Kamala Harris

“I have the great honour to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris – a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one of the country’s finest public servants – as my running mate”

~ Joe Biden

On Tuesday last week, the Democratic presidential candidate in the U.S., Joe Biden, made his long-anticipated choice for a running mate.  In this crucial time, when many hope for someone with that extra something special which might oust Donald Trump, and prove a strong back up for the elderly Joe Biden, a seemingly promising choice has been made in Kamala Harris.  She is young, female and black, making this a historic moment.  What is more, she is more than capable of taking on Trump and Pence in debate.  This event enables us to take a fresh look at the prospects for the presidential race.

Birth Chart

Kamala has the Sun in Libra, the sign of the lawyer.  With half her planets (5) in the Fixed signs, she is strong willed.  She was born exactly on a full moon, and people have strong reactions to fullmooners (hence, she has her detractors, mainly based on her work in the past as a prosecutor).  The Sun conjoins Mercury across the Libra/Scorpio cusp, and  Mercury in Scorpio confers a forensic mind.  The Sun trines Saturn exactly, bringing great seriousness, inclining to politics.  The Sun also trines the Ascendant and Midheaven, creating a Grand Trine, very solid for the structure of her life.  The Sun also trines the North Node/Gemini Ascendant, making her an agent of karma, destined to be a leader.  With Saturn also at the Midheaven, this portrays one of her sayings, “Leadership isn’t about being perfect. Leadership means taking responsibility.”  The Moon in Aries trine Mars provides the cut and thrust she needed as a prosecutor, and will need in her future role.  Mercury trine Saturn shows an aptitude for mental application for exacting work and an eye for detail, which Donald Trump lacks (he has a foggy Mercury-Neptune square).  Add the social graces of Venus trine Jupiter, Venus closely sextile Neptune and Venus conjunct Uranus, and this rounds out her character.  Venus is also conjunct Pluto, giving her depth of feeling.  Mars in Leo square Jupiter,  provides fiery energy allied with enthusiasm.  In matters of religion she was brought up with Baptist and Hindu practices, and has married into the Jewish faith, a reflection of the Jupiter (religion) opposition to Neptune (spirituality) mixture in her natal chart.

Life and Career

Kamala Devi Harris was born in Oakland, California. Her mother had emigrated from Tamil Nadu in India in 1960 in order to pursue a professional career in science.  Her father emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 and is currently an emeritus professor in economics.  Her parents divorced when she was 7, and her mother brought up her and her sister  Maya.  As a child, she was bussed to school before desegregation. Her mother moved the family to Montreal when Kamala was 12 years old, and raised the girls to be strong.  Kamala has tweeted:

“I was raised to take action. My mother knew she was raising two black daughters who would be treated differently because of how they looked.  Growing up, whenever I got upset about something, my mother would look me in the eye and ask: ‘So, what are you gonna do about it?’ “

After leaving school, Kamala attended Howard University in Washington DC, where she led the debating team, and graduated in political science and economics.  She then went on to study Law in California.  By 2004, she had worked her way up to being San Francisco’s District Attorney. On 3rd January 2011 she took a further step on the ladder, becoming Attorney General for California.  Neptune was sextile her natal Moon in Aries in 11th House at the time; emphasizing her powerful natal Moon.  In 2016 she stepped into the political arena, becoming a junior Senator for California. In this role, she worked towards healthcare reform,  the improved status of immigrants, and the reform of gun law.  She was running last year to be the Democratic candidate for the presidency, memorably challenging Joe Biden, but ended her campaign on 3rd December 2019.  Her transits at the time were:-

Saturn trine her natal Venus in Virgo in 3rd House (she cited a shortage of funds); Neptune trine her Neptune in Scorpio in 5th House (recognizing a need to surrender); Neptune opposite natal Pluto in Virgo in 3rd House (a final surrender).

