After a week where I found that some political animals lost interest and others suddenly found their inner political animal, where we have a new government of a blue-yellow coalition in the UK, and two sets of twins being paraded in the political arena, it is time to take a rest from politics here.  Besides, there are no less than 14 astrological features to report on this week, after only 2 last week.  In order to help you digest the contents of next week, I think it best to present the material as an astrological diet menu.  Where I have skipped meals, do feel free to substitute with pure clear water or your favourite indulgence.

17th – Monday brunch: Venus square Jupiter – You may have been out late, be hungover at the office, or have eaten inappropriately.  You feel restless, and start the working week with a coffee and croissant.

18th – Tuesday early hours of the morning: Sun sextile Jupiter – You are hyped up from the coffee, and can’t sleep for vibrant new ideas going through your head.  The toaster beckons, topped with soya marge and honey dripping over the edges.  So far, so unhealthy…

Breakfast: Venus square Saturn – Oh the regrets at the diet so far…better skip breakfast altogether.  You have had a misunderstanding with one of your favourite friends, and are waiting for a reply from your apologetic text.  However, duty calls and you have missed the early morning commuter train and risk being late for work.  You are hoping that the roller coaster is due to smooth out.

Late Night Supper: Venus trine Neptune – You got to work late and worked through your lunch hour, skipped lunch, hypoglycaemia kicked in on the way home as you failed to get a seat on the train.  But now you are feeling light-headed, and virtuous, almost saint-like.  Channelled music was filtering into your head, or was that the sound of someone else’s ipod?  No matter, you feel serene and ready to have that perfect late night snack: Home made butternut squash soup, with a thin slice of gluten free bread if you must.  You are doing well.

19th – Wednesday early hours of the morning: Sun trine Saturn – Awake and aware, when you should be asleep.  You have been up and down with your astrological diet and now feel ready to stabilize and build a more sensible approach.  You realize that the ultimate in see-saws, Jupiter opposite Saturn, is occurring at the weekend, so now is the time to lay down sensible regimes and routines (if you believe in regimes).  Another round of toast while you plan this, or if you are already implementing the sensible regime perhaps a banana, if you don’t have a banana allergy.

Tea-time:  Sun square Neptune -You couldn’t sleep again, woke up late again, missed the early morning train again, had to work through lunch again, have the opportunity to make the tea but because of the erratic habits you have developed this week find yourself unable to focus, and even fantasize about eating fish again after so many years of being vegetarian.  You are split between the totally ascetic path of taking a fast, or just cramming the first thing that emerges from the fridge.  Doesn’t seem like a sane evening’s eating is going to be achieved.

Tea-time Part 2: Mercury trine Pluto – But half an hour later the picture looks different.  The moment of confusion has passed, and you receive a clear and deep insight into your eating habits, and your psyche.  You may even have the bones of your next book.  The way to go, of course, is not to revert to pescetarianism, but to pursue the raw food path you always really wanted to achieve.  You take out all the organic vegetables from your fridge, slice and chop them all finely together, and allow the juices to form a natural dressing for the salad.  Eat, and enjoy…(warning: potatoes are the only vegetable too toxic for you to eat raw).

Tea-time Part 3: Venus square Uranus – An hour later, you still feel virtuous, if a little flatulent.  What’s this?  A little tummy ache…?  You perhaps ate too much of a good thing, and have a little trouble digesting.  A drop of peppermint tea will go down a treat now.  You have been good, your karma surely must be on the up?  An old friend calls you up to tell you they have lost 2 stones.  You tell them they have done well, and their karma surely must be on the up.

20th – Thursday early hours of the morning: Venus enters Cancer – Your body clock is out of synch again, and there are still rumbles in the digestive department but Venus entering Cancer is much more conducive to natural nurturing.  If the peppermint tea isn’t working though, seriously I recommend sipping plain boiled water, and if you are into crystals, tiger’s eye applied to the solar plexus.

Venus trine Chiron in addition ensures that you are well on the way to your healing path for the week.  You are coming into synchronicity with your own cosmic food plan.

Evening Meal: Sun sextile Uranus – You are eating late tonight because you’ve had the day off work, have spent the day in nature, re-establishing your own natural rhythms, and were waiting until you were really hungry until eating.  This is the natural way of things.  Oh if only you had known at the beginning of the week what you know now.  What you know now could lay down the foundations for the perfect astro-nutritional lifestyle.  What is more, you feel perfectly in tune with your intuition.  With the intuitional diplomas you are holding in your hands right now, you feel you could heal anything.  Make a note of what you do eat tonight – your intuition will have led you to the perfect meal.

21st: Friday early hours of the morning: Sun enters Gemini – There is a pattern this week of early waking or late sleeping.  This is because your guides want to keep you awake in order to inform you of the nature of these early morning aspects, and to bring you ideas to enhance your life.  Especially this morning, as the Sun enters Gemini, stimulating your mind.  If you are a teacher, a writer or a scientist, you may need to jot down ideas and will definitely need a notepad by your bedside.  By this time you may be so exhausted, that you might not have the energy to run downstairs for the toast.  You may fall asleep with exhaustion, or have too much on your mind to think about food.  Just visualize the toast and honey you had earlier in the week.

To sum up: a busy week around the clock, no respite for aspect-watchers.  Some challenging aspects, with a few highlights.  It’s all teaching us flexibility and seeing things from different angles, preparation for Jupiter opposite Saturn on Sunday next (23rd) when we are being required to hold a balance in our lives and to understand the forces which constitute the checks and balances.  That includes the dynamics of our own psyches, and how we hold situations while staying open to new information which would re-arrange things.