Since Uranus moved into Aries you may have noticed signs of change and movement in various ways.  A couple of trends I noticed last week were a lot of troupes (Uranus) acting as One (Aries) on Britain’s Got Talent, and two members of my circle changing (Uranus) their identities (Ascendants).  I mustn’t labour any points today because there are many aspects to get through, including the whopper Jupiter conjunct Uranus.  Today Jupiter jumps into Aries, a fire sign with whom Jupiter has a natural affinity.  It is a good day, and year (Jupiter stays a year in a sign, roughly), for expressing the fire of the human spirit.  Aries is great ground for giving birth to new ideas and feeling your enthusiasm, but there is a danger of riding roughshod over other’s sensibilities.  So feel the enthusiasm, and don’t do it anyway…look around to see what others are feeling and thinking.  Mars enters Virgo tomorrow, so there will be an opportunity to explore how your energies and enthusiasms translate into service of some kind.  Some of you may have experienced being overstretched or actual burn-out while Mars was in a long stay of Leo.  Tomorrow can be an opportunity to quietly take stock of your energies, and see how they are best used.  Economy is the watchword, for Virgo does not waste anything, including energy. Tuesday (8th) is the big day, for the likely lads Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct in Aries.  Time for the new ideas,  re-inventions and enterprise.  Jupiter and Uranus have a natural affinity, being adventurous and freedom-loving.  They can express themselves fairly uninhibitedly in Aries, but the sign increases their selfishness.  Dynamic shifts can happen in the house area this conjunction occupies in your natal chart, but there may also be disruption.  If there is a long-held cherished dream, you may get the green light.  But also be on-guard for the unexpected.  You could be walking along a particular highway, and Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda may whizz past…It may be the time to seize a dream, for it is the best thing to happen this year in terms of aspects.  However, it does link in with the Cardinal Climax, so you can’t separate what you are doing from the general problems occurring in the world.  If your pet project is along the lines of re-building from the rubble of ruined economies or environments, it is more likely to get the universal blessing, for instance.  Your individual personal growth is important though, and that too may be honoured.  Human potential is definitely a province of Jupiter-Uranus in Aries.  Coming as it does at the very beginning of the astrological wheel, the 0 degree Aries point, it is a very physical manifestation, so don’t be surprised if there is a very concrete and symbolic event in your life on that day.  Perhaps supplies of concrete may reach Gaza, for instance.  Mercury trines Saturn also on Tuesday, which is another concrete, and additionally practical aspect, especially for planning.  Mars also opposes Chiron, which may bring back some of the paranoias of last week’s Mars opposite Neptune…Derrick Bird’s last words apparently before his shootings were: “Am I being paranoid?”  We all need to be aware of our paranoia, and work with it in constructive ways.  Mercury squares Neptune on Wednesday (9th) which refocuses the paranoia from an energetic level to a mental level.  Paranoid thoughts could be channeled into gently-teasing poetry, or you could talk them over with someone you trust.  Mercury enters Gemini on Thursday (10th) so you can freely and easily articulate, and it is also a good day for travel.  Mercury in Taurus represented thought driven by feeling, but the mind can roam more freely and lightly, or flit like a butterfly under Gemini.  It is a day that mind and travel can really take wing, because Mercury then sextiles the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction, so any of those big and bold ideas which entered your psyche early in the week, can catch fire and explode into imagination and activity on Thursday.  It will be difficult to find restraint, so like fireworks some sparks may delight and some may land in slightly dangerous places.  Hopefully Mars in Virgo will be ready to take proper health and safety measures if required.  Mercury squares Chiron too, so health issues may flare up, possibly caused by over-excitement.  On Friday (11th) Mercury squares Mars so there could be cross words or irritability on that day, as again someone may be overwrought from all the excitement. I would several years ago have recommended herbal tranquillizers at this point, but I am a recovering addict of these, and have resolved not to use them again.  The end of the week on Saturday (12th) brings a New Moon, symbol of new hope, in Gemini.  Our Sun is aligned with three fixed stars on that day: Mintaka from Orion’s belt (channeling aggression safely), El Nath in Taurus (multidimensional awareness) and Capella in Auriga (family interconnections)*.  So you could be aware of an ongoing complexity, and again you cannot take a blinkered approach in your activities.  We are learning to take global issues into account on so many levels, when shopping in the supermarket, when sifting through our recycling, when watching the news and sending out prayers, etc…The last aspect of the week, also on Saturday, of Venus sextile Saturn, illustrates just that, for it speaks of relationships with responsibility.

*Interpretations from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld