Wimbledon 2021 – Week 2

We watched some nailbiting performances from Andy Murray last week, and hope that he is on the road to regaining his mojo.  He says he is weighing up whether it is worthwhile, as he has put a lot of effort in training since having his last hip operation. U.K. players Dan Evans and Norrie also did well, as did 18 year old newcomer Emma Raducanu fresh from A Levels.  The competitors are getting younger all the time! Swiatek was born in 2001, and Raducanu in 2002.  Coco Gauff, who is doing well, was born in 2004.

Here are the next four ladies and men’s seeds to watch over the next week!

Women’s Seeds

No. 5 Seed: Iga Swiatek

Youngster Swiatek hails from Poland, and has an unusual Element pattern in her chart: 7 planets in Air (Intellect), 0 in Earth and 0 in Water.  With Sun in the adaptable sign of Gemini, she also has 6 planets in Mutable (adaptable) signs – and by all accounts she likes to bring variety into her game.  Her Sun is conjunct Saturn, and so she also has an element of caution and planning in her game; apparently she “constructs points carefully”.

She plays Ons Jabeur on Monday.  On that day, Swiatek has Mars exactly trine her Pluto in Sagittarius, a sign of strength.  At the end of Wimbledon, she has Chiron trine her Pluto (very positive), with an exact Mercury Return on the day and an exact trine from the North Node to her Neptune on the day, which is a good line up.

No. 21 Seed the Tunisian Ons Jabeur is known to have a formidable forehand, and on Monday will have the Nodal Axis square her Saturn (difficult), but Neptune sextile her Uranus (the ability to handle complexity) and Pluto sextile her Pluto (self-empowerment), so they could be evenly matched (which may mean a 3-setter).  At the end of Wimbledon, Jabour still has the Nodal Axis square her Saturn and Pluto sextile her Pluto, but Neptune sextile her Uranus is fading.

In their Synastry, they have a double whammy of their Suns squaring the other’s Saturn, again a sign they can cancel each other out and go to a 3-setter.  With Jabeur’s Pluto squaring Swiatek’s Uranus, Jabeur has an overall advantage in their general involvement.

This could be a tight match, but if Swiatek gets through she has good prospects coming up to the final.

No. 8 Seed: Karolina Pliskova

I wrote in 2017:

“[She] has the Sun in Aries, largely unaspected, so she is independent and free-spirited.  She has few personal aspects, so may be focussed on wider concerns in the world.  She apparently has an identical twin, which is also unusual and may complicate her psychology.  Jupiter trine closely her North Node means she has an upbeat karmic mission, and may refer to her sporting interest.  She has the complex Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn of those born in her year, 1992.”

On Monday, she plays Samsonova.  Pliskova’s transits show the Nodal Axis square her Venus, which is not very supportive; Mars opposite her Saturn, which could be harsh; Neptune trine her natal Pluto, which is supportive on a deeper level.  For the end of Wimbledon, she still has the Nodal Axis square her Venus, and Neptune trine her natal Pluto, but then has to contend with Uranus square her natal Saturn, which is very brittle.

Her opponent on Monday is the unseeded Russian Ludmilla Samsonova, who will have Saturn sextile her natal Mercury, which is steady, plus the North Node exactly trine her Uranus on the day, which could upset Karolina.  At the end of Wimbledon, Samsonova still has Saturn sextile her Mercury, and North Node trine her Uranus, but Mars will be square her natal Sun (which is dicey) so is not likely to make it to the final.  She could beat Karolina, but then peter out towards the end of the contest.

As to their Synastry, Samsonova’s Sun is sextile Pliskova’s Neptune, which favours Samsonova.  Pliskova’s Pluto is on Samsonova’s Venus, which gives Pliskova more power.  Pliskova’s Uranus/Neptune sextiles Samsonova’s Jupiter, so they could play some exciting matches.  and Pliskova’s Jupiter squares Samsonova’s Pluto, which favours Samsonova in an exchange of power.

So Samsonova could unseat Pliskova, but if so will probably not go much further in the competition.

No. 14 Seed: Barbora Krejcikova

Czech Krejcikova won the French Open this year, and is still a strong contender in Wimbledon.  She has it all going for her astrologically, in an impressive chart with the Sun exactly conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius at the Galactic Centre sextile the North Node!  So, lucky, powerful and karmically gifted.  She also has Mercury conjunct Mars, quick mental reactions; and with Mars exactly square Chiron, could be subject to injury from time to time.

Her transits on Monday show Jupiter square her Pluto (power play), Uranus trine her Mars (an electric performance), and Pluto on her Venus (profound experience).  At the end of Wimbledon Jupiter will be exactly square Pluto on the day (a dramatic finish!), and Uranus will still be trine her Mars, plus Pluto will still be on her Venus.  She is in with a chance!

Her opponent will be the No. 1 Seed Ashleigh Barty, of whom I wrote last week:

At the start of Wimbledon, she has Jupiter square her Pluto, which represents exaggerated power.  She may make some unforced errors!  At the end of Wimbledon, Mars will be sextile her natal Venus (her artistry will be strong), and Jupiter will still be square her Pluto.  These do not strike me as winning transits.”

In their Synastry, Barty’s Mercury is trine Barbora’s Neptune, so they can read each other on subtle mental levels.  Barty’s Mars squares Barbora’s Neptune, so Barbora could bamboozle Barty (if that’s not too much of an alliteration!)  Barty’s Mars is on Barbora’s South Node (they could be old adversaries, from previous lives).  Barty’s Saturn trines Barbora’s  Pluto, serious interpersonal engagement.  And finally, Barty’s Neptune is conjunct Barbora’s Uranus, which gives Barty a fine edge in some ways.

Barty, and other tennis players, have managed to negotiate this last week of Wimbledon with aplomb even with the Jupiter-Pluto square in their natal chart; which leads me to believe Barbora’s Jupiter-Pluto exact square at the final to be significant, especially as Jupiter is SO her planet!

I will stick my neck out for a win for Krejcikov over Barty on Monday.

No. 18 Seed: Elena Rybakina

Rybakina, along with No. 2 Seed Aryna Sabalenka, is a 6-footer.  She has 5 planets in the Fixed signs, showing strong will.  Her Sun is exactly trine Mars, making her a Warrior (she is an “aggressive baseliner”).  With Sun sextile Jupiter she is sporting and positive, and her energy and enthusiasm are sometimes over the top due to Mars opposing Jupiter.  She has the Moon/North Node/Venus in competitive Leo and has enormous self-belief.  This triple conjunction opposes Uranus, so she can be emotionally unpredictable.  Her Uranus in Aquarius at the South Node may point to past lives in Atlantis!

Her transits for Monday show Pluto squaring her Mars, dangerous (slipping? that seems to be the thing, this Wimbledon); Saturn squaring her Saturn (the odds are against her); and the South Node on her Pluto (past life karma coming to roost).  Astrologically, that does not point to a win.  For the end of Wimbledon, Saturn opposes her Venus (a sense of disappointment), Pluto still square her Mars, and South Node still on her Pluto.  Really, no astrological back up for her.

As it happens, the other 6-footer Sabalenka (No. 2 Seed) is her opponent on Monday.  I wrote last week:

“At the end of the tournament Mars trines her Mercury (mental strength, quick mental reactions and lively nervous system) but Mars squares Chiron (possible injury).  Saturn will still be on her Uranus, but Uranus will be on her Sun (the possibility of turning things around unexpectedly).  Pluto will also still be square her Saturn.  I feel the balance of transits will make things tough for her.”

On Monday, Mars will be exactly square Sabalenka’s Sun (they could both slip), an aspect which is exact to the day.  Uranus will be on her Sun, which may provide excitement and surprise; Saturn on her Uranus and Pluto square Saturn, both very challenging, and some comfort from Chiron sextile her Uranus.

In their Synastry, they have very different mindsets with squared Mercuries.  Aryna Mars square Rybakina’s Uranus, explosive combination, with Rybakina having the power of surprise.  Plus Aryna’s Uranus squares Rybakina’s Saturn  (messy), which can make their matches uncomfortable viewing.

I would predict a win on this occasion for Aryna, but Aryna’s fortunes on the decline towards the final.

Overall, of the ladies, I like the sound of Krejcikova’s prospects, going towards the final and for the final itself.

Men’s Seeds

No. 5 Seed: Andrey Rublev

I wrote in September 2020:

“He has Sun in Libra (the tennis sign!) and Moon in Sagittarius (no birth time available).  The Sun is largely unaspected, except for a trine with Chiron, so he may be very independent, but with a soothing presence…Mercury is sextile Venus in his chart, so he may have literary skills.  Mars squares Neptune, so he has sensitive energies, and could be drained sometimes.  But Mars is also closely square Pluto, so there may be days where he finds it hard to control his energies, and they may be aggressive.  Mars exactly sextile Chiron also inclines him to healing.  Jupiter squares Saturn, so again he could be hamstrung at times in his energies, not sure which way to go.  Saturn sextile Pluto gives strength and endurance (when Neptune square Mars is not being draining!)  Uranus sextile closely with the North Node gives the power of surprise, when he is karmically permitted.  I imagine his game would vary quite a lot.”

His transits for Monday show Jupiter trine his natal Mercury, which is excellent; Chiron trine his natal Venus, good for his personal life, exact on the day; and Saturn on his Jupiter in Aquarius, not so easy.  His transits for the end of Wimbledon: Jupiter still trine his natal Mercury, and Chiron still trine his natal Venus, aspects which are very supportive throughout the coming week, but Saturn will still be on his Jupiter.

His opponent will be Hungarian Marton Fucsovics (unseeded), who will have Neptune  sextile his Mars (some artistry in his shots), and Neptune trine his Pluto (depth).  Fucsovics’ transits at the final will be Mars opposite his Sun (he may be nursing an injury), Neptune still sextile his Mars, and Neptune still trine his Pluto.  He is not likely to reach the final.

Their Synastry shows: Andrey’s Mars sextile Fucsovics’ Mercury, their matches should be briskly fought; Andrey’s Saturn sextile Fucsovics’ Mercury, good control for both; Rublev’s Saturn squares Fucsovics’ Uranus (Fucsovic capable of upsetting Andrey); Andrey’s Uranus opposite Fucsovic’s Chiron, danger of injury for Fucsovic, being caught unawares.

Rublev has the better set of transits, and should go through on Monday, and may get through to the final, though his transits are not outstanding.  I would not see him winning the tournament, though.

No. 6 Seed: Roger Federer

I wrote last week:

If Roger were to win Wimbledon, he would meet Djokovic in the final…At the end of Wimbledon, Uranus is still square his Mercury, but it will be sextile with his Mars, so if he gets to the final it could be electrifying. Neptune will still be square his Neptune, and Pluto will still be sextile his Uranus. These are not outstanding transits, but he could conceivably reach the final. However, I don’t think he would be able to beat Djokovic, sadly.”

Roger’s transits tomorrow show: Mars on his Sun (I think he can handle the energy of that!), Uranus square his Mercury (unpredictability), Chiron trine his Mercury (some balm for his nervous system), Uranus sextile his Mars (electrifying) exact on the day – you’ll see some sparkle!  Pluto will be sextile his Uranus (psychological strength) and Neptune square his Neptune (he is going through changes, spiritually).

His opponent will be the No 23 Seed Italian player Lorenzo Sonego, whose chart I have not looked at before.  He will have Saturn trine his Mercury and sextile his Jupiter, so playing steadily now.  Chiron will be trine his natal Jupiter, so he is well co-ordinated now, too.  Neptune will be on his Saturn, so he is not unassailable.  And Pluto is on his Neptune, which could be overwhelming.  At the end of Wimbledon, Sonego will have Saturn exactly sextile his Mercury to the day, Chiron still trine his Jupiter, Neptune still on his Saturn, and Pluto still on his Neptune.

The Synastry between him and Roger shows up the following: Sonego’s Jupiter trine Roger’s Mercury, which actually could help Roger play at his best; Sonego’s Saturn square Roger’s Neptune, which could bamboozle Sonego.  Sonego’s Saturn trine Roger’s Chiron, some mutual understanding.  Sonego’s Uranus on Roger’s South Node, some element of surprise possible from Sonego in their interaction; and Sonego’s Neptune sextile roger’s Uranus, again some complex mutual understanding).

I do not see anything too threatening towards Roger Federer from Sonego, but there may be some touching moments in their interaction.

No. 7 Seed: Matteo Berrettini

I wrote in 2019:

He has the Sun in Aries square Jupiter in his natal chart (bags of enthusiasm) and Mars square Jupiter (enthusiasm off the scale), and Sun also square Neptune, so he may be very idealistic.  His Mercury is square Uranus, so he may be tense, but brilliant in terms of thinking outside the box.  His Venus is trine Uranus, so that could give him charisma, but Venus opposing Pluto may result in volatile feelings from time to time.  He has no water planets though, so he is not over-emotional.  His North Node conjoins Chiron, so there is healing potential.”

His transits on Monday show: North Node on his natal Venus (in Gemini), which is quite helpful; Mars trine his natal Mars, which is very dynamic; Jupiter square his natal Pluto – overexerting his power, though the transit worked for some of the players last week…(Sabalenko and Krejcikova, for example).  At the end of Wimbledon, the North Node will still be on his Venus, but other transits will be moving away.  He could do well and get through on Monday, but peter out afterwards.

His opponent will be the unseeded Ilya Ivashka from Belarus.  His transits for Monday are Uranus sextile his Venus, so may have the power of surprise; Mars will be square his natal Jupiter, so he’ll have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but perhaps be accident prone, similarly with Uranus opposing his Jupiter; Neptune will be sextile his Neptune, so spiritually he will be at one with himself.  At the end of Wimbledon, he’ll still have Uranus sextile his Venus and opposite his Jupiter, with Neptune still sextile his Neptune.  But altogether not great.

Their Synastry: Ivashka’s Saturn squares Berrettini’s Pluto, which is more powerful for Berrettini; Ivashka’s Neptune squares Berrettini Sun, so he could confuse Berrettini, and Ivashka’s Pluto sextiles Berrettini’s Neptune, which is more powerful for Ivashka – a fairly even match, generally.

I think Berrettini can beat Ivashka.

No. 8 Seed: Roberto Bautista-Agut

It is interesting that more of the men’s top seeds stayed in than the women’s last week.  So we have No. 8 (Agut) playing No. 10 Shapovalov (who ousted Murray) on Monday.  Roberto Bautista Agut has the Sun in Aries, so warriorship comes easily to him.  His Sun is exactly sextile Chiron, so he has some ingenious ways of solving problems.  His enthusiasm and energy can sometimes be off the scale, with Jupiter square Mars in his natal chart.  And he has a powerhouse of energy with Mars square Pluto (that aspect also strengthens his Inner Warrior).

His transits for Monday are:- Jupiter sextile his Saturn (good judgement); Jupiter sextile his Uranus (good opportunities, and lucky breaks); but on the converse side, Saturn square his Pluto (could have a major upset) and Neptune square his natal Chiron (could be compromising his health).

His opponent, the Canadian Shapovalov, who brought down Andy Murray last week, will provide a good battle of the warriors as he is also Aries!  On Monday he will have:- Pluto exactly square his Sun (so he is doing well to play under that duress); plus Mars will be trine his Jupiter (he’ll have plenty of fuel in the tank!).  At the end of Wimbledon, he will have Mars (his ruling planet) on his North Node (a karmic moment for him), and Pluto will still be square his Sun.

