Allegra Stratton – Part 2

I first wrote about Allegra Stratton a year ago, when she was appointed press secretary for 10 Downing Street.  I think her role has been fairly low key, nothing like that of C.J., the White House Press Secretary in “The West Wing”.  Her role this week was as fall guy for the Christmas Partygate scandals.  Women are outraged that it is often the female in the man’s world who is the scapegoat, and the men get off relatively scot free.  Others have felt her tears to let down the women’s movement.  So, plenty to mull over…

I wrote last year (highlights in red):

Birth Chart

“So what sort of a woman is Allegra?  Her birthchart states categorically that she is a Warrior!  She has Sun in Aries (warriorship) with Mars exactly conjunct the North Node (karmic mission as a warrior), with the Sun also trine the North Node (a leader, too).  The North Node at 26 degrees Leo is exactly trine the Galactic Centre, a centre of great power.  Her Sun is also trine Mars (more guns blazing) and exactly opposite Pluto, which is deep and powerful, but not always to her advantage (power struggles can ensue).  There is a sense that while she loves power and is attracted to it, she may also become a pawn in its game.  So warriorship, power and leadership are prominent components of the core of her birthchart.  We do not have a birth time/Ascendant, so we don’t know how much that would mitigate or soften the picture. But she is a definite go-getter.

The Sun and Mars are in a Grand Fire Trine with Neptune, which provides some softness and sensitivity.  This might provide some skill in what she does, because she has the fight (Mars) but the sensitivity (Neptune) to understand the opponent.  However, she was taken to task during her career (2012), in upsetting a single mum who she interviewed, and ended up having to apologize.  An outstanding talent she does have for P.R. and communications is shown by her Mercury exactly trine Uranus: she is in the right profession.  She also has Mars conjunct Jupiter, energy allied with enthusiasm.  Jupiter square Uranus in her chart reveals that she can be a risk-taker, and an opportunist: she certainly bagged an opportunity here…

… So Allegra may be called upon to sometimes defend the indefensible, in her new role.

This Week

The focus of my piece a year ago was how she managed to help oust the chief pantomime villain of the time, Dominic Cummings.  Today, I will be taking a look at the current picture this week.

Allegra became the focus of this crisis on 7th December when a video was leaked of her making light of an illegal Christmas party last year, and she resigned the next day 8th December.  Her transits are striking:

Mars square her natal Mars (in trouble); Mars square her Nodal Axis (karma rebounding); Jupiter opposite her natal Mars (a problem in relation to enthusiasm and humour); Jupiter on her South Node (humour karma); plus Uranus on her natal Chiron exact to the day (an unexpected wound for her).  She said she would regret her words for the rest of her days.

The historic event

The Christmas Party in question (there are now many others reported) took place on 18th December last year.  Unaware of the seeds of her future destruction as she joked four days later at a mock rehearsal press conference, her transits at the time were: Chiron (wounds) sextile her natal Venus; Pluto sextile her natal Mercury (the import of words); Mars trine her natal Neptune (unguardedness).  Not unpleasant transits in themselves, and she did seem quite merry at the time.

Her Role

Allegra must have felt blessed in her life to be “in with the in crowd”.  Rishi Sunak (our immensely rich Chancellor) was a friend of her husband’s and best man at their wedding.  She and her husband James Forsyth (political editor of the Spectator) are godparents to the Sunak’s children, and the Sunaks are godparents to Allegra and James’ children.  She was a friend of Carrie Symonds, wife of the Prime Minister, and together they managed to oust Dominic Cummings, whose lingering presence was an embarrassment to the Prime Minister.  On gaining her role as press secretary, there were whispers that it was another example of cronyism within the party.

Her appointment was announced on 8th October last year, and it was intended that she would undertake a series of press briefings from November.  The potential of the post did not materialize, and at first the plan was delayed to January 2021.  The covid situation (i.e the prolonged lockdown) meant that eventually it was scrapped entirely.

There was a chance for her to shine when she was the spokesperson for the COP26 summit in Glasgow in November 2021.  However, she did not take a leading role and made some unfortunate counterproductive comments such as preferring diesel to electric cars.  So her plumb role could not have yielded much personal satisfaction. Now that it has literally ended in tears for her, she may have regrets about taking the role in the first place.

