The Police have been at the forefront of news lately; two policemen have been charged with crimes (one being a Met police officer for the murder of Sarah Everard).  The conduct of the Police has been called into question, in the context of their behaviour towards rioters. 

Astrologically, the Police are represented by the planet Pluto.  Capricorn represents public institutions, such as the police force.  Pluto is now nearing the end of its long stay in Capricorn, which highlights the tearing down of institutions, for the purposes of reform.  Our Police force have been accused of being institutionally racist, at least since the murder of Stephen Lawrence.  But this week the government issued a report (by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities) denying institutional racism in the U.K., even though the Black Lives Matter movement and the Windrush Scandal have exposed the issues and our inadequacies as a society in these matters.  It is clear that more black men and women are arrested or detained or “stopped and searched” than their white counterparts.  Astrologically, it looks like the death throes of Pluto in Capricorn, but we ought by now to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  When Pluto enters Aquarius in March 2023 (it moves very slowly – it entered Capricorn in January 2008) we should see a shift in these issues, and a totally different view.

The Met

The Metropolitan Police is one institution we can examine astrologically.  It was founded by Robert Peel on 29th September 1829.  The chart shows that deliberate and prompt action (Mercury conjunct Mars and sextile Saturn) is a strong feature, but curiously with Chiron exactly conjunct the North Node in Taurus, there is a healing function too.  The Sun in the chart is in Libra, emphasizing a peacekeeping role.  Of course, the “bobbies on the beat” of the time painted a very different picture from today’s outlook, and we have many different crimes these days.  The Met Police chart is shaken up at the moment, with Chiron on its Uranus, demanding change and healing, highlighted through crisis.

Robert Peel

Robert Peel himself was an Aquarian (reformer), with Pluto (the police planet) exactly conjunct his natal Sun, so founding the Met was an important part of his self-expression and life purpose.  It is worthwhile to note that Sir Keir Starmer, now Labour Leader, was the head of the C.P.S. as Director of Public Prosecutions from 2008 to 2013, and also has Sun exactly conjunct Pluto.  Robert Peel also had Jupiter exactly trine his Pluto, an asset in handling power correctly and fulfilling the Pluto principle well.  On the day he founded the Metropolitan Police, Jupiter was exactly trine his natal Sun/Pluto (a marked success in  instituting power).  He also had a Jupiter Return, enhancing the effect.

Cressida Dick

There have been calls lately for the current Commisioner of Police of the Metropolis Cressida Dick to resign over various perceived mismanagements, most recently the handling of the vigils over Sarah Everard’s death.  She is the first woman to hold the post.  In her chart, she has a close opposition between Mars and Saturn, so is capable of being tough in this post which would assume toughness!  Saturn trine Pluto in her chart is another sign of great strength, also a requirement.  Saturn exactly trine her natal North Node assumes a karmic mission of seriousness and discipline.  She took up the post on 17th April 2017, with transiting Mars squaring her Chiron (stressful, not healing), Saturn on her Jupiter (a limiting and disciplined event in her life), Saturn sextile her natal Chiron (requiring discipline for healing), Uranus trine her natal Uranus (a surprise), Neptune sextile her natal Saturn (complex discipline required), and Neptune on her South Node (a result of complex past karma).  In her position, she has had to contend with lack of funding by the government, who have refused to increase pay for the police, as with the NHS.  She claims that low recruitment can be laid at the door of the glamourization of violence and social media.  As a result, we see fewer and fewer policemen “on the beat”.

Priti Patel

As Home Secretary, Priti Patel has been embroiled in some of the controversies since her appointment by Boris Johnson in the summer of 2019.  She settled out of court on a bullying charge against her. I previously wrote about her (when she was forced to resign under Theresa May):

“Priti Patel is an individualistic, uncompromising Aries, who was the poster girl for the Brexit campaign.  With 6 Cardinal planets, she likes to lead, but with 0 Water planets she can be unemotional.  She is a gambler by nature (Sun square Jupiter…An interesting feature of her chart is Mercury exactly conjunct Chiron in Aries: a mind suited to problem-solving, but unusual in its processes…Her chart has many aspects, and her Mercury also has a square to Jupiter (likes to travel) and an opposition with Uranus (not afraid to be controversial).”

She has defended the actions of the police, notably during the vigil of Sarah Everard.  At one point, it looked like a George Floyd incident was narrowly averted.  Patel called for a report in the matter, but the findings were that the police “reacted appropriately and were not heavy handed” because Covid social distancing had to be observed.

Sadiq Khan

As London Mayor since 2016, Sadiq Khan has had some tough issues to face, and in his chart his Sun in Libra and natal Mars conjunct Pluto trine Saturn in Virgo have been helpful for dealing with them with restraint and fairness.  I think he has shown strong and humane leadership.

Roll on Pluto in Aquarius, for we need to be able to tackle the ills of society with fairness and firm restraint, and weed out police brutality where it may exist.  Other elements of society need to play their part, such as the tackling of violence in film which feeds and fuels the collective unconscious.  An alternative cultural diet needs to be found.


In the early hours of this morning Mercury entered Aries.  Plain speaking replaces the flowery language of Mercury in Pisces.  Mercury travels fast through Aries this month, so there is only a short window of this fast-track vibe: we have until 19th April (i.e. just over a fortnight), which is very unusual.  Mercury in Aries favours mental work which is unemotional and without frippery, such as accountancy and tax returns.  You will need to get to the point much more directly in your communications, and there is more sense of urgency about paperwork.

Venus will be sextile with Mars on Tuesday (6th), an aspect given over to pleasure and  indulgence, and maybe romance is also on the cards.  You could feel skittish like a newborn lamb or flirtatious as a Bridgerton script.  It is not quite time for socializing in hospitality venues, otherwise a cream cake and coffee in a cafe would be in order.  But some picnic delicacies in the park may suffice… In addition, art will have vigour, and movement will have artistry or elegance under this influence. 

Midweek is quiet, aspectwise, so hold that elegant movement or posture through till Friday (9th) when a new flurry of aspects begins.  Mercury conjunct Chiron at 9 degrees Aries is the first aspect to arrive that day, which can produce minor healing crises, but can also pave the way for problem-solving.   One area which is especially suited to this conjunction in Aries is finance and economy.  Chancellor Rishi Sunak may have an important announcement.

Towards evening, Mars squares Neptune and clumsiness or confusion may reign, so take extra time for activities and for thinking things through, for a smoother ride. Meditation and activities which combine meditation and movement, can be helpful for centring.

Late in the day, Saturn trines the North Node, and events may align more constructively with karma.  Negotiations and compromises may have been made, commitments and responsibilities recognized and honoured.

Saturday (10th) is the best day aspect-wise, with no less than three sextiles, so it could be a Super Saturday for socializing and getting out and about in parks in socially distanced sets of six people…The first sextile is Mercury sextile the North Node, setting up the productive element of the day: the karmic wind will be beneath your wings.  Communication will be highly significant and imbued with meaning, though subject to differing interpretations according to belief.

In the early afternoon, we have a constructive and practical sextile between Mercury and Saturn, which is ideal for planning.   This favours exacting mental work and documentation.

If that all sounds very dry, the Universe has saved the best till last: at tea time Venus sextiles Jupiter, one of the highlights in a year, conducive to socializing, celebrating partying, and romancing.  This sextile combines luck and love.  Enjoy!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – direct communications
  • Tuesday – pleasure and indulgence
  • Friday – problem solving; clumsiness; stabilization
  • Saturday – karmic uplift; deft planning; super socializing