Kate Garraway and Derek Draper

“I pray for him every night, in my prayers”

~ Sir Elton John

This week television schedules featured a documentary “Finding Derek” about Kate Garraway and her husband Derek Draper, who faced an induced coma this time last year from Covid-19, and is on a very long road to recovery.  Kate comes over as remarkably courageous, and their relationship remarkably strong.  Doctors have said he was the sickest survivor of Covid they had come across.  He did not open his eyes until July 2020, and his cognitive functions have been seriously impaired.

Kate Garraway

Kate’s birth chart shows 6 Earth planets (very grounded), 0 Air planets (instinctual), and 6 Fixed (very strong willed) planets.  With the Sun and Mercury in Taurus trine Pluto, she is a deep thinker.  Having Mercury conjunct Mars and trine Uranus makes her quick thinking, which is very useful in live broadcasting.  Mercury closely square Jupiter would have inclined her towards Journalism, which she trained in.  Venus trine Jupiter radiates a lovely sociable vibe.  She has energy allied with enthusiasm in the shape of Mars square Jupiter, in common with her husband Derek.  Then she has a raft of other aspects in common with him (they were born in consecutive years, but this is unusual):  Jupiter trine Saturn (balance), Jupiter square Neptune (some religious uncertainties), Uranus sextile Neptune (the ability to deal with complexity), Uranus conjunct Pluto (zaniness), and Uranus opposite Chiron (some tensions).  Kate in addition has Mars trine Pluto (a powerhouse of energy).

Kate has been a TV presenter since the early 2000s.  She took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2009, coming 8th.   She also took part in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here at the end of 2019, just before the pandemic: she was a popular contestant, and came 4th in that contest.  She married Derek Draper in 2005, and they have two children, Darcey and Billy.

Derek Draper

Like Kate, Derek is also high in Fixed signs (5) and has 0 Air signs, but whereas Kate is high in Earth, Derek is high in Fire (5 planets).  Derek has the Sun in Leo, loosely square his Mars (adding to his fieriness).  He has Sun exactly square Neptune in his natal chart, and his career has been surrounded by intrigue.  His Moon is involved in a difficult T-square with Chiron and Uranus/Pluto.  He can be a stern taskmaster, with Mercury square closely Mars (the Critic) and Mercury exactly trine Saturn (exacting).  His career in “spin” on behalf of Peter Mandelson and the Labour Party is seen by a mentally high spirited conjunction between Mercury and Jupiter.  His second career as a Psychologist (he took time out in America to train as a Psychotherapist), after he walked away from a couple of high profile scandals in the political arena, is shown by Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo (psychoanalysis).


In their synastry, his Mars opposite her Sun (they bring warmth to each other’s lives), his Jupiter trines her North Node (a successful karmic partnership) and their Uranuses, Neptunes and Plutos are all conjunct (they are born in consecutive years).


Derek was admitted to hospital suffering Covid symptoms on 30th March 2020.  At the time, Saturn was square his Nodal Axis (harsh karma or fate) and Neptune was close to opposing his natal Pluto (a chaotic time).  By the time he was put into a coma on a ventilator on 5th April 2020 Saturn was still square his Nodal Axis, and Neptune opposed Pluto exact to the day (representing a slipping into oblivion).  Kate had some constructive transits keeping her strong, but she also had Saturn square her natal Venus (symbolic of loss in a relationship) and Neptune also opposing her natal Pluto (her life plunged into chaos).

The Documentary

Derek remains in hospital, over a year on.  He suffered multiple organ failure, and it is amazing that he lived. In the documentary, Kate is seen preparing the house, with the help of builders, for his return, entailing wheelchair ramps and a downstairs bedroom with a hospital bed.  She is shown interacting with the children, and wisely and bravely explaining to them the realities of their situation.  Above all, her love and commitment shine through.  If you haven’t watched it, I would recommend it, as it has implications for society’s recovery from this pandemic, how it can change lives, and touches on the extensive phenomenon of long covid, of which Derek’s is a very extreme case.  Kate will be releasing a new book “The Power of Hope” on 28th April 2021.

“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds”

~ Gaby Hinsliff, quoting Shakespeare (Sonnet 116), in the Guardian 27th March 2021.


There’s a conjunction between Venus and Chiron today at 8 degrees Aries.  This can warm the cockles of the heart, while as the same acknowledging wounds.  So it is very poignant, and some of the greatest writers of love songs have it in their natal charts!  Notable examples are Adele, Christine McVie and Joan Armatrading.  So if you’re feeling it, write a poem or a song.  Forgiveness and healing are positive manifestations of this conjunction (“I wish nothing but the best for you… ♪♪” ~ Adele).

A Full Moon follows this evening, at 8 degrees Libra, so you may experience some emotional tension until it peaks.  The Libra Full Moon entails a balance between the needs of two people in partnership, and hopefully works towards harmony.  This is the most equable of the 12 Full Moons of the year.

On Tuesday (30th) we have another conjunction, that of Mercury and Neptune, at 21 degrees Pisces.  It’s not conducive to exacting and detailed mental work and documentation, but it can favour dreams, mystical states and spirituality.  They in turn can affect creativity, art and music in an inspired way.  If you are feeling below par, you may experience added confusion or brain fog, so it is best to plan your diary accordingly.  As it occurs in the early hours of the morning, it may literally affect your dream life and guidance.  Write your impressions as soon as you wake up.

The afternoon brings a sober but constructive sextile between Venus and Saturn.  If you were a bit foggy in the morning, the mist may clear a little and you may know where you are going, especially in terms of relationship, or art.  In the realm of human relations, it is about steadiness and loyalty: reaffirming commitment.

This trend is consolidated on Wednesday evening (31st) with this time the Sun sextile Saturn.  Practical initiatives and the laying of foundations thrive under this sextile.  Creativity is firmed up, and decision making may be easier.  If you made gains on Tuesday, you can back them up and invest them with more power on Wednesday.

And there is another sextile on Friday (2nd April): that of Mercury with Pluto.  Mercury in harmony with Pluto in this way can produce profound thought and communication,  honouring the gravity of a situation if necessary, and enabling meaningful debate to occur.  This tone can be set early in the day.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – poignant but possibly also beautiful; emotional tension
  • Tuesday – dreams and spirituality; human loyalties
  • Wednesday – practical initiatives and plans
  • Friday – profound thought and communication