The Murdoch Empire

My resignation is due to disagreements over certain editorial content published by the company’s news outlets and certain other strategic decisions”.

~ James Murdoch

On Friday night it was announced that 89-year old Rupert Murdoch’s son, James, was stepping down from the News Corporation.  This may be seen as the run up to Saturday morning’s opposition between Pluto and Mercury (a shake-up in the communications world).  So the Murdoch empire is again in a state of flux.  I last wrote about Rupert Murdoch when he married Jerry Hall, so it’s time for another look at the Murdoch charts.  As things stand, Rupert Murdoch is the 34th richest person in America, and the 96th richest person in the world, and undoubtedly one of the most powerful.  His work as a media moghul has had an influence on world politics, notably in the U.K. and the U.S.

Rupert’s Birth Chart

Rupert has the Sun conjunct Mercury in the “genius” sign of Pisces trine Pluto, the “power” planet in the 3rd House of broadcasting, communications, journalism and the media.  Need I write more?  Oh OK then…Mercury is on the I.C. also in the 3rd House, indicating that communications are the foundation of his life.  And Mercury trines Jupiter, giving a lucky touch to all these activities.  Need I write more? Oh OK then…His hard-headedness shows in Mars opposite Saturn and Pluto opposite Saturn.  He’s a gambler, with Jupiter square Uranus.  He’s a leader in the high tech world, with Uranus on the North Node and half his planets (5) in the Cardinal signs, and has problem-solving skills with Mercury sextile Chiron.  Rupert has six children, and two of the main contenders for taking over the family firm have now bowed out (Elisabeth and James), leaving Lachlan in prime position.  Rupert’s 5th House of Children shows Chiron in Taurus, and although Chiron is well-aspected, there is a definite theme of woundedness in that area of his life.

On Friday night, Rupert’s main transits were:-

Mars square his Mars (a disagreement with a male)

Uranus sextile his natal Jupiter (a new opportunity)

Neptune on his Sun (uncertainty)

James Murdoch

James Murdoch has long chafed against the appointed role set for him seemingly by fate, and has now emancipated himself from his father’s influence.  He holds different views on climate change from his father, and has supported Joe Biden in the US Presidential race, as distinct from his father’s support for Trump through Fox News.  James’s wife Kathryn, is an environmentalist, and the Fox News coverage of recent Australian bush fires proved unpalatable to the couple.  They have been married since 2000.

We do not have a birth time for James, but there are many similarities between his chart and his sister Elisabeth’s, as we shall see.  Saturn in his chart opposite his Sun may well point to an oppressive and authoritarian father.  But Uranus exactly sextile his natal Sun gives him a strong desire for independence, which has encouraged his Inner Rebel.  James has Mercury conjunct Venus, the Writer Archetype, and Mercury conjunct Neptune (mental sensitivity).  Mars sextile his natal North Node indicates he does have the Warrior Archetype, too, as part of his karmic mission.  All three of Rupert’s children who have been involved learning the family trade had the same mother, Anna Murdoch, Rupert’s second wife.  She is a Cancerian, and from their birth charts, had a strong influence on both James and Elisabeth.

Up to 2013 James was chairman and CEO for Europe and Asia of News Corporation, and in 2012 he was forced to relinquish his role as chairman of BSkyB due to the phone hacking scandal, an event which undoubtedly shook him personally.  His transits at the time included Uranus (sudden change in status) trine his natal Neptune (scandal).

The transits at the time of his decision and announcement on Friday night were remarkably apt:-

Jupiter sextile his natal Mars in Scorpio – a decisive action, fortuitous for him and giving him greater freedom

Jupiter transiting his natal North Node – a karmic act of liberation

Pluto sextile his natal Venus – a transformation of close relationships

Pluto square his natal Uranus – a brutal break with the past

These indicate something which had to be done, and a timing that is precisely right.

Elisabeth Murdoch

The Murdoch siblings have been notoriously at odds with each other, but Elisabeth freed herself from the family entanglements far earlier, stepping away from the family brand in 2001, which was an important year for her, as she married Matthew Freud, who belonged to another prominent family.  Astrologically, that was a year of breakaway transits which included  Jupiter square her natal Uranus, Uranus sextile her natal Saturn, Uranus square her natal Neptune, Pluto square her natal Mercury and Pluto square her natal Jupiter. She was involved in various media enterprises, but even further distanced herself businesswise from a company linked with NewsCorp around the end of 2014.  At this time, Pluto was squaring her Nodal Axis (, a complete karmic break, initiating a new karmic cycle).

