Nancy Pelosi

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, presided over the second impeachment of Donald Trump this week, itself a record number of times a  U.S. President has been impeached.  That is quite an achievement for an 80-year old, in a lifetime of achievement.

Birth Chart

Nancy has the Sun in Aries, a sign of great self-belief.  Her Moon is in strong-willed Scorpio, and her Ascendant (yes, we have a birth time) is in Leadership Leo.  She is very grounded (5 Earth planets), works on instinct (0 Air planets) and is extremely strong-willed (6 Fixed planets).  Her strength is increased by a trine to her Sun from Pluto in the 8th House.  The Moon in Scorpio in the 3rd House exactly trines Mercury, so in her chart rationality and imagination are working perfectly together.  The Moon is conjunct her I.C., which means she has strong emotional family roots.  Mercury sextile Venus gives her a way with words, and Uranus sextile Mercury conveys a brilliant mind.  A trine from Chiron to Mercury adds problem-solving ability.  Venus is positioned exactly conjunct Uranus in Taurus, either side of the 10th House cusp, both exactly conjunct with it, with Uranus in 9th and Venus in 10th – a most interesting description of her unusual role in society for her times.  With Venus trine Neptune, she is capable of  the finer feelings, and with Mars conjunct Uranus she can be forceful.   She may have acquired merit in past lives, with Jupiter conjunct the South Node in Aries in 8th House.  The North Node in Libra (Law) in 3rd House, points possibly to her karmic mission.  Chiron in Cancer may convey great patriotism

Life and Career

Born the youngest child of an Italian-American family, both Nancy’s parents were involved in politics, and she became so at an early age: “Our lives were about campaigns”.

Nancy Pelosi was first elected to the House in 1987, at the age of 47.  She became a U.S. representative from California (her father before her had been U.S. representative from Maryland). She has worked on many issues, including healthcare, environmental issues, gun laws, human rights in China, and AIDS.  She also opposed the Iraq war.

She became Speaker of the House of Representatives on 4th January 2007, with Mars sextile her natal North Node in Libra (Law) in 3rd House; Uranus sextile her natal Midheaven in Taurus in 9th House (a significant breakthrough) and Neptune sextile her natal  Jupiter in Aries in 8th House (an opportunity to play out her ideals).

Her speech included the words:

“This is a historic moment—for the Congress, and for the women of this country. It is a moment for which we have waited more than 200 years. Never losing faith, we waited through the many years of struggle to achieve our rights. But women weren’t just waiting; women were working. Never losing faith, we worked to redeem the promise of America, that all men and women are created equal. For our daughters and granddaughters, today, we have broken the marble ceiling. For our daughters and our granddaughters, the sky is the limit, anything is possible for them.”

This was an extraordinary first, the highest rank for a woman in the history of Congress. Until Kamala Harris’ recent appointment as upcoming Vice President, this remained true.  When Kamala becomes Vice President next week, on Wednesday 20th January, Nancy will be ranked third in power, after President Biden and Kamala Harris, in terms of the presidential line of succession.

She worked relatively harmoniously during the Obama administration, but clashed openly with Donald Trump who overturned many of the policies of the preceding years.  Her synastry with Donald Trump reveals a very intense set of interaspects:

Her Neptune squares his Sun, while his Neptune opposes her Sun – a very tricky entanglement.  His Moon sextiles her North Node, so they could have a karmic link.  Most tellingly, their Marses are exactly squared – their energies work differently and lock horns. Her Mars is in stubborn Taurus, and his in stubborn Leo, so it gets very personal.  Their Jupiters too are exactly opposite, so they have a different view of what constitutes justice.


Nancy married Paul Pelosi on 7th September 1963.  Their Synastry shows that Paul is also an Aries, born 3 weeks after her in the same year, so their generational planets are conjunct, which often gives shared values.  His Uranus is conjunct her Venus and squares her Ascendant.  Her transits on the day they married were significant: she had a Jupiter Return, in Aries in her 8th House; Saturn was sextile her natal Jupiter exact on the day (a good balance in life); Neptune was trine her natal Chiron in Cancer in 11th House (healing) and Pluto trine her natal Midheaven in Taurus in 9th House (a deep but constructive change in her life direction).  They have five children together and five grandchildren.


