What’s the story this week? Not a lot to write home about if you’re looking at the quantity of aspects, but what there is has enough significance to keep you mentally and emotionally alert. All the action takes place on Tuesday 28th August, so ring it in your diary. It may already be ringed, as “back to work” day or “catch up time” or even “decision day”, but take the next couple of days to think things through as Tuesday’s eclipsed full moon could still throw you off your intended course if you are not absolutely aligned with your own pole star. This eclipsed full moon is the opposite (Moon in Pisces, Sun in Virgo) of that which occurred on March 3rd (Moon in Virgo, Sun in Pisces) and for this reason you could see your own world view do a complete 180 degree turn from the way it looked then. That can be a good thing, as you may then complete the picture. So think back to that time or consult your journal, to look at the issues which that eclipsed full moon brought up. What in your life was born at that time? For me it was the Full Moon research project (Moonpod for short) which came about because a few friends experienced extreme emotional reactions at the time, and one of them demanded an explanation! So we have been keeping a record of the fluctuations of the moon as it has affected our lives since then. Some (especially those born under Cancer or with a prominent Moon in their chart) are more consistently affected than others. But as a Sagittarian I have to admit that I have found the Moon’s activities more significant than I had previously given credit. Now those of a nervous disposition look away; those of a prediliction for sci-fi listen up: the other aspect which occurs that day is Mercury opposite Uranus: this has as much effect on the mind as the Full Moon has on the emotions, and again it is an opposition aspect and also takes place across the signs of Virgo and Pisces. You will probably find then that Virgoans and Pisceans out of all of us go through the most changes and metamorphoses this week, it’s safe to generalize. Mercury represents the mundane mind, and Uranus the higher mind, and when they connect there can be a direct stairway to heaven, or an electrical short-circuit malfunction in the nervous system if the light coming through is unable to find a smooth path through the human apparatus. So it could be a good day for UFOs and UFO-watchers and for those practiced in the New Age art of channelling, as well as being an interesting day for the psychotherapeutic profession, but for the rest you have two days to stock up on Vitamin B, migraine tablets and rescue remedy. I also find those eye shades you used to get on air flights to help you sleep (before you were worried about your carbon footprint) very handy. Anyway, that’s it, so take the rest of the week off (actually you may find that the arrangements and appointments just cancel themselves) and enjoy life. There’s a trine between Mars and Chiron some time this week (ephemerides vary as to which day it falls on) so the opportunity to heal is waiting to be seized. I like a happy ending.