The astrological comparison of the announcement of her role and her resignation is interesting (to nerds and geeks at the very least), being a history of the beginning and ending of a role: Saturn squared the Uranus of new role to the day; Saturn squared the Mercury (communication role) of the new role, bringing an end to the role, and Pluto was transiting the Saturn of the new role this week (a difficult final outcome).  It had proved to be much of a non-role in many ways…

Relationship with the Conservative Party chart

There are two ways scapegoating can show itself astrologically.  One is through Capricorn and its ruler Saturn (the role of the goat, sadly); the other is through Neptune, which represents sacrifice.  In Allegra’s astrological relationship with the Conservative Party chart, there is not an element of the Neptunian sacrifice (it was not conscious).  But the Conservative Party Saturn squares her natal Mars and her Nodal Axis.  Also she has a destructive square to her natal Moon from the Conservative Pluto (a devastating tear jerker).

The whole story has a ring of karma to it…she obtained the role through cronyism, she conspired with Carrie Symonds to get rid of Dominic Cummings…then she herself became the scapegoat for further scandal.

Meanwhile, the whole affair has made several sections of the population angry: those who lost loved ones to covid, and unable to visit them, while others partied; those who believe that women are scapegoated in a man’s world; those who are offended by the “weaponization” of women’s tears; there was such a sense of privilege about that mock press conference, adding to the public’s outrage at being taken for fools.

It is to be hoped that Christmas Partygate will not prevent people from taking necessary precautions when socializing in relation to covid, and now the further threat posed by the omicron variant.  Currently, the polls have been affected: the Labour Party have risen, and are showing a few per cent ahead of the Conservatives (varying between 2% and 8%).  There have been calls for P.M. Boris Johnson to resign.


This morning, at the crack of dawn, Neptune squared the Sun, which can throw things into confusion.  As it happens, we were unexpectedly thrown into confusion!  We were woken at that time with a call from a confused 95-year old family matriarch, and my husband and his brother rushed to her aid.  Then at 7.30 a.m. I received a phone call from Curry’s to say a new dishwasher was on its way and would be arriving at 8 a.m. So I had to phone hubby who was at mother-in-law’s, for him to clear the cupboard under the sink and prepare for the dishwasher’s arrival and plumbing in and removal of the old one.  They had scheduled the dishwasher for 16th December, so its arrival on a sleepy Sunday morning was not expected.  Sorry about this digression, but it really was a most unusual early morning, and the timing very precise in relation to this square.  So if you are feeling a little discumbobulated, you’ll know why! As well as an air of confusion, today is a day to sort out truth from illusion.

Mars enters Sagittarius tomorrow (Monday 13th).  This placement can be a green light to new exercise regimes and sports initiatives, foreign transactions, and further education studies.  If you are seeking to pursue a line of life philosophy with gusto in order to test out if it actually works, then pick your mantra and go for it!  You’ll have the energy at least, though success is not absolutely guaranteed.  There could be an injection of energy and light to proceedings.  Mars stays in Sagittarius until 24th January.

The late afternoon brings another ingress to further fluctuate the energy, that of Mercury entering Capricorn.  The mental mode of Capricorn is practicality, and systematic and methodical thinking. Mercury in Capricorn favours planning (so helps with planning the forthcoming year. Official documentation may need to be worked on, forms to fill, authorities to interview, etc.  Mercury will be in Capricorn for the rest of the year, until 2nd January in fact.

On Wednesday (15th) Mars conjoins the South Node, which may remind us of past battles (in this or previous lives).  It may be time to review your relationship to the Warrior Archetype, either your own personal inner warrior, or a more universal or symbolic perspective.

The lyrics to Edwin Starr’s hit song come to mind:

“War, huh, yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing, uhh
War, huh, yeah
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing”

But, of course, we all need to be able to use our Inner Warrior in the most constructive way, so that is something to consider on Wednesday.

After Wednesday, there are no aspects, but there is a Fixed Star to consider for Friday (17th)..  In fact, it is the Open Star Cluster in Scorpio M6, known as Aculeus.  Bernadette Brady equates it with obstacles strewn in our path.  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives the following rendering:

“This cluster will assist individuals who wish to attune better through channelling or by reading channelled works or other things shared about beings who work at higher dimensional levels.  There can be deeper attunement to these higher vibrational forces as they are worked with by such beings.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Discumbobulation
  • Tomorrow – go ahead! ; planning and documentation
  • Wednesday – warrior karma
  • Friday – channelling and attunement to higher dimensions