Apologies to those who like their blogs freshly laid on a Sunday morning.  I am writing this two days in advance as I will be away for a short break.   Some of you may be surprised at the moment to be feeling exhaustion as a result of the demands of the Jupiter-Uranus buzz.  If you are, try to restrict your activities to things you want to do, and cut out activities that drain you.  I hope you benefitted from the superb aspects early last week.  On the Venus trine Jupiter-Uranus last week, I had the good fortune to win an ebook of Chironic poetry , Poems to Heal the Healer: The 12 Chiron Signs by Joyce Mason on her website http://radicalvirgo.blogspot.com/ Joyce had asked for a name for a new species of human, and  I can reveal  that the next stage of human will be Homo Astrolopithecus.  I know many of you out there love to explore the healing dimensions of Chiron and poetry, and can recommend this book as a creation of beauty and inspiration.  There’s something happening every day next week!  Sunday (20th) brings a spiritual tone to Father’s Day with a trine between Neptune and the Sun.  This may bring up a theme of the “absent father” which concentrates on the spiritual link between you.  There is a link between your father and the sea, so a good book title for the day is “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway (or better still, the film).  On Monday (21st) the Sun enters the sign of Cancer, ushering in the Summer Solstice, and conversely bringing a link with the sea and the mother, which may be archetypal or symbolic if you can’t actually take your mum to the seaside.  A minor step forward may occur in the oil situation in the Gulf of Mexico, but the situation will still be in the forefront of our minds while Saturn is quincunx with Neptune.  There is a square between the Sun and Uranus on Tuesday (22nd) which adds an element of surprise to your seaside break with your parents.  This is followed by a square between the Sun and Jupiter on Wednesday (23rd) so any surprises from the day before can be seen as silver linings.  The first half of the week’s activity is all based around the Sun, so Leos will be prominent this week, and possibly calling the shots.  The second half of the week sees much activity around the planet Mercury, highlighting the activities of Geminis and Virgos.  Thursday 24th brings a square between Mercury and Saturn, which may be tedious for travelling (e.g. the threatened tube strike in London for that day) and for having to catch up with the detail of paperwork and documentation.  It’s just something that has to be done.  If you are still fatigued, do the paperwork then resume your position on your chaise longue.  This will be an advantageous position from which to enjoy the ensuing trine between Mercury and Neptune later the same day, which favours bringing dreams and inspiration into the conscious mind, and writing poetry.    For those who have advanced beyond the stage of the chaise longue, a spot of dancing may be enjoyed.  The Sun also aligns with the star Tejat in Gemini which “can gently and easily increase the ability to bring spiritual ideas into clear and expressible form as mental concepts and direct ideas to be shared with others”* This reinforces the action of Mercury trine Neptune.  On Friday (25th) Mercury enters Cancer, presenting a united front with the Sun, increasing focus in some ways, but then Mercury squares Uranus which could produce mental overwhelm.  Added to this the same day Pluto opposes the Sun, and that is emotional and psychological overwhelm.  Keep up your meditational practice…The tension is building to the Full Moon the next day.  A more lighthearted square between Mercury and Jupiter on Saturday (26th) may help us to see things philosophically, and someone may refreshingly play the Joker (there’s always one).  Shortly after is the eclipsed Full Moon in Capricorn, whose purpose is to help us to effect a turning point in emotional and social structures.  In the news, there may be an emphasis on Institutions which provide social services, and questions and answers as to how they may be improved and what changes need to be made.  It will be a busy week, so if you are a bit tired already, you need to have a chaise longue ready in between aspects.

*Interpretations from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld