Caroline Flack (1979 – 2020)

We started the week with a mental health issue (Meghan Markle) and at the end of the week we were reminded of the death by suicide a year ago of Caroline Flack, who was also hounded by the press.  On Wednesday evening there will be a screening of a television programme about her, a film made by her mother and sister, featuring friends and family and their recollections of her, among them Olly Murs and Dermot O’Leary.  I did not write an obituary for Caroline last year, so here is my tribute.

Birth Chart

Caroline was an intensely feeling Scorpio, with the Sun/Uranus, Venus/Mercury  and the I.C. in the 3rd House of Broadcasting and Presenting.  She was undoubtedly multi-talented in her field.  In her chart, her Sun was exactly trine her Moon, the conscious and subconscious mind in sync, so she knew what she wanted in life.  The Sun/Uranus conjunction indicated a real individual, but in opposing Chiron there was a wound to address, perhaps in how she saw herself.  The Moon in Cancer, another Water sign, would make her very emotional, and in addition the Moon was square Pluto, adding increased depth to that emotion, and re-emphasizing her Scorpio traits.

Mercury in Sagittarius gave a wide-ranging mind and restlessness, which was re-emphasized by a close square with Jupiter.  No wonder she found success on a geographically far-flung location, Love Island.  Mars square Uranus gave her energy an electric quality, but could make her impatient and explosive at times.  This was tempered by Mars trine Neptune, a gentler side to her energy.

There was also quite a strongly Virgoan side to her, with the North Node conjunct Jupiter in Virgo in the 12th House, Ascendant in Virgo, and Saturn in the 1st House in Virgo, so in some ways she was a perfectionist, and possibly also self-critical.

She was adept at counselling the lovelorn on Love Island, and there was a marked healing quality in her chart:  the healing asteroid Chiron was trine her North Node/Jupiter and Ascendant.  The Greek mythological centaur Chiron was able to heal others, but could not heal his own wound.

Life and Career

Caroline Flack was born in November 1979, and had two sisters (one a twin) and a brother.  The packed 3rd House, mentioned above, also represents siblings.  Caroline first starred in Bo’ Selecta in 2002, and went on to present many different television shows, such as the X-Factor and I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! NOW!  When presenting Big Brother’s Big Mouth, journalist Rob Leigh commented: “her sharp delivery makes her the best presenter they’ve had on this series”.

She won Strictly Come Dancing in 2014 (partnered with Pasha Kovalev), and her chart shows a clear talent for dance: Neptune (the planet of dance) trine Mars, sextile Pluto and conjunct the I.C.  While at school in Norfolk, she developed an interest in dance.  Later, she studied dance and musical theatre at the Bodywork company in Cambridge.

She began presenting Love Island in June 2015.  She had favourable Pluto transits when it was announced, and when the series started Uranus was trine her natal Neptune (an intriguing new venture) and Neptune was sextile her natal Chiron in Taurus in 8th House (a sensitive vehicle for her healing skills).  She commented: “I know what it’s like to be that victim online.  And that’s why I hate seeing it happen to them.”

In the same year, she published her autobiography Storm in a C Cup, with Jupiter (publishing) on her Ascendant.  In her natal chart, Mercury exactly conjoins Venus in the 3rd House represents writing talent.

Olly Murs

Caroline had a special friendship with the singer Olly Murs, and they presented The X Factor together.  They had a dynamic, sparky relationship, with her Mars square his Sun, and her I.C. conjunct his Uranus.  When she died, Pluto was transiting his Midheaven, showing that it was a huge shock to him.


Caroline was arrested in December 2019 for an alleged assault against her boyfriend Lewis Burton.  There was quite a lot going on in terms of transits at the time, including 3 triggers from Mars (one of which was an exact transit to her Sun), indicating a possible flare up of anger.  In addition, Saturn was square her Pluto (which may have given rise to depression) and Neptune exactly opposite her Ascendant (confusion).  She felt obliged to stand down as host for the next series of Love Island on 17th December, which compounded her sadness.  A judge ruled that she and her boyfriend were unable to see each other (even though he withdrew the complaint), which meant the loss of a relationship as well.

Her synastry with Lewis shows a deep connection: They had opposing Marses by 1 degree (some conflict), his Saturn was square her Sun (some disappointment), her Saturn on his Neptune (they could bring each other down) and their Plutos were sextile (a deep level of engagement).  Plus their Jupiters conjunct in Virgo suggested a shared sense of humour.  Uranus squared his Chiron at the time of her death, again showing a deep sense of shock.

She subsequently a great deal of trolling on social media, and her family and friends advised her not to look at it.  But it preyed on her mind, and the last straw was the announcement that the domestic assault case would be going ahead.  She died on 15th February 2020.

In looking at the other “mental health” red flag of the week, Meghan Markle reported that although she had Harry beside her at the time of her dark night of the soul, she needed more expert help at the time she felt suicidal.  Reportedly, when she reached out for some, it was not forthcoming.  Meghan’s friend reported this week that her circle of friends had been worried about her, but they were unable to do anything to help.  Caroline Flack had a loving mother and sister and many friends, but they were unable to help her.  It does seem that there needs to be more help more easily available, somehow, to reach souls in crisis in this way.  What this week may have highlighted is that people need to be more seriously alert to warning signs.

“Be Kind” was the motto adopted by the public to remember her, a year ago.


A congenial set of aspects this week, not a square or opposition among them!

Happy Mother’s Day!  Early this morning Venus was conjunct Neptune at 20 degrees Pisces.  You may have had sweet dreams in the night…During the day inspired artistic and musical expression is assisted.  Idealized and spiritual love may also be on the menu.  You may find inspired ways to show love.  This conjunction also depicts the sensitivity at this time towards men’s treatment of women, as highlighted by the murder of Sarah Everard, and the poignant vigils which have taken place on her behalf, and on behalf of change on this issue.

Tomorrow (Monday 15th) Mercury enters Pisces, so there is likely to be more mental focus and communication around compassionate issues, such as the vulnerable, those with mental health issues, and the state of institutions, such as prisons and the NHS.  In the period of its sojourn in this sign (up till 4th April) compassion will be more easily shown and charity given, and it will be easier to receive ideas of creativity and inspiration.

Some powerful help could arrive on Tuesday (16th) with a sextile between the Sun and Pluto.  If you dig deep, you can find the treasure you need.  It is a profound aspect which may help to show us the direction we need to solve our collective problems, and understanding the meaning behind our dilemmas.  This sextile can bring a profound air of quiet contemplation.

The mood is enriched and enhanced on Thursday (18th) by a sextile between Venus and Pluto.  If you began a creative venture on Tuesday, you can add extra artistry and harmony to it.  You can also experience profound connections between people, and it’s a good time for evaluating what people mean to you.  As with Sun sextile Pluto, you may have to dig deep for the treasure, but it is worth the quest.

The Sun enters Aries at the Spring Equinox on Saturday 20th, the first day of Spring.  It is something we have all been waiting for, representing a step closer perhaps to the easing of lockdown and being able to see loved ones.  It is the start of the Astrological New Year, the beginning of a generally more active, conscious, dynamic way of relating to the world (from the Sun’s more introspective time of its recent passage through Pisces).  For the population generally, if your energy has been a little low lately, you may feel revived.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – unconditional love
  • Tomorrow – compassion
  • Tuesday – deep psychological treasure
  • Thursday – artistic and musical depth
  • Saturday – new beginning