How was the Grand Cross for you yesterday?  I heard reports back from several people flattened on Chaises Longues, tiredness being an undeniable feature of the experience.  Hopefully, today can be a kind of rebirth, and certainly there will be mental challenges today with Mercury opposite Pluto, the results of which may bring a mental reorientation.  You may need to look at where other people’s rules, constructs and constricts are limiting your own beliefs, and keeping you held through fear.  Tomorrow (Monday 28) Sun is conjunct Mercury, so that can bring about a mental rebirth, favouring focus and travel.  Wednesday (30th) brings a conjunction between the South Node and Mercury in Cancer, when the focus can profitably settle on the past (in this lifetime or previous ones) and insight may come forth in connection with family ties and soul groups.  Mental shifts are supported by the Sun’s alignment to the Fixed Star Alhena in Gemini: *“This star appears to offer individuals the ability to rapidly change modes of thought and to shift context.  This will give them the ability to see things in a whole new way and to utilize the information from a new perspective or to change their minds in a way that is appropriate for their own development.”  On Thursday July 1st Mercury sextiles Mars, promoting quick thinking and intelligent action – a good day to get things done, and a good day to act on any new ways of thinking which emerged earlier in the week.  Wimbledon matches could be super-efficient.  The Ladies Finals are scheduled for Saturday 3rd July, coinciding with a conjunction between the Sun and the South Node in Cancer.  The outcome could be karmic!  The aspects look more favourable towards Venus than Serena Williams, contrary to seeding positions, but maybe Serena has the strength to defy astrological odds or the instinct to work with them.  (See  my earlier blog ruminations on Wimbledon).  For life outside Wimbledon, quoting myself from last week regarding the Sun/South Node connection, we are individually and collectively “coming to terms with karmic issues from the connection with the Sun this week, not in the sense of retribution but of looking at causes and what you contributed and why,  so that you can move on.”

*Interpretations from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld