North Node in Taurus

One of the shifts which has been taking place recently is the North Node’s move into Taurus from Gemini (it moves backwards).  The entry of the Mean North Node took place on 23rd December 2021, the day before the last Uranus-Saturn square which was a dramatic event astrologically.  But the True North Node, a more accurate reading, took place this week on Wednesday 19th January.  The North Node, representing karma, seemed to play a major role in the fortunes of Boris Johnson, Prince Andrew, and Novak Djokovic, together with the Mars-Neptune square of the week before.  It’s a reckoning, a facing of the music.  The Nodes spend 18 months in each sign, so you may be seeing a change of karmic focus in your own life at this time. I have noticed that a number of people have been moving house in the last couple of months, and link that with the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in April: the Universe arranging for certain people to be in the right place at the right time.  But the shift of the North Node is another indication of a new act to be played out in our lives.  I have had more than usual requests for regressions recently (one of them took place exactly at the close of the Gemini cycle, and pointed to a whole new cycle of work), and that may be for such reasons.

But first, a review of the North Node in Gemini, which has seen changes in education (having to be more adaptable because of the coronavirus) and travel (train timetable changes with fewer trains to accommodate fewer people commuting to offices).  With the South Node in Sagittarius, foreign travel has been hard hit.  The transiting North Node and Nodal Axis represents the collective karma, just as the North Node and Nodal Axis in our birth charts represents our personal karma.  Our North Node represents our karmic mission, and the transiting North Node represents our collective karmic mission, in the evolution of humanity.  The karma in this sense refers to the general population, but depending on what House it occupies in your personal chart, the application will be focussed there.  If you have planets in Taurus, they will show a karmic slant when the North Node transits them during the next eighteen months.  They may particularly show where that planetary principle combines with the collective karma.

With the move from Gemini to Taurus, karmic influences will move from the mental plane of ideas to the material plane, e.g. economy, possessions, and the senses.  There’s a brinkmanship situation going on in the current threatening by Russia on the border of Ukraine represents their feeling of karmic possession over that territory.  It is worth noting that the last entry of the North Node into Taurus took place on 14th April 2003, towards the end of the invasion phase of the Iraq War which started on 20th March 2003.  Tony Blair had his Ascendant and Mars in early Gemini, which the North Node would have transited coming up to the war, and his Jupiter was at 29 degrees Taurus, which was transited in the middle of June that year, when the consequences were beginning to unravel.  Mars was trine George W. Bush’s Mars (war, war) at the onset of the war, and Pluto was on his South Node (past life war karma).

On a personal note, on the close of the Gemini karmic cycle, I had a new cycle of karmic research triggered.  As you may know, I have researched many past lives, but became aware of a whole new thread to be worked on, in relation to languages (Gemini).  The North Node is now entering my 1st House, and the South Node is now in Scorpio which supports a deeper cycle of past life research.

The transiting North Node and Nodal Axis represents the collective karma, just as the North Node and Nodal Axis in our birth charts represents our personal karma.  Our North Node represents our karmic mission, and the transiting North Node represents our collective karmic mission, in the evolution of humanity.  More positive areas of working for North Node in Taurus are on climate change: there may be some successful new initiatives.  A friend of mine has recently acquired an allotment, and that seems a symbolic and constructive avenue for this transit.  There is also a new trend for people to take up farming (as evidenced by a lot of new television programmes on this theme, celebrities among them).  Distribution of resources, and food, can also come under the sign of Taurus, and a friend is currently engaged on the OLIO scheme to alleviate food waste, redistributing local food which would have gone to waste.  Maybe you have become aware in the last week or so of starting a new karmic cycle along these lines?  Take the bull by the horns!  Helping the planet is definitely something North Node in Taurus can help with, and support your efforts.

Greta, David and Chris

Looking at the charts of three people hoping for positive change for the planet:

Greta Thunberg has four planets in Capricorn, including the Moon, but we do not have her birth time.

The True North Node will trine her Mercury on 2nd/3rd February – she could make an important pronouncement around that time.

The North Node will trine her Sun/Chiron during the week of 15th/22nd November, which will be an important evaluation of her life, work and healing.  The True North Node will have the same effect between 12th and 23rd December.