In their Synastry, their Suns are exactly conjunct (another indication of a good battle; could be a 5-setter); Shapovalov’s Mars is opposite Agut’s Jupiter (an energetic interplay), but Shapovalov’s Saturn squares Agut’s Mars (could blunt the sharpness  of Agut’s reactions), Shapovalov’s Neptune is on Agut’s Mars (again could sap Agut of energy in their interaction) and Shapovalov’s Pluto opposes Agut’s Venus.  Generally, Shapovalov would have the upper hand, and even if Agut wins tomorrow, in future he would find matches with Shapovalov daunting.

I would still plump for Agut to win tomorrow.

Generally for the men, I still think Djokovic is unbeatable and Zverev too has a good chance, for the finals.

And before you ask, the stunning Emma Raducanu has some nice transits for the coming week:  she has Jupiter trine Venus (having the time of her life; living the dream!), Mars sextile her Mars (all the energy she needs) and the North Node trine her Neptune (a spiritual coming of age).


Today, very early in the morning, Mars was square Uranus.  Thus we had thunderstorms here in the U.K. – people born with that square in their charts are often born under a thunderstorm I find!  Perhaps someone was exploding with tension last night, or you were disturbed by some item of world news where man is exacting inhumanity to man.  Something might have needed to be dealt with urgently, whether it was a mechanical fault or a human fault.  If you have been struggling since the Mars-Saturn opposition last Thursday, that will be because Mars and Uranus have been forming a T-square with Saturn.

The Sun also squares Chiron today, which could also throw up a problem, and health issues may be to the fore: look after yourselves, physically and mentally!  The problem may literally be how to control the explosion of energy created by Mars and Uranus.  What needs healing will be uncovered, and the answer may lie in the problem, or deep in the soul.  Time for self-mastery.

A bright new day dawns tomorrow (Monday 5th), with the Sun sextile Uranus.  In support of us and adding a sparkle of ingenuity and inventiveness, this aspect aids your efforts  to make headway with your various projects, and may be assisted with some telepathy and higher consciousness, or liaising with a constructive group.

More support is brought to the table tomorrow with Venus sextile the North Node, which is ideal for smoothing over karmic issues, resolving relationship karma and easing connections. It is more about forgiveness and laying aside grievances than exacting karmic balance.  The law of karma works automatically – you don’t need to engineer it.  Your own knowledge may not be complete enough.

Neptune squares Mercury on Tuesday (6th), and some undefinable snag may be nagging at you.  If so, allow your subconscious to bring it up in its own time, but don’t shut up shop until you have identified the rum note.  Then you can deal with it, move on and let it go.  There could be more scandals in the news…

More to grapple with on Wednesday (7th), with Saturn opposing Venus, which could be emotionally deflating (e.g. a prominent, well-loved public figure could pass after a long and worthwhile life). It is time to value those around you, and to renew bonds of love and loyalty.

A happier resolution for relationship difficulties on Thursday (8th) with Venus trine Chiron: so healing may occur where there was difficulty on Wednesday.  The healing power of love may come to the fore.  Try to keep the heart open, and keep the faith.  There may be a real opportunity to re-group your healing energies and feel harmony within your being.  This aspect is operative early in the day, so make the most of it.

There may be another twist and turn in relationships at tea time, with Venus square Uranus.  There may be a quirky end to your relationship or money saga, slightly out of your comfort zone.  Your plans may have to be modified at the last minute.  The way through is to use your intuition, and stay one step ahead.

A New Moon at 18 degrees Cancer occurs in the early hours of Saturday (10th).  This is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon in that sign, so give your home and family special attention!  If you know where it falls in  your chart, you can fine-tune your wishes, but otherwise the areas associated with Cancer are the human emotions, family, the home and security, women and mothers, plus roots and ancestry.

Happy Independence Day to my U.S. readers!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – energetic disruptions, and healing questions
  • Tomorrow – sparkle and comfort
  • Tuesday – confusion
  • Wednesday – flatness
  • Thursday – healing, then twists and turns
  • Saturday – new beginning