In January she made a speech regarding the impeachment proceedings for Donald Trump, in which she stated:

“We now face a choice: will we insist that we have one system of justice that applies equally to all? Or will we continue to have two systems of justice, in which some are above the law? … The Senate is charged with deciding whether the President of the United States, with all of his power and supposed wealth, will be held accountable for his actions – or whether we will finally live up to the principle: ‘Equal Justice Under Law.’ “

The transits for her selection as Joe Biden’s running mate this week were:-

Saturn square her natal Sun in Libra in 5th House – responsibility; Saturn square her natal Moon in Aries in 5th House – a chance for female equality (her natal Saturn balances her Sun/Moon opposition); and Jupiter trine her natal Pluto, a chance for real power.  Furthermore, she is close to having a Nodal Return: on 23rd August, the Mean Nodal Axis returns to its natal point, and 3rd/4th September is the date of the return to the natal point using the true node.  Bearing in mind the computer reading of her natal North Node as 25 degrees 47 minutes Gemini is a mean reading, you could say the whole of the next month is a new karmic calibration for her.

Her transits for the time of the election on 3rd November show Neptune opposite her natal Venus in Virgo in 3rd House (some personal confusion) and Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter in Taurus in 11th House (a sign for success).  In her transits for the Inauguration on 20th January, she has Pluto trine her natal Jupiter (the chance of a real step up in power).


Kamala married Douglas Emhoff (a fellow Libran lawyer) on 22nd August 2014.  This looks to be a very solid relationship, from several angles, one of which is that they were born in the same year, within 8 days of each other (they know each other inside out).  In their synastry, her Sun is trine his Saturn (stability), and their Jupiters and Saturns are exactly conjunct with each other, as are all the outer planets.  Where there are a few weaknesses in their relationship, these are mirrors of their own weaknesses.  Emhoff has children from a previous marriage, so Kamala has step-children, but they do not have children together.

Joe Biden

Kamala’s synastry with Biden is not easy.  Given their earlier friction, he put aside personal concerns to choose her as a most suitable candidate for his running mate.  But the day to day course of their relationship throws up: his Sun square her Saturn (she can block him at times); his Moon opposite her Mercury (possibly arguments over ideology); his Mercury opposite her Jupiter (more differences in opinion); his Venus square her Saturn (having to overcome a fundamental lack of affinity); his Mars sextile her Uranus (some dynamic work done between them) and his Uranus square her Midheaven (which could refer to his earlier disruption of her progress, and they may be able to put that behind them).

The transits for Biden this week during his decisive moment of choice show Saturn sextile his natal Sun, some solid support for him; and Chiron sextile his Saturn, healing and strengthening for him. As to his future transits, Biden had Saturn squaring his Moon around 6th April this year, and this recurs around 26th December.  This may indicate personal or health difficulties. Uranus squared his Pluto in May and again in December, which is additionally disruptive.  At the time of the presidential election, Joe Biden has Jupiter sextile his natal Mercury (which is mentally upbeat) and Chiron trine his natal Pluto (which is profoundly helpful).  For the time of the inauguration, Biden has very difficult transits, suggesting that he may have to cede to his deputy if elected: Mars will square his natal Pluto (danger); Jupiter will be opposite his natal Pluto (a difficult power struggle), Uranus will be square his Pluto (difficult change) and Pluto opposite his natal Jupiter (more power struggle).

Donald Trump

Donald has already, predictably, called Kamala Harris “nasty”… Her Synastry with Trump reveals his Saturn sextile her Jupiter, and his Uranus square her Venus, which is not easy for her.

There are already signs that Donald Trump wants to interfere with the election process itself, and he has intervened to oppose additional funds for the US Postal Service in these difficult times, claiming that a boost in mail-in voting benefits the Democrats. This may delay the true result for at least days, if not further.

Donald Trump at the time of the presidential election will have: Uranus sextile his natal Mercury (surprise), Saturn opposite his Venus (heartache, and some loss of popularity), Neptune square his Uranus (confusion) and Chiron opposite his Neptune (more confusion).  His prospects for the time of the inauguration show Pluto opposite his Venus (a low point personally), but North Node trine his Jupiter (more favourable, maybe meaning freedom for him on some level), the North Node on his Uranus (a sudden change in destiny – this can be favourable, but perhaps it is a sign of karma catching up with his past) and Chiron opposite his Neptune (which may signal a need to attend to his own mental health).

