As I observed in my radio show with Kim Gould in March (link on my Past Lives page), tennis seems to have come in 3 clear phases astrologically.  The first was before the mid-70s, when the Sun Signs of top players tended to be Cancerian or Libra, both genteel signs responsive to the ebb and flow of the art.  The second phase came in the mid-70s with the advent of the power serve, when the Fire signs were more in evidence; speed, muscle, brawn and athleticism to the fore. Nowadays there is an accentuation of Mercury-ruled signs Virgo and Gemini in the charts of top players, showing that they have added to the responsiveness of the first phase and the athleticism of the second phase, and learned to use the mind and cerebral faculties on top of this.  The amazing longest match took place last week between Isner and Mahut, Isner the enduring Taurean just about winning, due no doubt to his strong serve (Mars conjunct Chiron in Gemini, possibly).  This could have been a pre-birth contract set up, as  Mahut’s Mars (energy) is exactly trine Isner’s Jupiter (enthusiasm and triumph) – sort of pre-birth match-fixing (no karmic repercussions).  At the inception of the match, the Ascendant was on Isner’s Saturn, so this was a test of his endurance which he, just about, passed.  Andy Murray could make it to the final next Sunday, when Venus will be trine his Moon, and Mars on his Ascendant, which will bring out all his fighting spirit.  However, Mercury square his Jupiter could bring unforced errors,  and the Ascendant square Neptune may bring unrealistic hopes surrounding him.  Rafael Nadal has Mercury trine his Jupiter (accuracy) and Mars sextile his Venus (vitality and watchability) but I don’t think these aspects are strong enough for the title.  With the Sun conjunct the South Node, it will be Nodal, not Nadal (couldn’t resist it, sorry).   The finals will be more than usually karmic in outcome under this aspect.  Predictably (?) Federer has good aspects: Mercury sextile his Venus, and Venus trine his Neptune and sextile his Pluto, so he will be in the flow, and could well add to his records.  Andy Roddick could be overwhelmed with Jupiter opposite his Mercury, but Uranus trine his Uranus could give him lucky breaks and some intuitive shots.  Of the top two Williams sisters, surprisingly Venus has the better set of aspects.  Stacked against Serena are Pluto square to her Sun,  Mercury square her Jupiter,  Sun square her Saturn,  North node square her Saturn.  Her game slid a little bit this week (her words).  Can she overcome all odds?  (Probably).    She will be meeting Maria Sharapova in the next round, who has Sun and North Node square her Jupiter – perhaps next year may be better for Sharapova with Jupiter transiting all her Aries planets. Venus Williams (aptly named with Sun conjunct Venus natally) has Pluto trine her Jupiter  (power and luck) – this could be her year.  Another player who may do better next year is Jelena Jankovic, who has Venus/Mars exactly conjunct in Aries . This year Mercury trines her Mercury which is good for focus, but Neptune squares her Saturn , and Jupiter squares her Neptune, neither of which are easy.  I am not a betting sort, but if I were to twist my arm I would go for Venus Williams and Roger Federer as 2010 champions.