It is men’s finals day at Wimbledon, and my favourite shot of the week was the tender expression of Rafael Nadal when he beat Andy Murray in the semi-finals and gave him a hug.  He has Venus (affection) in Cancer (maternal), and that showed.  It is now time to turn our attention to the point in our birthchart of 0 degrees Aries.  This is a point of great vitality, and this year it is being stimulated to an unusual degree.  Tomorrow Uranus the planet of revolution revolves.  It will be stationary preparing to go retrograde, and recent revolutionary moves in your life will temporarily be suspended, and starting to turn over old ground.  The government is going through the motions of undoing various statutes from the previous government in order to implement their new policies.  If you are hazy about the 0 degree Aries point in your chart, it has already experienced the entry of Uranus (28th May), the entry of Jupiter (6th June) and the conjunction of the two planets (8th June).  If you study the events in your life from those periods, you may gain some understanding of how this point is currently being used as a springboard in your life.  Venus opposes Neptune on Thursday (8th).  This can bring confusion in relationship: you might suddenly wonder who someone is; and confusion in the art world: there may be a mystery over who was the artist of a particular work, or who is the perpetrator of an art theft.  So two questions of the day might be “Who are you?” and “But is it Art?”  A day of tantalizing mystery, and half-answered questions.  Friday (9th) is an opportunity to exercise the mind, with an emphasis on Mercury.  We are working towards an eclipsed New Moon next Sunday, and useful work done now may pay dividends in getting your act together, and painting a cohesive picture for the New Moon in Cancer.  You are laying out the elements, assembling the pieces you need for this event, which could be a turning point.  It is not an art exhibition, but it is an emotional exposition.  You may be needing to explain your feelings, for instance, in an effective and efficient way.  Mercury sextile Saturn early on Friday (UK time) enables you to set out your stall, apply your mind, do your paperwork, connect your thoughts and ideas with practical methods.  At this time Mercury is at the very end of the sign of Cancer, and able to encompass the feelings: put your feelings on paper.  Mercury then enters Leo, so the practical phase has been dealt with and the focus next is how to display your material.  If for instance you are preparing for a craft fair, the creativity will start to flow.  Best aspect of the week is Friday evening (in the U.K.) when Mercury trines Uranus.  Brainstorming will bring up a cornucopia of ideas.  On Saturday, Venus enters Virgo and discrimination and good taste become acute, food tastes, fashion tastes, standards in friendship, colour sense, etc.  Your senses may be heightened.  You may find yourself walking a very fine path in choosing materials or in relationship negotiations, for Venus opposes Chiron and quincunxes Uranus, so there will be relationship crises, and egos may need to be massaged.  The right people need to be in place at the right time for the eclipse on Sunday, which is backed by a sextile and a trine, giving it an extra sense of purpose.  Whether you are a pawn in the game, a bit player, a choreographer, a scriptwriter, architect or director, you will have a sense that you are meant to be where you are and hopefully also know the reason why.