may even be warming to the idea.  However, Nick Clegg was not able to uphold the huge surge and his popularity has slid back a little, so much so that the leaders are now running almost neck and neck.  This is the state of play as the 4th Saturn-Uranus opposition kicks in tomorrow (Monday 26th), the most important astrological feature of this week.  Meanwhile today Venus enters Gemini: perfect for slick and smooth-talking politicians on doorsteps or in the hustings halls.  But as Venus does so, she runs into a square with Chiron, so politicians may express themselves, but find that they manage to offend others even where they hope to impress.  The weaknesses in their arguments may be exposed: for instance a policy purporting to promote a fairer society seems to detract from the poorer element.  In your own life you may be forced to see where in trying to be sensitive to one person, you may be insensitive to another.  This is compounded by Mercury squaring Mars which may force words out of your mouth before they have been duly thought through: a politician may quip about another politician, but throw more light on his own character.  Generally this could be a clutsy day, no matter how well-intended, certainly up to a point.  For a trine between the Sun and Pluto takes over later in the day, which has more clout, and can pull together the threads of people’s sensitivities and enable a larger psychological picture come into view.  Tomorrow is the 4th pass of the Saturn-Uranus opposition.  I have selected a blog record of the story so far, and also separately blogged about this 4th phase.  Suffice it to say that consciousness will be stretched tomorrow, and the 4th phase of dismantling and regeneration is occurring, hopefully by now the balance tipping towards regeneration projects.  On the last Saturn-Uranus opposition a friend of mine launched a knitting circle, which is flourishing and benefitting the community, so if things are done in accordance with the principles of the opposition and nature of the planets concerned, you can meet with success.  The adjustments required for changes occurring tomorrow may add to tensions building to the Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday (28th).  You may feel slightly uncomfortable on Tuesday without necessarily being able to put your finger on why.  The Full Moon in Scorpio requires you to be fully present to your emotions and their effect on others.  If someone doesn’t deserve to be stung, process your resentments on your own.  If forgiveness needs to be involved the excellent book “Radical Forgiveness” by Colin Tipping can have an airing from your bookshelf, or a download from Amazon.  Later the same day, Mercury joins forces with the Sun (and versus the Moon) in Taurus, and a practical plan can be hatched in the mind for the benefit of the body and soul.  As with the Sun trine Pluto today, everything needs to be brought to wholeness from psychological anarchy.  That means British voters need to make up their minds!