Luxuriate only until lunchtime today while Mercury remains in Leo, then when it reaches Virgo it’s pure service, whatever service means to you: whether it’s serving behind the bar, serving your aromatherapy clients (on a Sunday? You’re working too hard) or serving humanity. If you are a Virgoan, you’ll be in your element, polishing the silver. Early evening brings a trine between the Sun and Pluto. If you are preparing psychological ground for something important, such as an emotional healing journey, it will be a good time to meditate and pack your tools: crystals, inspirational listening and reading, and your special earth healing costume. If your healing ground is going to be in the home vicinity this week, then shift some furniture with the help of your feng-shui guides. Just make sure the neighbours aren’t watching, as they already think of you as some New Age cliché (I am of course speaking for myself only). The real work begins on Tuesday (21st) with the conjunction of the Sun and Saturn at the end of Leo. It’s a chance to firm up the foundations or even admire the finished project of something built up over the last two or so years while Saturn has been in that sign, especially if you are a Leo. You do want to see the results of all that hard work, but at times the sheer struggle may have conditioned you to see only the stumbling blocks ahead of you. Tuesday may still be problematic, but you can start to see what you have achieved and the beauty and meaning of the original grand design and the overall plan. That goes for you other signs watching too, but maybe less so. You may have watched the brave lions in your life or may have had your own Saturn-in-Leo demons to face – bravo to everyone! You can at least buy the bottle of champagne even if you haven’t yet got the bottle to drink it or acknowledge the strength you’ve shown. Thursday (23rd) lunchtime the Sun enters Virgo, and we are all starting to feel autumnal even though it is still summer – you know that feeling. Obsessive-compulsives just put down that silver for a minute, you’ve done enough for today. There’s a quiet peaceful side to Virgo which you can access, in contrast to the drivenness. Just lie down now, start to relax and take it easy…We have a month of the Sun in Virgo, and you need to start as you mean to go on. By afternoon tea time you’ll be frantic anyway, trust me, so relax now…put on the snooze button (at work? Just hope no one notices your head on the desk)…You’ll come to with a start late afternoon/early evening as Mars opposes Jupiter pulling your enthusiasms and desires as far as they will stretch. You’ll feel restless, but some of you will be able to rise above this opposition and make something incredibly creative out of this tension (I am thinking about the virtual banquets we dream about). In the early hours of Saturday (25th) Mercury squares Jupiter and everything will be over-the-top: the traffic jam you are caught in on the way home, the quantity of bargain books you are buying in Borders, the shed-load of washing you have accumulated (add your own examples). And that’s just the start of the day…next Mercury squares Mars and if more than one person is irritable that just makes for an indigestible lunch, especially if you are in the Big Brother house. And by the evening, when Venus opposes Neptune the earlier irritability will have been mulled and turned into a gently simmering paranoia, the only antidote for which is for everyone to centre in their heart chakra. Now where did I pack my rose quartz…?