“Of all the things to be
I choose the kindness
And if you gave some to me

I think we’d find ourselves here dancing in the street
Everyone we meet would smile a little daydream
It could be amazing
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everybody gave a little love?”

~ Celeste, from the John Lewis Christmas advert 2020

Another youngster this week:  Singer and songwriter Celeste issued her first album on Friday (29th January), entitled “Not your Muse”, on the Polydor label.  She won the Rising Star Award at the Brit Awards on 6th December 2019.  The first time I heard her voice, I thought: “Where does that come from?” I still wonder that.

Birth Chart

Sun conjunct Mercury in Taurus straightaway places her as a singer-songwriter.  One of her foremost musical influences was Taurean: Ella Fitzgerald, whose Sun was exactly conjunct Venus in Taurus.  Her Mercury trines Uranus/Neptune, giving her a bright mental awareness and receptivity to inspiration.  Mercury in Taurus is also on her South Node, suggesting past lives as a singer and communicator.  Her Moon is in poetic Pisces.  She has Venus exactly square Saturn, and another of her musical influences has this aspect: Aretha Franklin.  Venus square Saturn can give a touch of melancholy, but also may give an element of voice control.  She has the complex Uranus/Neptune of those born in her year (1994). All three of her outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) aspect her North Node (karmic mission), so she may be destined to enter the collective consciousness with her talent.

Life and Career

Celeste was born Celeste Epiphany Waite (what an uplifting middle name!) in California, to an English mother (a make-up artist) and Jamaican father.  Her parents separated, and by the age of three she had moved to England with her mother.  Her father died when she was 16, and she wrote a song (“Sirens”) in tribute to him.  At sixth form, she studied Music Technology.  In 2016 she released her first single “Daydreaming”, a song which really showcases her voice.  She moved to London in 2017, and was signed with Polydor in 2018.

As mentioned, Aretha Franklin and Ella Fitzgerald were early influences: “I’d almost be pitting myself against these singers from a different era to see if I could do some of the things they could do.”  Her voice has been compared to that of Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday.

When it was announced that she had won the Rising Star award, her transits included a favourable trio of trines composed of Mars trine her Saturn in Pisces, Uranus trine her Chiron in Virgo and Pluto trine her natal Mercury in Taurus.  She was all set for a sparkling 2020, but the coronavirus pandemic put paid to her plans for touring Europe.  Saturn and Pluto were transiting her natal Neptune/Uranus conjunction in Capricorn, but also sextile her natal North Node/Pluto conjunction in Scorpio (the latter conjunction possibly signifying a karmic mission as Soul Singer).

Meanwhile, she was also making a name for herself in fashion and style, appearing on the front cover of the Sunday Times Style magazine as “fashion’s new front-row star”, another province of her ruling planet Taurus.

Collaboration with John Lewis

John Lewis had hitherto relied for its Christmas advert on established records and covers, but for its 2020 campaign Celeste was commissioned to write and sing the accompaniment to their advertisement.  Her voice was amazing on this song, and the words of “A Little Love” might have been twee for the regular audience, but were perfect for the Christmas spirit:

Nothing better in this world to get than happiness
If I give this gift to you
Wouldn’t everybody get a little love?”

This song was launched on 12th November 2020, with a transit of Jupiter to her natal Neptune (reminiscent of her middle name, Epiphany).


She is currently seeing poet Sonny Hall (how romantic).  He is four years younger than her, but himself an interesting young man. “Being with someone who’s an artist in their own right has led me further down a path of intrigue, towards the relationship between artist and muse”, she has said.  Sonny Hall issued his first volume of poetry in September 2019, and also models for Kate Moss’ agency.  He has Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Gemini, which makes him the wordsmith type of poet (as distinct from the dreamy Piscean type of poet).  His synastry with Celeste includes a dynamic sextile between his Jupiter and her Uranus, which suggests they could be successful in collaborative work.


Celeste is an intriguing singer, a performer on her own terms, bound for a beautiful future.  There are some duets on YouTube well worth watching, between Celeste and other artists. One is a performance of  “You Do Something To Me”, with Paul Weller.

A must-watch is her performance on the New Year Hootenanny with Tom Jones, singing “Blue Moon”:

Here is a link:



Mars squares the Sun tomorrow (Monday 1st February).  This is a hot-headed aspect which can result in minor cuts and bruises through slapdash inattention.  Aggro, irritation and conflict are all possible under this aspect, so set out to have a peaceful day starting with a spot of your best meditational efforts.  Then radiate that calm to all who cross your path, while self-distancing.  You might find people sounding off, in anger, about things that are going on in the world.  If so, some advance preparation may assist in defusing agitation.  The energy, fire and enthusiasm which the Sun with Mars generates can be positively harnessed if you are especially mindful.

Venus enters Aquarius late lunchtime, which may help to cool the vibe.  You may experience a slightly friendlier mood at that time, a shift in energy.  Venus will be in Aquarius until 25th February, so for most of the month the general tone will be more affable.  You will feel more connected to people, but not in a clingy way, more in the mode of a higher evolutionary consciousness.

Fast forward to Saturday (6th) – Tuesday to Friday you are aspect-free and fancy – and the morning brings a conjunction of Venus and Saturn.  The day may start with a sobering reflection about relationship or money.  Feel your feelings (e.g. the nostalgia, or injustice), or deal with them philosophically, and let them go if you can.  The care of the elderly may be a particular preoccupation.  The optimum condition for this conjunction would be loyalty and commitment, and perhaps some songwriting incorporating a touch of melancholy.

Saturday also holds its treasures…The first is Venus sextile Chiron, which again would be suitable for healing through songwriting.  There’s a hint that relationships can be rescued, too.  It is a good day to combine the Arts with Healing, such as creativity which involves and brings about healing.

The second bonus is the North Node trine the Sun:  this can help your actions and creations to fall in line with, and be in sync with, your own karma and the collective karma.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – hot, then cool
  • Saturday – sadness, healing, then karmic reward