U.S. Presidential Election

A Last Minute Recap

I will keep this brief, as I am no wiser than the next person on the subject.  Indeed, most people thought Hillary Clinton would win four years ago, and she did not.  Maybe Donald Trump has a certain je ne sais quoi que je ne sais pas. It is also true that most pundits, of all descriptions, tend to be influenced by their own bias, and that is an unknowable quantity.

Joe Biden

… the face it chose was a familiar one, belonging to a man whom Democrats feel they’ve known for ever, whom most of them trust and like. Even the voters I met who were not backing Joe Biden described him the same way: as a ‘good man’, as a ‘really decent person’, as someone of warmth and “empathy”.”  ~ Jonathan Freedland

Written earlier in 2020:

“At the time of the presidential election, Joe Biden has Jupiter sextile his natal Mercury (which is mentally upbeat) and Chiron trine his natal Pluto (which is profoundly helpful).”

To which I would add that though the Chiron trine is not exact, it may be important because in his natal chart he has Chiron conjunct his North Node (karmic mission).  Also, the sextile of Jupiter to his Mercury is exact the next day, when some of the results are starting to come in.  So there may be some initial cheer.  Of course, we hear a lot about delays, and this week Mercury will be square Saturn for most of the week, which bears this out.  And we hear much about Donald possibly not accepting defeat if it comes, which may delay an outcome even further.  Then there are fears that the country will be plunged into civil war afterwards (whoever wins).  If we were not living in such unusual times (not to mention the pandemic), Jupiter sextile his Mercury would be plainsailing good news for him!

Written earlier in 2020:

“For the time of the inauguration, Biden has very difficult transits, suggesting that he may have to cede to his deputy if elected: Mars will square his natal Pluto (danger); Jupiter will be opposite his natal Pluto (a difficult power struggle), Uranus will be square his Pluto (difficult change) and Pluto opposite his natal Jupiter (more power struggle).”

Donald Trump

Written earlier in 2020:

“Donald Trump at the time of the presidential election will have: Uranus sextile his natal Mercury (surprise), Saturn opposite his Venus (heartache), Neptune square his Uranus (confusion) and Chiron opposite his Neptune (more confusion).  Although this is a mixed bag, there is enough difficulty there to possibly topple him… ”

To which I would add he also has Mars opposite his Chiron, exact on the day, another dangerous opposition.

His transits for Inauguration time are:

Pluto opposite his natal Venus (a shattering time for him personally), but with Pluto trine his Midheaven (a transformation in his Career, Life Direction and Reputation – which could go either way!)

Kamala Harris

As Deputy for Joe Biden, if he were elected she may have to step into his shoes at a moment’s notice.

Written earlier this year:

“Her transits for the time of the election on 3rd November show Neptune opposite her natal Venus in Virgo in 3rd House (some personal confusion) and Jupiter trine her natal Jupiter in Taurus in 11th House (a sign for success).”

and for the Inauguration:

“In her transits for the Inauguration on 20th January, she has Pluto trine her natal Jupiter (the chance of a real step up in power).”

Mike Pence

Again, written earlier this year:

“What is a surprise is the set of transits for his running mate, Mike Pence, which are partly favourable, so they do not rule out Pence taking over for Trump.  At the time of the election, Mars will be exactly sextile Pence’s natal Sun (new vigour), and the North Node will be exactly conjunct his Mercury (again, according to his karma, the result could swing either way).  At the time of the inauguration, Pence will have Saturn opposite his natal Mars (some blocking), Saturn square his natal Neptune (discomfort), but Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter (often meaning taking on power, and a milder version of Kamala’s positive transit at inauguration).”

Chart of the U.S.A.

Election Transits for the chart of the U.S. show the North Node on its Mars in Gemini in 9th House of Foreign Relations – an impact on world affairs;  Chiron square its Jupiter in Cancer in 10th House – an alteration or crisis in its reputation; Pluto trine its Neptune in Virgo in 12th House – favourable to change; and the Nodal Axis square its Neptune in Virgo in 12th House – utter confusion!

For the Inauguration: Pluto will be opposite its Mercury (nervous strain); Mars sextile its Jupiter (enthusiasm or hope), and Chiron still square its Jupiter.

Some political commentator fear that the process of settling the issue could take a great deal of time, particularly if Donald loses and digs his heels in.  There is an interesting set of transits for 19th and 20th February:  The U.S. Pluto Return takes place on 20th February 2022 in its 4th House of Home and Family, the day after the exact opposition of Pluto to Donald Trump’s Venus.  It could be that the issue or an issue is forced, for Donald Trump around that time, and crisis and transformation come to a crucial point around that time for the U.S.  These two factors could be linked.

