There is an emphasis on the constellation Orion this week, and particularly today.  Earth civilization has had a close relationship with Orion, and it is one of the most identifiable constellations in the sky.  Spiritually, there are both positive and negative forces involved with Orion, and therefore it is a good week to be aware of negative forces, and how they come into your life, and what part your own shadow plays.  But also then to balance that and take advantage of the higher spiritual energies available.  Today the Sun is aligned with the other two stars from Orion’s belt (continuing along from last week) and they are  Alnitak and Alnilam.  Alnitak is the left hand star of Orion’s belt, and our Sun’s current alignment with that star can increase telepathy*.  Alnilam enables us to work with the issue responsibility, an issue that we all have a relationship with in past lifetimes if not in this lifetime.  Mintaka, another star from Orion, also features today, and this star teaches about balancing aggression.  And the Great Orion Nebula (M42) draws threads of your life together today: “Meditating on this nebula or using the elixir will increase one’s ability to incorporate change and to extract from various thought forms, even negative thought forms, certain aspects that one may find valuable and useful.”  If experiences from the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction last week have left a lot to digest, you can combine them or take an overview, with the help of this star.  Some people work well with crystals in connection with Orion.  Tomorrow Venus enters Leo, and a domestic vibe from the Venus sojourn through Cancer, gives way to a more showy mood, more expression, life and colour coming into our lives.  Some of us have been reluctant to get out their summer colours, wardrobe-wise, and this will be enough to bring them out.   Later in the day Venus trines Uranus, and a socializing, party mood takes over, and inhibitions are thrown off.  A real buck’s fizz moment.  The party season continues on Tuesday (15th) with Venus trine Jupiter, and the vibration graduates to celebration, not just any old party but something really special and meaningful in your life.  A romantic high is possible, too, for those who are seeking.  It is one of those days when everyone’s a winner (except in the World Cup), for Mars trines Pluto too.  The aggressive side of Orion can be balanced, and channelled constructively.  Footballers can give it their all, and the outcome may be a stalemate but it will have been a good competition.  There is an alignment with the star Alhecka in Taurus that day, which favours self-forgiveness.  The Venus-Jupiter trine brings social harmony, and the Mars-Pluto trine brings psychic harmony and balancing, and expressive forces in co-operation.  On Thursday (17th) another Orion star is highlighted, Saiph, and your perception of time may be altered.  Friday 18th brings an alignment with the Pole Star, Polaris, so you may feel you are aligning in some way with your life path.  The approach and books of Martha Beck “Steering by Starlight” and “Finding your North Star” may be relevant to you at this time.  Do take stock of your alignment, physical, mental and emotional, on that day, for the next day (Saturday 19th) brings a square between Sun and Saturn, and that may bring another cycle or re-alignment which is started by some awkwardness or dislocation.  Balance is always temporary until the next learning.  Another connection with another star in Orion also takes place on Saturday, and that is with the well-known star Betelgeuse (“Beetlejuice”).  Sun square Saturn can bring up our fears to be looked at, and Betelgeuse can play a part in healing: “Fears are lessened and insight into the source of the fear is strengthened.  An awareness of the purpose of such fears in one’s own life path is enhanced” says the book “Starlight Elixirs”.  Often, especially when we look into the hidden past-life fears we have, the source of fear is not what we thought it was.

*Interpretations from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld