Jupiter opposes Saturn today, and you may notice another facet of the Cardinal T-square being highlighted in your life.  The situation would be characterized by opposing interests, stuckness and impasse, and difficult negotiation.  Normally, Jupiter opposite Saturn would have a discrete effect identifiable on its own.  But at this time it is only a part of the effect of a web of major aspects which include Saturn opposite Uranus, and Pluto square Uranus and Jupiter conjunct Uranus.  The dilemmas facing an individual or a nation could be illustrated by the responsibilities currently faced by Angela Merkel in Europe at this time.  Her natal chart shows an interest in personal finance (North Node and Chiron in the 2nd House) and public finance (Jupiter, Uranus and the Sun in 8th House).  Currently, her responsibility for the fate of the Euro is illustrated by the fact that Pluto (representing the wider economy) is now trine her Venus (financial expertise) in the 9th House of foreign interests. The Jupiter-Saturn opposition runs across her 4th-10th House, showing a fair degree of popularity at home (Jupiter in 4th) and a tough stance in the world (Saturn in 10th) but with each side of this opposition impinging on the other as to make difficult choices.  For example, the popularity at home has taken a dent because she took the decision to prop up the Greek economy.  The Observer leader says this morning: “It has not escaped Ms Merkel’s notice that many of the creditors who now demand extreme fiscal austerity of European citizens would be out of business had they not last year been rescued with European taxpayers’ money.  The German chancellor’s leadership in shoring up Europe’s finances is commendable.  Her anger is also wholly justified.”  Maybe you can draw parallels in your own life.  Tomorrow (24th) Venus opposes Pluto, which is not a good day for finance, Angel Merkel’s, Sarah Ferguson’s, or anyone else’s, as there are opposing factions of interest.  This includes emotional currency too, if you are engaged in a relationship struggle.  It is best to hold fire and balance your own process for the time being.  You may need to hold fire for a few days because tension then builds to the Full Moon on Thursday 27th.  This Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in Gemini, so that is 3 sets of oppositions so far in the catalogue of the week’s aspects.  There will be tugs of opposing interest all the way through, and if nothing can be gained in confrontation, then again it is best to work on your own process until it is clear that something has shifted.  The Full Moon could support some communication, as long as it is not too emotionally-laden, because the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is at least communicative.  The energy around the struggles of these oppositions which dominate the week will suddenly be overtaken by the important astrological event on Friday (28th) of Uranus entering Aries.  Suddenly, a whole lot of things will become clear.  Evidence will come to light, motives will come to the surface.  If you are wishing to work positively with the upcoming conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus at the 0 point of Aries on 8th June, you will see at least one component of this fall into place for you on Friday.  If you know what house the conjunction will fall in natally, you can apply your work even more consciously.  But as ever in this climate of complex major aspects, as one thing becomes clear you see a whole lot of underlying complexities, and that is  Jupiter semi-sextile Neptune which follows on the same day.  It is as though you can establish one huge principle, but then need to negotiate the details which are another world of thought on their own.  There are worlds within worlds to be discovered and learned about, and even enjoyed, right now.