Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor

born: 4th June 2921 at 10.40 a.m. Santa Barbara, Ca.

The new addition to the royal family, Lilibet, was born the Friday before last, but her arrival was not announced until last Sunday.  Though for her first name she has been given the Queen’s nickname, the issue has already aroused controversy.  Parents Harry and Meghan were happy for it to be known that the name choice was approved with the Queen, Buckingham Palace has denied it, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have issued a threat of  legal action towards the BBC over their reporting of the matter.  It has also been reported that Buckingham Palace intend to be more proactive in future in publicly evaluating such statements, but we have to take all statements with a pinch of salt.  What matters here is the truth, and for some it is all unnecessary reportage.  There is no contention, however, associated with the honouring of Harry’s mother Diana, in Lilibet’s middle name.

Birth Chart

The overwhelming flavour of Lilibet’s chart is that she comes over as a communicator, with the North Node/Sun, Mercury and Part of Fortune in Gemini, all in the 10th House of Career, Reputation, Life Direction and Highest Potential.  She will be most interested in press briefings.  She has the Sun exactly trine Saturn, giving her a sense of responsibility, and her Sun is conjunct the North Node, showing her Royal karma.

She has the Ascendant at 29 degrees Leo, which is conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus. itself traditionally a sign of Royalty.

One very interesting feature of her chart is the Moon exactly conjunct Chiron in 8th House.  Prince Harry spoke recently about “genetic pain and suffering”, wishing to break the cycle, provoking an outcry to some extent (partly as sharing too much information).  Curiously enough, the Moon conjunct Chiron in the 8th House of Ancestors indicates just such a wound!  To be fair, he made the comment in the context of wanting to address it.  Also, the good news is that finding this in Lilibet’s birthchart only indicates a wound present at birth that can be worked with.  However, although Prince Harry has raised the issue in relation to his own family, the Moon’s involvement highlights a wound within the female line as much as anything, so there is work to be done on Meghan’s side, too.

Lilibet’s chart has a high proportion (no less than 10) of exact aspects – she will have well-defined opinions, and with the Moon closely sextile the Sun, she will know what she wants.  Mercury is exactly square Neptune – so for all her communicativeness there is guardedness about privacy in relation to communication; she will be schooled in keeping secrets.  Venus in Cancer is exactly trine Jupiter, showing a love of humanity.  Venus sextile the Ascendant can indicate great physical beauty.  But Mars exactly opposite exactly Pluto could be difficult, indicating some level of anger in or around her.  Saturn exactly square Uranus, in common with her peer group, shows a conflict between the old and new, duty and freedom: she could be carrying this conflict to some extent for her parentsPluto exactly trine her Midheaven suggests she will want to do something meaningful with her life.


As to her close relationships, there may be some friction with her father Prince Harry when she develops the will of her Leo Rising.  They have three exact oppositions between them, and one exact square.  In addition, his Uranus lies on her South Node, so they have some sparky past-life karma between them.

She is very much in tune with her mother Meghan, and may seek to emulate her as a role model.  Meghan’s Sun is exactly trine Lilibet’s Moon, a very harmonious personal connection.  There are four exact trines altogether between them, which is a high figure.  Notably Meghan’s Uranus trines Lilibet’s Mars, so they could do some dynamic work together.  However, on the other side of the coin, Meghan’s Uranus conjoins Lilibet’s I.C. in Scorpio in 3rd House, so Meghan could keep Lilibet on her toes, and their Neptunes are exactly square, so they bring out each other’s sensitivities.

Lilibet’s relationship with her brother Archie is a mixed picture, and with his Mars on her Mercury, they could have their fair share of sibling squabbles!  There is a good social bond, with his Uranus sextile her Venus, but with his Ascendant conjunct her Uranus, she could be disruptive for him.

There is a strong bond with Queen Elizabeth II, for the Queen’s Sun trines Lilibet’s Ascendant and therefore trines Royal Regulus, emphasizing the royal connection.  Their Moons are exactly trine in Fire.  The Queen’s Pluto squares Lilibet’s Moon in Aries in 8th House, bringing a deep emotional respect, awe even, especially from Lilibet to the Queen, but it may also be mutual.

