Entrepreneurs into Space

Last Sunday, vying for our attention with the men’s singles finals and the European Cup, saw Richard Branson launching himself into space on Virgin Galactic.  This coming week it will be Jeff Bezos, and later on Elon Musk.  It seems to be a passion for some rich and wealthy inhabitants of Earth, but to other inhabitants it looks like a self-indulgent and wasteful pastime, and has been widely criticized.

Richard Branson

Many times I have mentioned that Richard Branson has the ultimate “Entrepreneur Archteype” pattern of Jupiter exactly trine Uranus in his birth chart.  The two planets associated with space exploration are Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) and Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), and together they could foster a desire for extreme travel and freedom.  Branson’s Ascendant is Leo with Pluto rising, which show a great competitiveness and desire for dominance.

The transits for his Space Trip showed Pluto opposite his natal Sun (potentially self-destructive), and Uranus at the top of his chart square his Ascendant (the ultimate desire for excitement, going into space!).

People have questioned how he has the resources to fund such a project, while asking for bail-outs from the government, and not paying taxes.

Jeff Bezos

Although the enterprise of the three billionaires is being described in the media as a Space Race, the relationship between Bezos, founder of Amazon, and Branson is more of a rivalry than that of Musk and Branson.  Bezos was hoping to be first into space of the three.

He also has his Sun virtually unaspected (widely trine Pluto, and square to the Ascendant).  With Mercury trine Uranus in addition, he possesses an inventive and original mind.  Jupiter is exactly square his Midheaven in Capricorn (ambition knowing no bounds).

The Synastry between Bezos and Branson shows Branson’s Pluto square Bezos’ Neptune (a deep rift). Bezos’ Sun/Mars conjunction in Capricorn opposes Branson’s Sun in Cancer, and his Mercury in Capricorn is opposite Branson’s Uranus in Cancer (poles apart).  Bezos’ Pluto is conjunct Branson’s Saturn (heaviness in their relationship).

The proposed date of flight 20th July on New Shephard has a transit of Mars opposeing his Venus, so it may not be a comfortable flight.  Saturn sextiles his Jupiter (the sign of something planned a while in advance), and Uranus trines his natal Pluto (that is more like it for a big, life-changing event).

He’ll be taking elderly aviator Wally Funk, who on that date will have Mars trine her Venus (enormous pleasure); Saturn will be on her Sun (there may be some physical discomfort); and she has a Uranus Return (the fulfilment of her Inner Rebel!)

Elon Musk

I have also written about Elon Musk previously; like Branson and Bezos, he has an almost unaspected Sun (the sign of great individuality).  I previously wrote about him: “We find Elon Musk’s Sun unaspected (individualism) except for a square to Uranus (invention and futurism) – his main connection with reality.”  Like Branson, for whom I wrote: “All these personal planets lacking aspects often show a destiny which easily becomes hitched to more global or impersonal projects” Musk “lacks personal aspects generally, and that may be linked with his huge aspiration for mankind (he worries about human extinction and wants us to be able to live on Mars)” (also from previous writing).  Musk has an exact sextile between Pluto and Jupiter, which enables him to build projects on a large and powerful scale.

There is now a birth time available for Elon Musk, and that reveals exciting close links with the chart of the inventor Nikola Tesla, with among others, Musk’s Midheaven/Chiron  exactly sextile Tesla’s Chiron.  That has also revealed an extra aspect with his Sun, a sextile from the Moon, which shows that his left hand does know what his right hand is doing.

Musk has set his sights further afield than space – on to Mars!  He has booked himself a flight on Branson’s flight service, and is a friend of Branson. As well as the similarity in the construction of their personal aspects, they are both Cancerians (not a particularly likely Sun sign for those wishing to travel far from home!).   In their synastry,  they have excellent interaspects for spurring each other on: Musk’s Sun is exactly trine Branson’s Jupiter, and Branson’s Uranus is exactly conjunct Musk’s Sun.  In other words, Musk’s Individuality (Sun) locks into Branson’s Inner Entrepreneur (Jupiter trine Uranus).

The relationship between Musk and Bezos is not reported to be a happy one.  Bezos’ Neptune squares Musk’s Nodal Axis, so there could be paranoia between them; and Bezos’s Saturn conjoins Musk’s Mars, which is antagonistic.

In the Observer this morning, Catherine Bennett writes about our very own “rocket man”, and the trio of billionaires, describing “a growing suspicion of men who, with the colossal means to address climate disaster, would rather burn their wealth on projects that even they occasionally admit are juvenile”.


Tomorrow (Monday 19th) we start the week with a square between Mercury and Chiron, which may highlight a problem needing to be solved.  Attentiveness to health and healing is required, but first the question has to be aired.  The answer lies in the question, therein lies a clue.  Therein also lies a mental conundrum, but one which is not unsolvable.  It may just take a little work, or some lateral thinking.

The mind is definitely set for solutions on Tuesday (20th) with a sextile between Mercury and Uranus.  This may be an answer to Monday’s prayer, if the prayer was unanswered on the same day.  It’s a happy aspect, being helpful for mental endeavours and technology. Telepathy, intuition and the power of surprise are benefits of this aspect.  This aspect can amaze you and help you find that “wow” factor, or unusual ways of articulating your message.

Venus enters Virgo on Thursday (22nd) in the early hours (in the U.K.).  It seems early in the year for Venus to be entering Virgo, a combination usually associated with being back to school or back to work for Autumn schedules, not the beginning of the summer holidays.  But Venus can be two signs away from the Sun, which at this time is right at the end of Cancer.  So maybe you may find yourself laying the foundation for next term’s educational or working schedules now, so as to economically save time and energy later.  We may also be discriminating about the company we keep (if we subscribe to such a philosophy), and be exercising caution despite our government’s freedom day policy.  We choose the catering (in a healthful, Virgoan or Vegan way), and we tailor our practices to ecological ways.

At lunchtime the same day, be it vegan or meat-eating, we have a more lighthearted vibe with Venus opposite Jupiter.  Granted, it’s an opposition, but Venus and Jupiter are known as the lesser and greater benefic planets respectively, so they don’t tend to do too much damage to each other, and they may even have a good time.  There could be some much needed laughter for instance, hopefully at no one’s expense.  Or if at another’s expense, no harm done.  There’s the possibility of letting out some tension in light relief.

The Sun enters sunny Leo just after lunch, ushering in the month of hopeful hedonism.  Holiday plans beckon (for those who dare risk amber turning to red).  Even if you do not have definite holiday plans, you can look at the quality of life and living within your current horizons and means.  Inner enjoyment is just as important as outer enjoyment, if not more so.

Saturday (24th) raises the emotional temperature with a Full Moon At 1 degree Aquarius, in the early hours (in the U.K.).  We might be torn by looking at an issue emotionally, then from a detached perspective, then back and forth.  This may produce heightened tension, or a stand off  between the individual and the group.  But resolutions can be found.

In the afternoon, we are blessed with a congenial trine between Mercury and Neptune.  Things may fall into place spiritually, and you may be ready to talk about a sensitive subject.  This trine brings mental inspiration, transcendent wisdom, higher harmony, spiritual journeys, and insight.  A kind astrological note to end the week.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – problems for solving
  • Tuesday – new mental avenues
  • Thursday – work schedules; light relief; holiday plans
  • Saturday – emotional high tide; mental and spiritual blessings