David Attenborough is himself a Taurean, and the North Node will pass over his Sun in 3rd House of Communication on 24th August (True Node) and 30th/31st August (Mean Node) which could see a major success in getting his message across.

Chris Packham has been doing a grand job highlighting the plight of animals but also supporting ecological causes.  He also has the Sun in Taurus, which will receive a transit from the Nodes around 5/6th October (True Node) and 25/6th October (Mean Node).  But more significantly, his Mercury (message) is exactly conjunct David Attenborough’s Sun in the middle of Taurus.  This point is transited on 23rd/24th August by the True North Node and 29th August by the Mean North Node, a time when he will be able to get his message across powerfully.  24th August comes up for both of them significantly, so this may be a key date for the cause of combating climate change, particularly if they team up.  North Node in Gemini was, to quote Greta, about “blah, blah, blah”, and it is to be hoped that North Node in Taurus comes to be seen for concretely manifesting (Taurus) what was merely “blah, blah, blah” in the last eighteen months.

Coming up this week, Sue Gray holds the karma of Boris Johnson in her hands at this moment in time, many believing her investigation will be a whitewash of her boss.  We do not have a birth date for her, but can look at Boris’s chart this week.  It is predicted that her report will come in after Monday, and possibly after Prime Minister’s Question Time in parliament on Wednesday, possibly even Thursday.  He does have a karmic transit of Mars on his South Node (past battles under review).  Mars will be sextile his natal Moon (he will be quick to react emotionally), Jupiter will be on his natal Saturn (the possibility of being exonerated), Jupiter will be opposite his natal Uranus (chancing his luck again).  In addition, Saturn will be squaring his Jupiter (his trust in luck may be compromised), Saturn squares his Neptune (confidence draining away, something sapping at him), and finally Uranus trine his Pluto (change is in the air).  In other words, there is a lot going on for him!  I would not confidently be able to say that this is the final denouement of his fate.

The Law of Karma is neither good nor bad, it’s simply the law of cause and effect.  In looking at this switch from Gemini to Taurus of the North Node, assess whether you have just completed a cycle of karma – you may even have wiped the slate clean on an issue (this is even more likely if  you have an Ascendant around the cusp of two signs).  Ascertain whether you are just now starting a new cycle, and what that task might be.  It may span the next eighteen months.


This morning the Sun is conjunct Mercury in Aquarius.  That brings a touch of sparkle to your consciousness.  It is a good day to apply your mind with clarity, concentrate and focus,  make important statements, and look to the future.  You may write or speak some memorable lines.  Look out for some telepathy, too!  You may feel the urge to clarify something.

Mars enters Capricorn tomorrow lunchtime (Monday 24th), from Sagittarius.  This may have the effect of slowing down action, but action taken will be firmed up, based on realism, more authoritative.  You may need to make a more respectful approach to something or a project, give it more decorum.

On Wednesday (26th), we have another ingress: Mercury Retrograde enters Capricorn from Aquarius.  This urges us to be practical and realistic in our plans, and methodical and systematic in our mental approach.  This will favour official documentation needing to be worked on, forms to be filled in, authorities to interview, etc.  Maybe you are completing a house sale, for example.

There is an early hours of the morning conjunction at 26 degrees of Capricorn between Mercury and Pluto on Saturday (29th).  This is about serious thought and communication. so something may have been triggered the night before, and you may need to process it through dream work.  If this results in conversations in subsequent daylight hours, words will have a profound effect.  Deeper motives may be revealed.  Listening too is important, and exchanges may become cathartic, if sincerely transacted.

There may be some relief later in the morning, as Venus stations prior to turning Direct.  Under Venus Retrograde since approximately mid-December you may have experienced relationship revisions, maybe even paranoia.  At last you may be able to resume normal relations, enhanced by the learning you gained.  You may have realized the true worth of some of your relationships.  You can pause, breathe and relax into that knowledge.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – crystal clear
  • Tomorrow – realistic action
  • Wednesday – realistic thought
  • Saturday – serious thought; relationship upgrade