David Attenborough

With travel restrictions this year, the naturalist Sir David Attenborough has recently taken to social media to get his urgent messages across to humanity.  Among other vehicles,  he has recently set up an Instagram account (now totalling 5.1m followers).  Not surprisingly, he has a record number of followers, wherever he goes.  Among other transits for his social media expansion is Jupiter trine his natal Sun.  Governments may not listen, but his popularity grows.  He has been telling us about the effects on nature of climate change for years, with increasing urgency.  In the last couple of years, young Greta Thunberg has been bringing fresh pressure to bear on the cause, and they have become allies.

Birth Chart

Sir David has 5 (half) of his planets in the Water element, so he is really at home in that element (witness his Blue Planet series).  His Sun is in Earth sign Taurus, and he has done more to illuminate Life on Earth than anyone.  At the age of 94, he has made a huge contribution to its study, which is impossible to exaggerate.  Taurus also gives him a great deal of grounding.  His Sun is opposed by Saturn, so he feels a huge weight of responsibility, which he carries and conveys admirably.  His Sun is also square Neptune, showing great sensitivity, and again emphasizing the role of the oceans in his life and work.  With the Sun sextile Pluto, what he has to say is always profound, and this is given extra karmic weight with a conjunction between Pluto and the North Node, and a sextile between the North Node and the Sun.  His has been an extraordinary destiny.  His Moon conjuncts Venus, giving him great tenderness, and you can see that through some of his animal commentaries.  His Moon conjunct Uranus gives him imagination and the power to surprise through the expression of emotion, which, placed in Pisces, contains a great deal of compassion too.  Mercury is sextile Jupiter in his chart, showing breadth of mind and vastness of travel, but the most stunning feature of his chart is Jupiter exactly conjunct his Ascendant in Aquarius: that shows the huge amount of globetrotting in his lifestyle, and the global reach of his work, and the wideness of his heart.  That position of Jupiter shows the scale of his life plan and contribution, and placed in Aquarius it hints at the extent of his futuristic vision, where he has always had his finger on the pulse of what would happen to our planet.  Mercury exactly trine Neptune gives him acute mental sensitivity, and the ability to channel higher frequencies of thought.  With Mercury conjunct Chiron, he’s a problem-solver.  Mars in his first House shows his eco-warriorship, but it is unaspected, so he is a free spirit in this respect.  With Saturn closely square Neptune he is very sensitive to the interface and relationship between the Earth and her Waters.  Those two planets form a T-square with his Jupiter/Ascendant, which is where he is able to bring hope while describing the plight of our situation (he never gives up hope entirely but spells out the Saturn-Neptune reality).  On religion he has the ambivalence of Jupiter opposite Neptune: “My view is: I don’t know one way or the other but I don’t think that evolution is against a belief in God.”  I wrote in 2016:  “He describes himself as agnostic, and maybe he doesn’t need religion as he is well and truly ‘doing his bit’ for the planet.”


He has made legions of documentaries for the BBC over the decades.  Here is a timeline of a few of those, which you may remember fondly depending on your generation:

1979 – Life on Earth

1984 – The Living Planet

1995 – The Private Life of Plants

2001 – The Blue Planet

2017 – Blue Planet II

2020 – Extinction

In Blue Planet II, he brought us graphic evidence of the plastic pollution in our waters, and sparked a worldwide effort to reduce the impact of plastic.  He was spotted this week in Cambridge, beginning filming on “Green Planet”.  He is more than a national treasure; he is more than a world treasure; he is quite literally a living icon – what the esotericist Alice Bailey would call a World Server.

“If I was earning my money by hewing coal I would be very glad indeed to stop. But I’m not. I’m swanning round the world looking at the most fabulously interesting things. Such good fortune”

~ Sir David Attenborough, 2013


If you breathed some sigh of relief last Tuesday morning when Saturn was stationary prior to turning Direct, another layer of relief comes today with Pluto stationary prior to turning Direct.  This is an even more profound shift, involving a deeper level of both the personal and collective psyche.  We may feel we are making headway in our transitions, or at least gaining a foothold on a more salubrious path.  Although we are still living in stressful times, we may be able to size up our tunnel, even if the light at the end may not yet be showing itself.  In the U.K. we have Brexit looming, and a winter to get through under the “second wave”.  In the U.S. they have a President hospitalized with the virus, and a presidential election looming in a month’s time.  So although it may not look like we are turning a corner, the corner may be in sight, or tangible.  If you have a breakthrough today, that may be the sign you need.

Uranus opposes Mercury on Wednesday (7th) throwing a spanner in the technical works.  Not a good day to start an Instagram account, for instance.  If technology is a must, then take the opportunity to learn as much as you can about the issue at hand.  In meditation, however, you could successfully connect the lower mind (Mercury) with the higher mind (Uranus) and establish a clear channel for communication and telepathy.

There is no whitewashing the aspect of Friday (9th), that of Pluto squaring Mars.  You may have to trawl through a few interpretations by other Astrologers to find one that suits!  I consider it to be one of the most difficult of the year.  It’s a volatile combination, which can give way to riots or situations which can get out of hand.  Prepare your stock of peaceful vibes beforehand (in meditation perhaps)  so that you can send out a blast of soothing comfort wherever you go with your facemask, hand gel and distance.

Saturday (10th) is an opportunity to regain balance and regain ground, with a constructive sextile followed by a happy trine.  First, the North Node sextiles Mars, where warriorship can be expressed more safely than on the previous day.  You may be able to get your message across directly and actively, in speaking your truth or setting an example.  If you are a follower of Dan Millman (the “Peaceful Warrior), I’ll be preaching to the converted…  If you are a timid type, there is scope to embolden yourself slightly.

The best aspect of the week comes at the very last hour, at 23.08 Hrs in the U.K. on Saturday.  If you are at a virtual Saturday night party (as opposed to milling around the streets after the 10 p.m. pub curfew) you could have a scintillating time, with Venus forming a trine to Uranus.  You might go along (to the said virtual party) thinking you’ll give it a whirl and it may be quite pleasant, and then find you make exciting new connections or reunions, with laughter-filled conversations, telepathy, and possibly some personal moments of deja vu (have I known this person in a previous life?).  If you are intending to make it an early night with a cup of organic cocoa instead, you may settle into some fruitful dreamwork which sets you up with insights for the following week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – onwards and upwards
  • Wednesday – the spanner in the works; close loopholes
  • Friday – keep out of the fray
  • Saturday – most congenial; constructive karmic action; exciting meetings