Strictly Come Dancing 2021 – Part 3

I am posting this blog early, as I have to be away on Sunday, so cannot take into account Saturday night’s performances, but there is still plenty to write about!  Here are the next four in this series, and there are only a couple of contestants left, so I will save them for a rainy blog day!

Rose Ayling-Ellis

I am starting with Rose because she scored four 10s last week, which is very early in the contest for such a score.  She is the first deaf contestant to take part in the show, and has amazed with her talent and ability to circumvent the problem of non-hearing in a contest which is very much about hearing.  She was previously known to us as the character Frankie from Eastenders, daughter of pub landlord Mick, a role which itself was groundbreaking.

Rose has Venus, Mercury, the North Node, the Sun, Jupiter and Pluto all in Scorpio!  If anyone can overcome impossible hurdles it’s a Scorpio.  She is very emotional (6 out of her 10 planets are in Water signs), instinctive (0 Air signs), and very strong willed (7 planets in the Fixed Signs).  She’s a female Warrior (Sun square Mars), immensely positive (Jupiter exactly conjunct her Sun), powerful (Jupiter conjunct Pluto) and has healing ability (Sun/Jupiter exactly sextile Chiron).  She has over the top energy allied with enthusiasm (Mars square Jupiter), and entrepreneurship (Jupiter sextile Uranus).  An extraordinary young woman with an extraordinary chart.

For her perfect 40 score last week, her transits included Jupiter opposite her Mars (high energy) and Neptune sextile her Neptune (spiritual poise), Pluto sextile her Sun/Jupiter (the force was with her) and Pluto trine her natal Chiron (a healing).

At the end of the contest, her transits will include Jupiter square her natal Pluto (a bid for supremacy), Saturn square her natal Mercury (there may be a small disappointment), Neptune still sextile her Neptune, and Pluto still sextile her natal Sun/Jupiter.  She seems headed for the final, but perhaps John Whaite will pip her to the post.

She is partnered with the wonderful Sicilian dancer Giovanni Pernice who has been with Strictly since 2015, and whose Pluto in Scorpio is conjunct Rose’s North Node (a karmic set up).  He is a Virgoan, a sign in harmony with Scorpio.  His Uranus is sextile with her Saturn (a good solid working relationship), but his Venus squares her Pluto and his Jupiter squares her Venus, so there is some grit between them.

For their outstanding performance last week, he had Uranus trine his Sun, and the North Node on his Mars, plus the North Node sextile his Jupiter (all very helpful).  At the end of the contest he will have Jupiter opposite his Venus, Mars trine his Jupiter, and Uranus trine his Neptune, a favourable line up, which could put them at the top.

John Whaite

John Whaite has a super-intelligent chart, with two exact conjunctions in the sign of Gemini – a very social Venus conjunction with Jupiter, and a mentally focussed Sun conjunct Mercury (he studied Law at Manchester University). He has suffered from depression, and has in his chart a close conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, a feature of his birth year (1989).  At the same time he has Saturn exactly sextile Pluto, a sign of strength, also a feature of his birth year.  He came to fame as the winner of the Great British Bake Off in 2012, and runs his own cookery school in Lancashire.

Though he declared himself “scared” at the outset, he has consistently scored highly in the contest from the very start, and seems headed straight for the final.  His partnership is the first gay male partnership in the competition, and has shown great ingenuity.  His transits this weekend include Mars sextile his Uranus (a vigorous and surprising performance), Mars trine his Chiron (athleticism) exact to the day, Uranus trine his Saturn (a combination of the old and the new), Uranus trine Neptune (mastery of complexity) and Uranus opposite Pluto (including some risk and change).  At the end of the contest Uranus will still be trine his Neptune, but the other transits will be waning.  I am not sure how that will translate for the final, because he has done so well so far, it is difficult to imagine him not being there.

He is partnered with Johannes Radebe, who was memorably partnered with Caroline Quentin last year.  Johannes has shown superb skill in his choreography.  In 2019 I wrote:

“He has 6 Fire planets, and was born close to a New Moon in Taurus.  His dance credentials include the Sun closely trine Neptune… He has Mercury trine Uranus, so could surprise us with ingenious choreography.  With Mars sextile Jupiter, he has energy combined with enthusiasm.”  One of the reasons their partnership works may be because Johannes has 6 Fire planets and John has none, so they complement each other.  This week Johannes has Saturn square his Sun, and Neptune square his Saturn, which may not be as sparkling as usual.  At the final, he has Pluto square his natal Mercury (mental challenge), and Neptune still square his Saturn.  The transits are not as favourable as I would expect for such a dynamic duo.  There may be something I am missing…

Tilly Ramsay

19 year old Tilly shares a Scorpio birthday with her father, the ferocious chef Gordon Ramsay.  She has followed him into the world of cookery, presenting her own show.  Their synastry shows up with Suns exactly conjunct, her Jupiter trine his Sun/Venus, and her Sun sextile his Mars (she can handle his temper).  Tilly’s mother Tana has the Moon in Scorpio, and Tilly herself has the Moon in performing Leo.  It is worthy of mention that she has a strong Writer Archetype, by virtue of Mercury-Venus trine the North Node and can communicate – she recently gave a good riposte to a detractor who called her “chubby”.  While the Mercury component of the conjunction inclines her to teaching, the Venus component marks her out for a career in the food industry, but also gives her musicality.  Not only is she taking part in the Strictly competition, but at the same time, quite remarkably, she has started her first term at University.

This weekend, Tilly’s transits include a Solar and Mercury Return (she will be feeling right at home!), and Saturn on her Mars (very disciplined, maybe overly so).  At the end of the contest, she will have Chiron sextile her natal Mars, which doesn’t sound like much, but it could bring out some astonishing qualities.

She is partnered by newbie professional Ukrainian Nikita Kuzmin, who doesn’t look much older than her!  So I am looking at his chart for the first time.  He has an unaspected Sun in Capricorn, which may mean he is a free spirit.  His Moon is in musical Libra, and he has a dynamic conjunction of Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aquarius.  He has Chiron in Scorpio, and his chart works well with Tilly’s: his Sun is sextile her Mercury (good communication), and his Jupiter is conjunct her Uranus (a winning combination); their Saturns are sextile (good for focus and balance in partnership), and his Saturn is trine her Pluto – it’s a partnership of Strength.  I could go on…

His transits this weekend are Venus on his Sun, bringing out the beauty of his dance, Mars square his Mars (perhaps some fire), and Saturn on his Uranus (he may be feeling some restraint).  At the end of the contest, Mars will be sextile his Venus/Mars conjunction in Aquarius (that could be exquisite).  This pair may currently be performing in the middle of the leaderboard, but their transits look very promising for the rest of the tournament.

Tom Fletcher

Tom Fletcher belongs to the boy band McFly, and is married to the popular vlogger Giovanna Fletcher, who won I’m a Celebrity in the castle last year.  He is another contestant who has been gracing the middle of the scoreboard throughout.  Tom has the Sun in Cancer, having been born on 17th July 1985, a few days after Live Aid.  Giovanna was born earlier in the same year.  He has a very emotional chart, with half his planets in Water signs.  He was born close to a New Moon in Cancer, so has the ability to start afresh easily.  His Sun is exactly conjunct Mars in his chart, giving him the Warrior Archetype, and with a square to Pluto, there’s a lot of pent up energy.  He has an entrepreneurial exact sextile between Jupiter and Uranus also going for him.  Craig Revel Horwood has praised Tom’s “amazing rhythm”, a quality associated with Cancerians.

At this point in the contest Tom has Pluto opposite his natal Sun/Mars, which is challenging, and may have been instrumental in him taking a week out due to testing positive for covid.  He also has Neptune trine his Saturn (bringing a sensitive interpretation to a practical task).  At the end of the contest, Pluto will be starting to move away from the opposition, which will mean less pressure.  But there are no additional helpful transits, so he may not last much longer in the contest, despite his obvious talent – there is so much talent out there!

His chart has a great affinity with dance partner Amy Dowden: they are both born close to a New Moon, hers being in Leo.  Whereas he has Sun opposite Pluto, she has Sun exactly square Pluto, a difficulty which may be linked with her Crohn’s disease, which is serious but she manages it successfully in tandem with her professional career.  She has great ingenuity, with Uranus trine her Mercury, Venus and Mars.  Like Tom, she has an energetic link between her Mars and Pluto, in this case a sextile.  In their synastry her Neptune trines his North Node, which makes for harmony in dance.

This weekend she has Jupiter opposite her Jupiter (she’ll be dancing with gusto and enthusiasm), and the North Node will be trine her natal Saturn (her professionalism will be exemplary, e.g. her choreography and sense of discipline).  At the end of the contest, Uranus will be trine her Uranus so she will have the power of surprise – this may not be connected with her partnership with Tom, so there may be a surprise announcement about her private life, in a good way.  I don’t see Tom and Amy going all the way, though they are a lovely couple.

Of these four couples, my head says John and Johannes are the strongest, my heart says Rose could well inspire in the final, and the astrology says Tilly will do better than expected! 


The aspects for this week begin on Wednesday (10th), which as described last week for the Climate Conference is a big day astrologically.  The times are for the U.K.

12.56 Hrs: The first aspect is Mercury conjunct Mars at 7 degrees Scorpio.  You may feel highly energized, and could get through some early afternoon tasks efficiently.  You or those around you may be slightly irritable, however, and if so – you know why!  There may be a loosened tongue, sharp words, or a war of words.  On the more high functioning end of this conjunction, you could write or say something witty, such as a critical review.

17.04 Hrs:  Mercury squares Saturn, with the latter at 7 degrees Aquarius.  Please note that if you have a 7 degree planet in  your chart, it may trigger something for you that day.  You will need a great deal of patience.  You may also need a new strand to your philosophy of life, incorporating the quality of resilience.  “What is being required here?” is a useful question. More haste less speed may also be a useful mantra to follow. Travel and communications could be slow, and mirror this process.

23.14 Hrs: Now it is the turn of Mars to square Saturn, which can bring awkwardness in the late evening, with Saturn squaring Mars.  Physically you may want to push an issue, but that approach may not work.  Think before you act, to avoid clumsiness.  It may be difficult to obtain co-operation (e.g. on worldwide climate agreements).  You may experience fatigue, including compassion fatigue, discouragement, and a feeling of not having accomplished all you set out to do in the day.  But, tomorrow is another day…

On Friday (12th), people may have more to give. The Sun trines Neptune, which will be an ideal day for the contestants on Strictly to practise their dancing!  It’s a graceful day:   expand your consciousness, and allow your imagination to embellish your work, or project in hand.  If you experience meditative bliss (which is possible that day), try and carry some over to Saturday.

Saturday (13th) may contain more tension, by virtue of Mercury opposite Uranus.  This could be tricky for communications, such as I.T.  Social media could be a bit fraught!  A spanner could enter into the works.  But if you are tuned into a higher mental wavelength, e.g. that of telepathy, you can achieve progress and flow.

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – difficult (consult time-table)
  • Friday – sublime
  • Saturday – the spanner in the works