Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka drew attention to mental health issues this week in relation to the post-match interviews that take place in tennis tournaments.  She decided to resign from the French Open at Roland Garros, when the authorities warned that she could be suspended for refusing to take part in the interviews.  She had been fined $15,000.  She then revealed the precarious state of her mental health, and the strain the interviews involved.  The authorities have been accused of lacking empathy.

Her Birth Chart

I wrote in 2019:

“Being born on a Full Moon (the Sun opposite the Moon), she may arouse strong emotions in others.  She says of herself “I fight myself a lot”.  She has the Sun conjunct closely Mercury in Libra, but has a difficult set of aspects in her natal chart: the Sun opposite Saturn and square Neptune. Mars sextile exactly Jupiter in her chart, bringing excellent energy and enthusiasm – she has a an aggressive playing style and a powerful serve.  Jupiter conjunct Uranus loosely in Aquarius (The Entrepreneur) may be a factor in her success.

Her ex-coach Sascha Bajin said of her:

‘I thought she was a little bit more of a diva because she didn’t talk much. She doesn’t really look at someone’s eyes, but that’s just because she was always so shy … Back then I didn’t know for what reason.’ ”

Tennis Career

Naomi came to the world’s attention when she beat Serena Williams in the final of the Miami Open in 2018.  She then won the Australian Open in January 2019, earning her World No. 1 status.  Her transits for this success involved Jupiter: Jupiter was trine her natal Saturn, indicating a triumph, and Jupiter square her Nodal Axis (indicating a karmic element to success).

However, there was an element of trauma in beating her idol Serena Williams who then ranted in the post-match interview.  Apparently, she was much affected by it.

But Serena has now come out in her support, saying: “I feel for Naomi…I feel like I wish I could give her a hug because I know what it’s like. I’ve been in these positions.”

It is not the first time Naomi has taken a stand.  In the U.S. Open in August 2020, she walked on to the court in each match wearing black masks with the names of African Americans who had been killed.  At the time I wrote:

“Pluto square her natal Sun, big challenges in her life (and asserting her integrity was part of that)

North Node trine her Mercury, karmic merit (and asserting her integrity was part of that)”.

This Week

Naomi pulled out of the French Open on Monday.  Her transits at the time were:-

Mars square her natal Sun (anger over an issue; making a stand; activism)

Uranus square her natal Jupiter (a disruption)

Pluto on her natal Neptune (deep psychological issues to work through)

The week’s events may lead to a review of the whole issue of post-match interviews.  Certainly, as a viewer, you tend to cringe at the idea of someone being interviewed who has lost and is the throes of deep disappointment.

“Whatever?  Never mind? Big wows?  Fred Perry never had to take this many questions, and maybe the players of the future won’t either.  I know we have to pretend there’s a continuum between this and actual totalitarianism, but let’s not”

~ Marina Hyde, The Guardian


If you’ve been working hard on your aspects lately, take a well-earned rest, for the first feature of the week does not appear until Thursday (10th).  This is a Solar Eclipse and New Moon at 19 degrees Gemini: a new beginning and possible turning point, with a fresh mental focus.  There’s a fresh outlook, new learning and progress in communications.  New initiatives in the beleaguered travel industry may also be helpful.

Friday (11th) brings a conjunction between the Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees Gemini.  That brings a touch of sparkle to your consciousness.  It is a good day to apply your mind with clarity,  concentrate and focus,  make important statements, and look to the future.  You may write or speak some memorable lines.  Look out for some telepathy, too!

The fiery planet Mars enters the fiery sign of Leo  at lunchtime that day.  This will bring energy to your self-expression, or you may observe displays of power.  The aspect favours and supports the performing arts, and the beleaguered (word of the week) theatre industry.  Mars represents football and Leo sporting interests, so it is fitting that the UEFA European cup (delayed) is beginning.  You may kick off an active project of your own.

The week in bullet points:

  • Thursday – new beginning, turning point in mental focus
  • Friday – concentration, sparkling minds; energetic activity and creativity