with a little help from my friends

Cancerian Cheryl Cole has been in the news this week, having been diagnosed with Malaria.  She has had an intense public life.  She was the first girl picked for the girl band “Girls Aloud” (with North Node, Mercury, Mars and Sun in the 11th House of girl bands) for her showbiz quality (Venus rising in Leo).  We then wondered if she was a bit mouthy (Mercury conjunct Mars) when she was accused of attacking someone in a public lavatory.  She then became a WAG (a term she is not keen on) when she married Ashley Cole the footballer in July 2006.  From there she became the “nation’s new sweetheart” for her glamorous role on the X-Factor (another feature of Venus rising in Leo).  Now she has very unfortunately contracted Malaria, as Uranus in her 8th House (sudden shock to her life force) squares her Mars (a disease of the blood), curtailing (Uranus) her activities (Mars).  We only hope that her suffering will be minimal and that more research will be done into this disease ~ Lana

Meanwhile a homeopathic perspective from our resident homeopath Sarah Berry:

Many assume that malaria is untreatable, but it can be treatable with homeopathy.  It seems sad that Cheryl, despite receiving ‘allopathic’ prevention, has succumbed to Malaria.  Perhaps homeopathic intervention, with no risk of side effects, could have been, at least as and dare I say, more effective.  At the very least homeopathic remedies will address the whole person, on all levels, and help in so many  more ways.  I just came across a diary entry of mine from February 2009.  I was attending a homeopathy college, fending off disapproval from medically trained relatives, and I was accused of ‘supporting dangerous placebo versus tried and trusted medicine.’  The placebo argument is just not relevant.  Homeopathic remedies cost pennies and they work.  All practitioners have plenty of case histories to prove this but strangely antagonists are reluctant to consider this evidence.  Another misunderstanding I have several times recently come across is that Hahnemann ‘invented’ homeopathy.  Remedies occur naturally and are to be discovered, never invented.  I wish Cheryl a speedy recovery, whichever route she uses.    saraheberry@aol.com

And a fascinating voice analysis from our voice expert Felicity Cook:

Cheryl comes across as very confidant but I hear something in her vocal quality (spoken) which suggest to me she is a softie at heart and perhaps a good deal of sadness which she manages to cover up, on screen. Her heart is open but hurt and I would say that although there is clearly some spiritual connection coming through, her grief is causing the 6th chakra to be fixed and rigid. If she could link her open heart to her slightly unbalanced solar plexus (3rd) and brow chakras (6th) she would be a true spokeswoman for truth.  Being vulnerable from the slings and arrows of love’s ungrateful fortunes (sadness in the front of the heart chakra), she would have left herself unguarded for the attack from the outside into her life blood hence the Malaria.

If you are interested in having a voice analysis, please contact Felicity Cook at her website www.thevoicedbodymind.com