In her chart, she has many similar patterns and combinations with James’ chart.  Like him, she has a Saturn aspect to her Sun, and whereas James has Moon trine Mars and sextile the North Node, she has the Moon conjunct Mars and trine the North Node (strong relationships with the mother).  Like James she has Mercury conjunct Venus, and like her father, she has Mercury linked positively with Jupiter.  James has Mars sextile his North Node, and Elizabeth has Mars trine her North Node, both exact, so both having equal capacity for warriorship.  Does the new development affect her?  Her transits for Friday evening were:- Jupiter trine her natal Venus (she may be pleased about it), Saturn squares her Saturn (certain elements may be frustrating), Uranus squares her Mars (estrangements connected to men in her life), and Pluto trine her natal Pluto (overall, an empowerment for her, even if only on an emotional level).

Lachlan Murdoch

Of all his children, Lachlan has a chart most complementary to Rupert’s, with his Sun in Virgo exactly opposite Rupert’s Mercury in Pisces and his Venus opposite his father’s Sun, so maybe his life path was designed to take over the baton all along.  Lachlan’s Mercury is square his Jupiter, so he may have more trouble concentrating than Rupert and Elisabeth.  He may scatter his interests too widely.  Mercury also squares Neptune in his chart, so again he may not be as focussed as his siblings.  Mars trines his Saturn, so he has determination and deliberation.  Mars trines Uranus exactly, so engineering may be a talent.  He has the warrior karmic mission of his siblings, in Mars conjunct exactly the North Node.  They all have exact aspects of Mars to their North Node, so it is no wonder that they have a reputation for sibling wars between them.  Lachlan has Jupiter exactly conjunct Neptune, so he can be capable of great vision, or great illusion.  And Jupiter is exactly sextile Pluto, which is a definite taste for Power.  Lachlan also has Uranus exactly trine his North Node, surprise in leadership being a characteristic of his karmic mission.

The transits for Lachlan on Friday night show Mars trine his natal Mercury (mentally on the alert) and Jupiter trine his natal Venus (very happy; his natal Venus is conjunct that of Elisabeth).  Jupiter transiting natal Venus usually means a cause for personal celebration.

For now, Rupert Murdoch seems firmly in control of the destiny of his empire, but he turns 90 next March, and Lachlan seems the most interested in continuing the legacy.


Uranus squared the Sun this morning, so the element of the unexpected challenges us today.  In the outcomes of the day, you could find that the least likely option wins.  So don’t rest on your laurels, provide for loopholes, and don’t take unnecessary risks.  Some people thrive under the excitement!

Tomorrow (Monday 3rd) the Full Moon at 11 degrees Aquarius keeps us on our toes emotionally.  We might be torn by looking at an issue emotionally, then from a detached perspective, then back and forth.  This may produce a stand off between the individual and the group.

In the evening, Saturn opposes Mercury, which may link with Saturday morning’s opposition to Mercury from Pluto, “a shake up in the communication world”.  There may be repercussions from difficulties that arose then.  The Pluto transit is more fundamental, and the Saturn transit more frustrating and prone to delay in communication and travel.  You will be urged to think before you speak, or even to remain tight-lipped in order not to deepen an existing crisis.  Documentation may be delayed, e.g. passports and driving licences – well, even more delayed!  You may have to tell someone “It’s in the post!”.  If you have something ready to post, maybe post it today, rather than procrastinating.

Jupiter squares Mars on Tuesday (4th), which can produce high jinx, fun and games, or just sheer over the top enthusiasm allied with energy.  Results are not guaranteed, however!  It is certainly less oppressive than the energy of Pluto/Saturn opposing Mars, but still requires caution in balancing.

Mercury enters Leo on Wednesday (5th) in the early hours of the morning in the U.K.  This placement favours applying the mind to ways of finding leisure and enjoyment in these challenging holiday times.  The usual rules do not apply, or are not clear (stay at home; don’t stay at home; go abroad, but quarantine on return, or cut short your holiday; staycation but make sure it is in an area which is not in lockdown; ease the restrictions but don’t contribute to a second wave, etc…)  The newspaper cartoonists have been having a field day! ;-}  So ingenuity, combined with common sense, are required to find just the right note, and stay safe, while enjoying yourself.

Another ingress occurs on Friday (7th) with Venus entering Cancer.  We place our love on the home and family, and appreciate our locality.  We need to be conscious about our emotional boundaries during this period (to 6th September).  This takes us up to the beginning of the school term, which at the moment holds a question mark (schools are asking the government to make safety arrangements more clear, and the government are considering sacrificing and trading pub openings for school openings).  The bosom of the family has been a theme as we have been closeted in our homes for the last few months, but also the poignancy of being separated from other branches of the family.  August therefore is a time to be focussing and strengthening our family ties, and deepening our understanding of what family means to us.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – surprises, or shocks
  • Tomorrow – emotional high tide; communication blocks
  • Tuesday – energy breaking out
  • Wednesday – focus on enjoyment
  • Friday – family involvement, with love