Laura and Jason Kenny

I can’t get away from the Olympics at the moment…!  In another success story U.K. cyclist Laura Kenny won a Gold medal in cycling, together with her team mate Katie Archibald.  Young mum Laura was very emotional as she told of the bond between her and Katie which helped them achieve this feat in the first ever Olympic women’s cycling madison. And – Stop Press!  Jason Kenny, Laura’s husband, has just unexpectedly won a Gold!

Laura Kenny

I last wrote about both Laura and her husband Jason at the 2016 Olympics.  This week, they both won Silver medals for the individual track cycling event.  On her chart, I wrote:

” Cycling as a sport is ruled by Mercury, and that planet is an important focus when looking at her chart, also because she suffered asthma as a child, and a collapsed lung when born prematurely (Mercury related health conditions).  She has the Sun in the sign of endurance, Taurus, the Moon either in Capricorn or Aquarius (no birth time available) and Mercury is in Aries the sign of speed.  There are not planets in Gemini (the sign ruled by Mercury and associated with cycling) but Gemini may be her Ascendant.  Interestingly, Mercury is largely unaspected in her chart.  This sometimes means a failure to integrate the principle represented by that planet, but can mean the freedom to express it in a very individualistic way.  Mercury does trine Chiron (which is good for self-healing) and squares the Nodal Axis (which puts her in a leadership role with other cyclists).

She has 5 planets in Cardinal signs (leadership) and 5 planets in Earth signs (very grounded).

But the main outstanding feature of her chart is a Grand Trine in Earth between the Sun in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and the North Node in Capricorn.  Luck and positivity are a major feature of her success…

She also has an important exact trine between Mars and Pluto (indicating superhuman energy and reserves!).  Uranus conjuncts exactly her Neptune (high energy, complex, anarchic quality too).”

Jason Kenny

For Jason, I wrote:

“Jason has almost the exact same element and quadruplicity balance as Laura, so they are alike in some ways.  Laura has 2 Fire planets, 5 Earth, 1 Air and 2 Water.  Jason has 1 Fire planet, 6 Earth, 1 Air and 2 Water.  Laura and Kenny both have 5 planets in Cardinal signs, 3 in Fixed and 2 in Mutable. In addition, both have Moons hardly aspected, which may make them equable in mood.

Jason’s brilliance is shown by Uranus conjunct his Sun.  His Mercury (the bike) is well-aspected: it sextiles Neptune and trines Pluto, and he’s got a good head on his shoulders.

Like Laura, he is strong on leadership, with Mars sextile North Node.  Jupiter trine exactly Saturn gives him great balance, in decision making as well as on the bike.  He also has as part of his toolkit Jupiter trine Uranus (The Entrepreneur), so he knows how to take advantage of opportunities.”


They are still the Golden Couple.  I wrote about their synastry:

“The compatibility between the two is phenomenal.  Jason’s Sun exactly trines Laura’s natal Chiron (keys into her Mercury-Chiron Trine), his Venus trines exactly her Uranus.  His Venus trines exactly her Neptune/Uranus, her exact conjunction. His Mars sextiles exactly her natal Mars – energies exactly in tandem!

But most importantly, his Jupiter/Uranus entrepreneurial trine keys right into her Grand Trine (with his Jupiter on her Sun and trine her Jupiter, his Jupiter exactly trine her natal North Node).  His North Node in Capricorn conjuncts her North Node, so they enable each other and magnify each other’s abilities.”

They have missed their son, Albert, while at the Olympics.  He was born on 23rd August 2017, at 22.44 Hrs in Knutsford.  His Sun in Virgo is trine Laura’s Sun in Taurus, and His Mars trines her Venus, which is super compatible and affectionate; while Albert’s Sun is trine dad Jason’s Uranus, making for an exciting and stimulating father-son relationship.


Within minutes, the couple won Silver medals this week. Jason had Mars trine his natal Jupiter (great impetus), and Mars trine his natal Saturn (precision and control).

For the Gold, Laura had Mars trine her natal Sun (on tip top physical condition), Mars on her natal Jupiter (energy added to her enthusiasm, great zest!) and Neptune trine her natal Pluto (a holistic, mind, body and spirit experience).

For the unexpected Gold which Jason has just acquired, his transits are: Neptune on his North Node (a karmic triumph under the radar) and Neptune square his natal Chiron (a measure of his overall health).

Katie Archibald

Katie has had great success in her own right.  She’s a sensitive and emotional Piscean, with Mars conjunct closely with Saturn, not known for speediness, but excellent for control.  She was born on a New Moon, which means she can continually start afresh.

Her exceptional partnership with Laura is fuelled by Laura’s Mars exactly conjunct Katie’s Sun, Laura’s Pluto exactly trine Katie’s Sun, and Laura’s Sun exactly sextile Katie’s Mars (a very high energy combination).

For the Gold medal, Katie had the same transits as Tom Daley for his Gold: Pluto on her Uranus, and Neptune sextile her Neptune.  Katie and Tom were born within two and a half months of each other in the same year.  So if you were born between 12 March and 21 May 1994, you may have earned your own personal Gold in some form this week!

Laura Kenny this week earned her fifth Gold medal and became the most successful GB female Olympian. Jason too has smashed records, winning seven Olympic Golds.  And I am sure we have not heard the last of Katie’s potential.


“The Quiet Office”

Well, at last…!  The Quiet Office book project has been going as long as this website, and longer than this blog.  Finally, the book has been published, and I am very pleased with the finished product.

For afficionados of the genre, I need to point out that the excerpts which appear under the category “The Quiet Office” on this blog, do not belong to Volume I (the volume which has just been published).  As the book is a trilogy, they may appear in Volume II or Volume III (I am not yet sure what the timeline will be for either writing those two volumes or ascertaining what periods they will cover.

But, in the meantime, should you choose to buy and read a copy, ideally purchase on Amazon on August 11th.  I hope you enjoy it.  The accompanying Past Life Archetype cards are available to buy separately, so email me if you are interested.  The cost will depend on current printing costs, plus postage rates.

Meanwhile, I am still having sleepless nights from the buzz of having completed writing it, and managing to publish it.  In the fourteen years it took, I had to rely on others to hold the vision, during long periods where I was not sure myself if it would ever come to pass…



A very special start to the week today…A sparkling New Moon at 16 degrees Leo, with the twist of a square with Uranus, so unpredictable and keeping us on our toes.  Nevertheless, the New Moon in Leo is about the soul quality of Joy.  This emphasizes the holiday making, creative and performing qualities of the sign and the season. It is some kind of a new beginning, so if you have experienced some testing times recently, you can press the re-set button.   Time to win that unexpected Gold!

Neptune opposes Venus on Tuesday (10th), in the first hour of the day.  This may be a challenge.  It involves sorting out your feelings, the real from the illusion, and especially in relationships.  In politics, there may be bluffs and double bluffs.  In relationships, more compassion is needed, and in finance more honesty.  Fine words may butter no parsnips.

In the early hours of Wednesday (11th) we have another opposition: that of Jupiter opposing Mercury, which adds to any communication and travel complexity.  You may feel you need to be in two places at once, and be summoned hither and thither.  Geminis and Virgos may need to factor in some extra relaxation time.

In the evening, Mercury enters Virgo, so the daytime is suitable for making the most of the celebratory qualities of Mercury in Leo.  Work themes may be really bedding down in your schedules.  There will also be more emphasis on health and ecological awareness, such as dealing with fires in Greece and California.

Finally, the evening ends with a strong and supportive trine between Venus and Pluto, helpful for money and love.  Pluto settles your deepest feelings into a more comfortable psychological context.  This aspect helps us through changes and transformations on a human level.  It is about deep love, deep awareness of your relationship with money, and profound artistry.

So, a full day on Wednesday, one of the reasons I picked the day for my book launch!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – new beginning
  • Tuesday – sort out truth from illusion in relationships
  • Wednesday – mentally overstretched, but could benefit sales; good for attending to detail; deep understanding of love and money