That Scorpio Moon (a long term determination) came into force through her actions in impeaching Donald Trump since she was re-elected as Speaker in January 2019.  The first impeachment took place on 18th December 2019, and the transits did not make much impression on Donald Trump.  It was more significant for Nancy astrologically: Saturn was trine her natal Venus; Mars was opposite her natal Uranus; Saturn was trine her natal Uranus.

The second impeachment, which took place this week on Wednesday 13th January 2021, looks to have more impact: Pluto was opposite his natal Saturn in Cancer in 11th House; the North Node on his Uranus in Gemini in his 10th House, calling him to account, and Chiron opposes his natal Neptune in Libra in 2nd House.  But it should be noted that he has a couple of trines, too (half the country willing to demonstrate on his behalf).  Nancy’s transits this time round are Jupiter exactly sextile her natal Sun in Aries in 8th House (feeling much more like a success), Neptune sextile her Uranus, and Pluto trine her natal Neptune (a deep satisfaction).  The impeachment was in direct response to the storming of Congress by Trump’s followers on 6th January, after his words of “incitement”.  The difference this time is that ten Republicans voted in favour of impeachment.


Joe Biden’s Inauguration as President is due to take place next Wednesday.  Some conspiracy theorists say that Donald will pop up at the Inauguration and declare himself re-elected.  But there is a conspiracy theory for every possible scenario these days.  I noted in 2020 for the time of the Inauguration:

“Pluto opposite his natal Venus (a shattering time for him personally), but with Pluto trine his Midheaven (a transformation in his Career, Life Direction and Reputation – which could go either way!)”

The transits for the U.S. chart for the day shows a strident Mars sextile its natal Jupiter, Jupiter on its South Node (some positive karma), Uranus sextile its Jupiter (an opportunity), Uranus square its Nodal Axis (big change), and Pluto opposite its Mercury (some upset, for some sections of society).

Widespread demonstration and violence have been predicted for the day, and there is a dicey Mars/Uranus conjunction on the astrological menu that very day.  Donald Trump and his “movement” will not go quietly.

Personally speaking, I don’t believe the conspiracy theories; I firmly believe that Joe Biden will take his place as President, and that he will try to restore sanity and order in his country.

“One of the best Speakers the House of Representatives has ever had.”

~ Barack Obama


This evening brings a momentous aspect, that of Jupiter square Uranus.  In a natal chart it can denote someone who is a Chancer, or an Opportunist.  In terms of events it could bring change by surprise opportunity or loopholes.  The change may be desired or unwanted, but the opportunity exists in the spaces that have been created.  Look closely at your agenda and your landscape, and you may already see what is likely to transpire.

On Tuesday (19th) evening, re-affirming the trend towards change, the Sun enters Aquarius.  We are more open to embracing change,  as we emerge from the stiffness of winter, like snowdrops from the ground.  We still have a way to go before Spring, but are ready to look at different ways of being.

Wednesday (20th), Inauguration Day, has the conjunction of Mars and Uranus.  This occurs in the evening in the U.K., but will be in daylight in the U.S.  Pent-up energy, tension, anger and enthusiasm is likely to erupt, so the peacemakers will be much needed.  Engineering projects could benefit, but sparks are likely to fly both electronically and etherically.  Note that Nancy Pelosi has this conjunction natally, and it is part of the force of her personality.

Mercury trine the North Node on the same day may ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time, and that karmic justice is carried out.

On Saturday (23rd) Jupiter squares Mars in the morning, and enthusiasm and excitement may spill over into uncontrolled action.  This combination can produce high jinx, fun and games, or just sheer over the top enthusiasm allied with energy – that’s what I would normally expect.  But in a week where a difficult Inauguration is taking place, and Jupiter has squared Uranus, and Mars has conjoined Uranus, anything can happen.  Emotions will still be volatile.  If your life is far removed from a U.S. Inauguration, look for enthusiastic activity and fiery exchanges in your personal environment.

The evening brings balm…for Venus sextiles Neptune, in harmless and soothing waves of serenity, as far as it can interpenetrate the fieriness of the day.  People may come more into tune with each other, having expressed their fire.  New artistic avenues may flourish, having found ingenious ways for people to share art, music and performance over the internet with the closure of theatres etc.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Opportunity knocks
  • Tuesday – Embracing change
  • Wednesday – Explosive; karmic improvement
  • Saturday – Energy allied with enthusiasm; soothing balm