What is a surprise is the set of transits for his running mate, Mike Pence, which are partly favourable, so they do not rule out Pence taking over for Trump.  At the time of the election, Mars will be exactly sextile Pence’s natal Sun (new vigour), and the North Node will be exactly conjunct his Mercury (again, according to his karma, the result could swing either way).  At the time of the inauguration, Pence will have Saturn opposite his natal Mars (some blocking), Saturn square his natal Neptune (discomfort), but Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter (often meaning taking on power, and a milder version of Kamala’s positive transit at inauguration).

Our view of the next six months with regard to the run up to the election, the election itself, and the inauguration, is very fluid.  Both astrologically and in reality, both Trump and Biden may be removed from the picture for various reasons, leaving Pence and Harris at the forefront of the power struggle.  The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on 21st December heralds a fresh new era, and that may include a new presidency.

Martin Kettle writing about Kamala Harris in the Guardian commented that “it is possible to imagine her as president”.

“[She is someone who]is experienced at just about every level of government [and someone who] would be prepared on day one to assume the presidency in the event that that was necessary.”

~ Barack Obama


Mars trines the Sun in the fire element at lunchtime today, reviving our energies for whatever task we have in hand.  It favours the yang side of the male/female equation or balance.  Sporting interests can flourish, or any vigorous pursuits.  It’s a good day to strike out on a new venture.

However, it is not all plain sailing for we also have a square between Chiron and Venus today.  So today could be incident-prone, for example people pursuing extreme sports may incur minor injuries…Chiron square Venus is more indicative though of the emotional bruising of the heart, and if you are subject to hurt or rejection, self-nursing may be needed.  It may be a day for looking at our relationship issues, where we might be looking at the source of any separations or longings.

Tomorrow (Monday 17th) is much more likely to flow better, with Mercury trine Mars early in the morning starting the day bright and breezy.  Communications may zip along, and the day could be very productive.  Much can be accomplished.

The Sun will also be conjunct Mercury at 25 degrees Leo, peaking in the afternoon. Mentally you may see things clearly, if egocentrically.  Creatively, this is a very helpful conjunction: If you are writing a play, for instance, the perfect line could come to you.

On Tuesday (18th) Mercury will be sextile the North Node.  Sibling, educational and business karma will be especially well-starred, and information well received.

In the evening, Venus will be sextile Uranus, so there may be a social sparkle somewhere in your life, even if only on social media.  It’s a good evening for socializing and meeting new people.

A New Moon arrives on Wednesday (19th), at 26 degrees Leo, trine the Galactic Centre, in the very early hours of the morning.  This emphasizes the holiday making, creative and performing qualities of the sign and the season. In fulfilling the spirit of holidaymaking, staycationing would seem the best bet, seeing travellers arriving at airports hurriedly trying to avoid being quarantined after venturing abroad.  But it is some kind of a new beginning, so if you have experienced some testing times recently, you can press the re-set button.

Make hay, for the very next day (Thursday 20th) Mercury enters Virgo, signalling a more studious change in focus and presaging the next academic term.  That is the day the GCSE results come out in England, and that really will focus the mind for many.  If the chaos around the A Level results last week is anything to go by, there will be a great deal of heartache around the estimated grades and whether they have been downgraded, and the anguish around effects on society about private schools being elevated in society and state schools downgraded in poor areas in their results and status.  A great deal of analysis will come into play, in order to assess what is right.  Students and teachers will be trying to plan for the term ahead, itself under question because of the pandemic arrangements and the need for social distancing.  Mental application will be needed all round.

The need for knuckling down conscientiously to work and study schedules is reinforced on Saturday (22nd) with the Sun’s entry into Virgo.  The Sun in Virgo will underline the need for a sense of focus and purpose, and bring people together in common objectives.  Efficiency and Economy will be watchwords for how we organize the second half of our year.  There may be a new resolve to institute health and fitness regimes, and work rotas and practices, for those who still have their jobs secure.  The mind will have to focus differently for those who are looking at re-employment, new opportunities for self-employment, and perhaps the training in new skills, thinking about September courses.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – vim and vigour; healing wounds
  • Tomorrow – bright and breezy; crystal clear
  • Tuesday – karmic information; social sparkle
  • Wednesday – new beginning
  • Thursday – mental analysis
  • Saturday – attention to future work and study plans