Strictly Come Dancing 2020 – Part 2

In this series of Strictly Come Dancing, there have been some unexpectedly high scores from the word go.  It will be interesting to see when they score a first 10, as there have been 9s already.  In this look at a further four contestants, I continue to assess their prospects for winning, and the chemistry between the couples.

Jamie Laing

Jamie hails from the show Made in Chelsea, and is a descendant of the inventor of the McVitie’s digestive biscuit.  He has a tricky, incident-prone birth chart, and signed up for last year, only to fall at the first hurdle through a foot injury (natal Neptune, ruling the foot, opposite Chiron, representing a wound).  Then, occupying second place from bottom on the leaderboard for two weeks resulting in a place in the dance off…things looked quite dicey for him.  But last night, with his portrayal of Hercules in the musical, he turned things around miraculously, in a fun, committed and high-spirited performance!

In his birth chart, Jamie has a close conjunction (an orb of within 1 degree) of the Sun and Pluto in Scorpio, which can be dramatic.  His accident at that crucial moment early in last year’s series changed the whole tournament, with his replacement Kelvin Fletcher winning with Oti Mabuse.  He has the Sun exactly trine the North Node, which can make him an agent of karma.  To his credit, he was not put off, and in true Scorpionic determined style looks as enthusiastic as ever (he literally threw himself wholeheartedly into last night’s performance).  His Sun in Scorpio is strong, being sextile Neptune and trine Chiron, in addition to the aspects to the Sun already mentioned.  Scorpio is the master of transformation, too, so we don’t need to write him off.  Moon square Jupiter is represented by his huge smile, but there is a real ability to concentrate in his Mercury sextile Saturn, with flashes of brilliance from Mercury sextile Uranus.  His Venus (relationships) has a lovely sociable trine from Jupiter, but huge challenges of squares from Saturn/Uranus/Neptune (a triple conjunction) and Chiron.  The square of Chiron to Venus may be responsible for some of his incident-proneness, as well as a brittle Mars-Saturn square.  Mars in a T-square with Uranus and Chiron (wounding) gives an electrical quality to his energy, but again inclines to incident-proneness.  However, with Mars sextile Jupiter, he has a joie de vivre and energy which can quickly see him dusting himself down and starting again.  Motsi and Craig (Revel Horwood) have remarked on his high energy, and Shirley has pointed out his enthusiasm.  Neptune sextile his North Node will help him on the dance floor.

He is partnered by Karen Hauer, who will put him through his paces with her Pluto conjunct his Mercury.  His Jupiter trines his Mars, which shows enthusiastic energy between them, and his Jupiter opposes her Uranus (so they would take risks together).  At the same time, his Saturn trines her Sun, so he takes her instruction seriously.  His transits now show up Uranus trine his natal Neptune, encompassing greater complexity.  Her transits now show Neptune (the inspiration of dance) trine her natal North Node (karmic mission) – she will feel at one with her life path.  For the final, he would have Chiron opp his Venus (ouch, a minor injury?), but Saturn and Jupiter sextile his Mars likely to bring about an enjoyable final show, and a feeling of belonging in this special lockdown group.  He won’t have any regrets about taking part.  Karen’s transits at the final are more challenging: Jupiter square her natal Sun (she will enjoy the sense of occasion), with Saturn square her natal Sun (a personal obstacle or challenge) and Uranus opposite her natal Jupiter (feeling restless).  Not a partnership likely to reach the final, but I hope to see more of them – they have been very watchable so far.

Nicola Adams

Nicola is a recently retired Olympian boxer, and making waves this year in the first same sex partnership for Strictly Come Dancing.  Like HRVY and Maisie last week, she has 0 Earth planets in her chart, from which  you would expect a lack of grounding, but it hasn’t held any of them back!  Like Jamie, she has the Sun in Scorpio.  The Sun is conjunct Venus, providing musicality, in a sign which has a great drive (to win?).  Nicola has the Sun conjunct Saturn and Pluto (discipline and depth).  Mars in Sagittarius gives her a sense of adventure and love of sport, but is exactly sextile Saturn, which is deliberate in action, and useful in boxing.  Mars is conjunct exactly with Neptune, a sensitivity in movement.  Mars closely sextile Pluto provides a powerhouse of energy, which may help to make her quick on her feet in boxing (and now dancing).  She retired from boxing due to a torn pupil (a sensitivity which may be seen in her natal Mars representing Vision conjunct Neptune).  At the time of her injury, Mars was square her natal Neptune/Mars conjunction.  Her transits on retirement were peaceful and harmonious: Neptune trine her natal Jupiter, Chiron trine her natal Uranus and Jupiter on her natal Neptune.