Meanwhile, other transits to watch for the U.S. are: Saturn reaching the U.S. Pluto, on 21st November, a possible rock bottom moment; and Jupiter reaching Pluto on 7th/8th December, a possible sign of hope.

Mercury turning Direct on the day is not unhelpful, but as you will see under Aspects for this week, it is a Mercury which is in a stuck position, squaring Saturn.

And, as I have said before, the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0 degrees Aquarius on 21st December heralds a fresh new era for all of us, and that may include a new presidency.


There is one aspect this week, and it is able to dominate the week in an unusual way.  Mercury is in a stuck position, squaring Saturn.  In the U.K. we are facing a lockdown, from Thursday 5th November.  In the U.S. they are facing what may be a stuck election.  You will need a great deal of patience this week.  You may also need a new philosophy of life, along the lines of forbearance (an old fashioned, 19th or 20th Century value).

That mood starts today, with the actual square between Saturn and Mercury itself, the first of two passes (in one week – what a rarity!)  It may be difficult, but it does mark this week out as being a special week.  Try to look at the Universe’s purpose for the train of events, or for how they interact with your own life purposes.  “What is being required here?” is a useful question.

More haste less speed may be a useful mantra to follow: I had the mundane challenge this morning of a very slow computer, which fits the brief accurately.  Travel and communications will be slow, and during almost the rest of the week.

On Tuesday (3rd), the day of the U.S. Presidential Election, Mercury will be Stationary prior to turning Direct.  There may be some slight sense of relief, e.g. “we can go out and vote to change things” or “we can get on with planning the next month’s lockdown”.  It is the difference between being in a state of suspense and being able to take some action, however small.  Some types of glitches (e.g. some computer issues) can be smoothed out today or in the next few days to come.  But remember that Saturn is still holding down Mercury, so some issues are still under a state of repression.  It is still by no means full steam ahead, and may not be for a few days to come.  You can certainly pick up some projects which involve paperwork and documentation, and make some essential journeys.

To fill in the tedium of this week, I am including some Fixed Star inspirations.  So on Tuesday, our Sun is aligned with the fixed star Acrux, the alpha star of the Southern Cross.  According to Vivien E. Robson, this star is associated with intuition and inventive thought.

From “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld we have:

“Humanity has reached the point of perfect attunement for receiving the beneficial energies from this place and this civilization.  For some individuals working with games, the sense of competitiveness and inner strength can become an awareness of love, compassion, forgiving, seeing it all as a game, and being able to have some perspective on it.  This is also helpful in dealing with many conditions of seeming hopelessness or difficulty on Earth.”

On Wednesday (4th) our Sun is aligned with the star Alphecca which Robson equates with honour and artistic ability.  It is part (the jewel) of the crown of Coronae Borealis, and suggests a gift.

Again from “Starlight Elixirs”:

“The beings associated with this star have a deep love of history.  They made contact with Earth beings in the time of ancient Greece.  The god associated with Mercury, sometimes called Hermes, was actually a manifested being from this civilization.  Some direct influence beginning in the ancient Grecian period is associated with this star.  These beings have assisted in this deeper awareness of integrating principles at various times and have sought to stimulate ideas and communicative principles for long periods with Earth.”

Friday (6th) brings a return of Saturn square Mercury (today’s aspect), this time with Mercury Direct as it just turned, so twice in one week, which is so very unusual as has been mentioned.  You may experience it as one long continuous square between Sunday and Friday (virtually the whole week), with some lightening of proceedings from Monday’s turnaround. So you may feel slightly lighter on Friday, as Mercury is Direct.  Perhaps you may see the light at the end of the distant tunnel.  Otherwise, all that was mentioned for the beginning of the week still applies.

On that day, too, another Fixed Star links with us: Zubenelgenubi, the Southern Scale of Libra.  Some words from “Starlight Elixirs, may apply:

“This binary star influences in a very positive way those aspects of close relationship where individuals have given over their will to another being, yet recognize that, paradoxically, the other being has also given over his or her will to you.  Individuals may be able to find a peacefulness in their relationship by balancing forces that may be negative, aggressive, or those causing great disruption in their relationship.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – slow progress
  • Tuesday – some improvement in communications; perspective
  • Wednesday – integration and harmony
  • Friday – again, slow progress, but not as slow as Sunday; peacefulness