If the first week of her life is anything to go by, she and her family unit may face more ups and downs in relation to the wider family units (Meghan’s father has apparently begged to meet Lilibet, but again we have to take all statements with a pinch of salt).  With the Sun closely sextile Chiron in Lilibet’s chart, her soul does desire to bring healing, but as the Moon exactly conjunct Chiron in Aries shows, first the wound has to be aired.  “Starlight Elixirs”, by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, indicates that Regulus is about identifying and working through emotional patterns.

“Regulus is a transpersonal pattern.  It promotes a belief that things must always revolve around a centre and that kings are needed to rule the people.  This archetype is called ‘the divine right of kings’ and it is heavily infused into human history.  Humans will let go of the need for kings when each person on Earth accesses his or her own powers of self-sufficiency and creativity”.

~ Barbara Hand Clow, from “Signet of Atlantis”


Early today Chiron squared Venus, an aspect which highlights self-nursing and relationship issues.  You may, for instance, be having to rest a knee through over-exertion in the garden, or be examining a relationship wound.  If there is an emotional crisis, then healing could be nearby – if in doubt, go within.

Luckily, another early aspect to Venus counteracts this to some extent, and that is Venus sextile Uranus.  There may be a social sparkle somewhere in your life, even if only on social media.  It’s a good day, for the most part, for socializing and meeting new people, but be aware of your own sensitivities from Chiron square to Venus.  Meetings are significant with the combination of Venus and Uranus, and sometimes they can be strange.

Much later on, nearing midnight, the Sun squares Neptune, which brings another kind of over-sensitivity.  A bedtime meditational practice could centre around the subject of Illusion, although you could overthink it!  You may be feeling a little confused, lost, or even  dizzy.  It’s a good moment to surrender to the divine.

A much more loaded aspect occurs tomorrow (Monday, 14th), which will be more difficult to ignore: that of Saturn square Uranus.  It last occurred in February, and hovers around the whole year.  This ensures that a continuing theme this year is the preservation of the age-old order (Saturn, but in Aquarius, a sign of progress) versus rebellion (Uranus liking to rock the boat, but placed in Taurus, the sign of entrenchment).  Note its appearance in Lilibet’s chart, showing the parental desire to break away from some aspects of the royal order, while clinging on to others.  In your life you may be struggling to cast off some shackles and declutter and streamline your life, while realizing you cannot throw out the baby with the bathwater, and acknowledging the role of everything in your life.  You need to know the value of something, before you throw it away.  You can see this in some of the post-Brexit dilemmas currently faced by Boris Johnson and his cabinet.

Fixed Stars:

After tomorrow, there are no more aspects this week, so it is over to the Fixed Stars to show us what they can contribute for the rest of the period.

Tuesday 15th: Alhecka, otherwise known as Zeta Tauri, at 24 degrees Gemini:

from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“The signature of this star has to do with individuals who are willing to break out of past patterns and come forward in ways in which they have not been seen before….this star can be helpful in encouraging individuals to look at their own sources, work with these levels of inner energy, and make decisions about how this is to be shared or revealed in the world.”

Thursday 19th:  Polaris – Alpha Ursa Minor, at 28 degrees Gemini:

Bernardette Brady in “The Fixed Stars” says that Ebertin linked it to a sense of guidance, and Rigor connected it with pioneering.  She equates it with a sense of mission, because it has been a guiding star.

From “Starlight Elixirs”:

“Polaris… represents at a deep level the unconscious ability of individuals to align with a common source to bring through energy that can be applied in the world. .. This shared energy will be utilized for whatever project or energies an individual wishes to put them to.  While they are utilizing such an energy, some characteristics of the collective consciousness will also come through.”

Thursday 19th:  Betelgeuse – Alpha Orionis, at 28 degrees Gemini:

Bernadette Brady says that its influence can bring unbridled success without complications.

From Starlight Elixirs:

“This star provides a substantial increase in communication with energies of a physical nature,  particularly with the Earth energies…Betelgeuse can significantly enhance the ability to perceive the difference between survival connected energies and true spiritual awareness.  As a result,  fears are lessened and insight into the source of the fears is strengthened.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – self-nursing; exciting meetings; confusion
  • Tomorrow – major tussles between the old and the new
  • Tuesday – breaking out of patterns
  • Thursday – unity; fears eased