She is partnered with the extraordinarily creative Katya Jones, who has taken up the challenge of providing ingenious same sex routines with gusto.  My favourite performance of theirs was during Week 2, in the couples’ choice, which told the story of Nicola’s life.  The costumes were beautiful, and Nicola’s smile and verve were memorable.  Motsi enjoyed “her enjoyment”!   They are doing a grand job.   Their Synastry shows opposite Moons, Katya’s Mars conjunct Nicola’s North Node (kind of symbolic in relation to the same sex theme, and purpose of their partnership with their malleable roles, in the sign of Cancer, a female sign).  Nicola’s transits now are challenging: Saturn square her natal Saturn (it’s a difficult thing for her to do, challenging the existing order), and Saturn square her natal Pluto in Libra (symbolizing the transformation of relationship).  For Katya now, Jupiter trines her natal Sun (success), Chiron sextiles her natal Mercury, and Uranus sextiles her natal Mars, electrifying!  Her efforts are paying off.  For the final, Jupiter and Saturn square Nicola’s natal Venus (it could be that her private life intervenes).  She may make it to the semi-final.  For Katya at the final, Chiron squares her natal Uranus, maybe a minor injury intervenes or hinders progress.

Max George

Max follows in the dance steps of his fellow band member from The Wanted, Jay McGuiness, who won the 13th series of Strictly Come Dancing in 2015.  He could also do very well!  Max is a discerning Virgoan, who held back a little at first (he is gradually coming out of his shell), but you could see he had potential.  His partner Dianne Buswell praised him at the outset for his “long neck”!  In his chart, he has the Sun trine Neptune, a happy dancing aspect (which features as one of this week’s aspects).  The Sun in his chart is also sextile Pluto, which also features in this week’s aspects.  His Moon conjoins Venus in  Cancer, showing a great gentleness.  At the same time, Mercury closely opposite Mars means he can be a bit fractious – he certainly does get very nervous, according to Claudia Winkleman.  Motsi has praised him for his great energy (Mars in Aries).  Mercury trine Jupiter means he is a good learner, though with Mercury also square Neptune and Chiron (a T-square), he could zone out at times.  Together with Sun in Virgo, he has a need for quiet space at times.  He also has a challenging Grand Cross formed by Mercury opposite Mars and Chiron opposite Neptune.  He has had quite a versatile career, starting out as a footballer, and then after The Wanted disbanded he took up modelling and acting.

He is partnered with Dianne Buswell and they portrayed Homer and Marge Simpson astonishingly well in a very entertaining performance last night.  Their Synastry shows that they are extremely well connected: Her Mercury is conjunct his Jupiter, so they have excellent communication, and he is a fast learner.  Her Jupiter is sextile his Mars (similar to the energy between Jamie and Karen, above); her Saturn trines his Sun (also similar to an aspect between Jamie and Karen); her Saturn sextiles his North Node, her Pluto trines his North Node, and her Pluto sextiles his Sun (it is their destiny to shape each other’s progress – a strong theme  in their relationship).  His transits now show Uranus trine his natal Neptune (just easing himself into the complexity of it all) as with Jamie Laing (they were born two months apart in the same year).  Dianne’s transits now show Neptune sextile her natal Sun, so it’s a dream for her – she senses there is something really special about this partnership and series.  He still has Uranus trine his Neptune at the final, so he will have learned a great deal.  I don’t think this tells the full story, because he could well make it to the final.  For her, at the final, Uranus sextiles her natal Mars – she could do surprisingly well, and enter the final with electrifying performances.  Neptune will still be sextile her natal Sun, pointing to inspiration and perfection.  Motsi has said that Max “has it all”!

