Greece is the word…In European affairs this week it has been Greece as the Plutonian influence which has upset the delicate balance of the Saturn-Uranus applecart.  We are told that the whole European economy is threatened by this, and are pinning our hopes on the responsible Saturn structure of the German economy.  Meanwhile the applecart of our hung parliament/coalition line up in the UK as represented by the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square was also upset by what is being called Gordongaffegate, as we come up to the election of Thursday 6 May.  Opinion polls are still recording a level pegging situation, but there is no doubt that the nations’s fortunes have turned on the midweek Full Moon event of Gordon Brown being overheard to call a lifelong Labour voter a bigot.  Does anyone out there have Mrs Duffy’s birth date, please?  In its absence, we can turn to the chart of the moment Gordon emerged smiling from her doorway at 3.02 pm Rochdale last Wednesday, explaining that it had been a misunderstanding (Mercury was at that time semi-square Jupiter at that time, Jupiter being at the mid-point of Gordon’s Venus-Mars conjunction:  I occasionally do jargon inappropriately).  Did anyone else have a sleepless night that night over the humiliation of Gordon Brown and the embarrassment of Mrs Duffy?  What karmic resonances did that speak of?  A Soul Contract for her to bring the government down perhaps?  Consequent to that event, Nick Clegg has spoken of a two-horse Lib Dem/Tory race… Any good news?  Well, there has been a step towards producing an agreement in the postal dispute last week.  And a baby was born at 00.24 Hrs yesterday morning to Denise van Outen (television presenter) and Lee Mead (reality TV winner turned wearer of coat of many colours).  Today we have further precoccupations with Saturn quincunx Neptune, a plummeting in weather temperatures here, rumours of sleaze in the snooker world, and top of the agenda the consequences of the oil spillage in America; where Saturn here = coldness, loss and disappointment, and Neptune = oil, water and scandal.  Some of these conditions will be added to or mixed with the Saturn-Uranus opposition situations of last week, and some will be new situations emerging.   If it is your birthday today, you will be holding a delicate balance for yourself and others throughout the year, which may be through the structure of your work.   Mercury is trine Pluto tomorrow (Monday 3rd), an echo of Tuesday 4th April when Mercury was about to turn retrograde.  Now Mercury revisits that aspect as it is about to turn direct and you may be able to tie up important business matters and gain more understanding into psychological processes: it is a good day for cathartic writing or putting into an article your recent psychological insights.  On Tuesday (4th) Sun squares Mars and the election processes may turn pugilistic in the desperation of the 3 U.K. contenders to earn the public vote.  They may know deep down that the voters are impressed by cool, but won’t be able to resist a pot shot at their rivals, while the voters may be in the mood to throw an egg or two.  John Prescott may be called to play his part.  Thursday Election Day May 6th dawns, and it is time for the British public to cast their vote.  I am intrigued to know where all the votes on benefits are going to go, because David Cameron has pledged to cut their benefits if people won’t work.  How much effect does this have on European fortunes? – It seems that Germany, the financial strong man of Europe has a strong work ethic, while in Greece there is a softer approach, with workers reportedly retiring in their early 50s. At the beginning of this week, it does look as though David Cameron has the edge, but there is still a chance of a hung parliament and/or a coalition force.  Of the three PM/Chancellor combinations the Nick Clegg/Vince Cable dream team may look the most appealing.  But the astrological picture does still look very even-handed. By Friday evening (7th) the mood is mellower, almost celebratory, with a sextile between Venus and Mars.  Perhaps that speaks of the harmony of a three-way balance, with the Conservatives and Labour conceding that they would have to now be nice to the Lib Dems again.  If it should mean the demise of our Prime Minister Gordon Brown may I just say he is likely to go down as well-meaning (Sun in Pisces) but a little unlucky (Saturn conjunct the Part of Fortune), having had to wait (Saturn/Part of Fortune) for a chance to prove himself, and being beset by many crises out of his control.  Jeremy Paxman was absolutely merciless in his interview this week, but Gordon did venture a few refrains of “Come on Jeremy, you know full well it wasn’t like that…”  And as for Greece, in the 1974 chart of the country, Pluto is currently squaring their Moon/Pluto in the 4th House (civil unrest).  When I was a University student in the late ‘60s, early 70s, we used to go around wearing “Free Greece” badges, without necessarily understanding the issues…And what is it with the national karma between us that we are hanging on to their Elgin Marbles…?  One of the most beautiful products of their finest Age, and we can’t let go of them.  Maybe Germany could buy them.