Ranvir Singh

Newscaster and television presenter Ranvir Singh went spectacularly to the top of the leader board last night with a score of three 9s. (closely followed by another brilliant performance by Bill Bailey, who Craig tipped for the final).  Ranvir has the performer’s Sun in Leo.  She certainly has the energy needed (Sun closely sextile Mars) but can be serious minded too (Sun closely conjunct  Saturn).  The Sun trine Neptune inclines her to dance (as with Max George).  Like Max as well, she has the Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer (capable of great gentleness).  With Mercury square Mars, she has a strong Inner Critic Archetype (which can make her irritable, but can also result in perfectionism). Like Max, she can get distracted (Mercury square Neptune).  She and Max might understand each other well, off the dance floor.  She has Mars sextile Saturn like Nicola Adams, signifying disciplined action, and Ranvir is also a powerhouse of energy (from Mars trine Pluto).  Her dances have all been highly praised.  At the outset, Shirley declared that she had “exquisite hands”, and Craig observed that the partnership “works well”.

She is partnered with Giovanni Pernice, and they put in a beautiful performance last night (a foxtrot, to Dream Girls) which gave them the highest score so far in this series.  Analyzing this successful partnership, we find:  Giovanni’s Sun square Ranvir’s Neptune (some glamour and illusion), Giovanni’s Venus sextile Ranvir’s Jupiter (they would get on well socially), Giovanni’s Uranus trine Ranvir’s Chiron (dynamic healing), and Giovanni’s Pluto sextile Ranvir’s Mercury (intense learning for her), as well as some extra challenges.  Transits for Ranvir now include her Uranus Opposition (an important astrological cycle which expresses the element of a Mid Life Crisis or Rebellion).  This still pertains at the final, but is resolving.  The final pass of this transit comes around 10th March, so perhaps at that time some conclusions she has come to throughout the process will lead to a new strand of her career or personal life around that time.  For Giovanni now, Neptune opposes his Mercury (some mental confusion) but Neptune also sextiles his natal Saturn, which is more stabilizing: it’s icing or inspiration on the cake.  But Chiron squares his natal Uranus, so he has to take care of himself physically.  At the final, all three transits still pertain, so these are long running processes for him throughout this period.  This pairing certainly has the ability to reach the final, but something may challenge them along the way.


We start the week with a sensuous opposition between Venus and Mars tomorrow (Monday 9th), which may add zest to life.  Jamie Laing has this opposition in his natal chart, so you may capture some of his zest.  However, Venus opposite Mars may bring tension between the sexes or a tussle between your own inner male and female.

On Tuesday (10th) we have the Sun trine Neptune (an ideal day to practise your dancing).  Max George and Ranvir Singh both have this aspect in their birth charts, so you may capture some of their grace!   Expand your consciousness, and allow your imagination to embellish your work, or project in hand.

In the evening, Mercury re-enters Scorpio, on its now forward journey.  Collectively, we will look into matters more deeply and forensically.  In your own personal life, you will have more courage to look at what really matters, and to worry less about how things appear to others.

The most important aspect of the week occurs on Thursday (12th), another experience of Jupiter conjunct Pluto (which we met in April and June).  It occurs at 22 degrees Capricorn, the same degree and sign as the inception of the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on 12th January, which was responsible for the coronavirus.  This may, during lockdown, concentrate our minds wonderfully on the task in hand: to keep ourselves and others safe.  The impulse may be entirely the opposite, wanting to take risks, jump ship, etc.  But information at that time may cause us to look within at more constructive pathways moving forward.  Often Astrologers issue warnings under this conjunction, but I always see it as the germ (excuse pun) of  possibility and potential.  Which way you go is to a great extent up to the individual, and collectively our response stems from that.  So it is a day to make good choices…the power is there, but some will misuse it, e.g. world leaders who are inclined to tantrums may play up.

Friday (13th) – lucky for some – gives us Venus trine the North Node.  Love and the Arts flourish under this aspect.  These song lyrics are coming to mind:

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love,
No not just for some but for everyone.

Lord, we don’t need another mountain,
There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb
There are oceans and rivers enough to cross,
Enough to last till the end of time.”

~ Burt Bacharach and Hal David

Saturday (14th) is another day which can bring our lives forward, for Mars is Stationary prior to going Direct that day.  We may no longer feel we are pushing the boulder up the hill…we may be able to roll it gently along the flat (hopefully it is not likely to be rolling downhill).  For the Ariens among you, you could experience a literally physical renewal.

This is followed towards the evening by a sextile between the Sun and Pluto.  This finishes the day and the week on a profoundly satisfying note in some way. You may have to put in the inner work of soul searching to find the treasure, but the force is likely to be with you.  It is a profound aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – sensual tension
  • Tuesday – keep dancing; incisive thought
  • Thursday – power and potential, handle with care
  • Friday – love and the arts flourish
  • Saturday – emerging progress; profound experiences