If your head was buzzing last night too full to sleep, the energy was coming from an early morning Sun sextile Mars.  This is good news if you live in a part of the world where you might have needed the energy for daytime activities, but in the UK the energy would have been used up in psychic processing.  However, this may be the launchpad for a good early morning start, burning up energy and calories on go-ahead projects.  It is a good start to an important day, and a good week for laying new foundations.  Buzzing our way through the day, the next aspect encountered is Mercury trine Jupiter, which is perfect for business, selling, car boot sales and craft fairs.  Perhaps, as previously advised, you have been setting out your stall for the past week.  The day’s transactions may have more importance than you thought, and the details are crucial.  How you place Aunt Maud’s jewellery could be vital in terms of who buys it when.  The day’s events are likely to unfold in a way that reveals its planning on a higher level.  Each step has to happen for the next step to be enabled.  The event of the day towards which we are working is the Solar Eclipse early evening (in the UK), one of those cosmic turning points.  It is a New Moon and as such your intentions are part of the mix of outcomes, but it is also one of those days which when you look back you will say “I could see it coming”, as you watch events unfold.  Depending on where the eclipse falls in your chart, you may find a new identity (if in the first house) or a new benchmark for a relationship (in the seventh house).  The New Moon Eclipse can bring big changes, and let us hope they are in the direction we desire.  Castor*, one of the Gemini twins, is aligned with our Sun today, and that represents the  use of the left hemisphere of the brain.  Although the New Moon falls in the gentle female sign of Cancer and emphasizes motherhood, there is an emphasis on the male side of life with Castor, Mercury trine Jupiter, and Sun sextile Mars.  Football fans and pundits all over the globe are gearing up for the final of the football World Cup today, between Spain and Holland (and refereed by Englishman Howard Webb).  Spain has Saturn trine its natal Sun, Uranus trine its natal Neptune;  Holland has Jupiter trine its natal Sun, Jupiter trine its natal Venus – aspects which brought them to the final.  Holland may have the joy at the end of the day, but Spain might have an enduring legacy, and I have little success in the field of sports prediction (but am still trying).  Howard Webb’s chart shows excellent footballing credentials: Moon conjunct Chiron in the football sign of Aries, and the karmic mission of a warrior (North Node conjunct Mars).  So he is capable of being partial, but what of the impartiality of being a referee?  He has Uranus in Libra (unpredictable in diplomacy) and square to Venus the planet of fairness…um not ideal.  Like Spain Uranus is trine his Neptune (which is at 0 degrees Sagittarius exactly conjunct Spain’s Neptune).  He may therefore have an unconscious bias towards Spain, which may be a past life thing, although it may not necessarily count against Holland.  Moving on, Venus trines Pluto on Tuesday (13th) and if you emerged victorious from today you may be able to build on your success that day.  Tuesday favours making challenging emotional decisions, which may or may not be linked with the events of the eclipse, but may well bring lasting changes.  Wednesday (14th) belongs to the other Gemini twin Pollux, and the other hemisphere of the brain, the intuitive right brain.  “Starlight Elixirs” explains: “Thought is manifested  on multiple-dimensional levels and then transmitted through receiving mechanisms to the physical form, and then manifests as electrical activity.  Because of this, the intuitive energies that connect to subtler realms have components that are lost in the translation process.  These lost components are still available, since thought in its true essence and form does not have the same constraints on time that three-dimensional processes, including electrical activity in the brain, must adhere to.  As a result, these thoughts that have not been fully received are able to remain accessible to the individual.  There is no time limit on this.  These thoughts don’t just fade away over time, but can become available as the person attunes to them.”  So if you have had some memory loss recently, there is a chance to recoup on Wednesday.  Last of the Fixed Stars to be helping us this week is Procyon (Canis Minor) on Saturday (17th).  The emphasis with Procyon, as with the other two, is also about mental functioning.  Procyon seems to work with both concentration and left-brain processes and the intuitive side of the brain, and so can bring both together.  It works well with our Sun apparently.  To continue unashamedly quoting: “This connection is at a subtle vibrational level in which the Sun says: ‘I love you, I care for you, I share with you your life and your light’ “.  So to sum up the week, a huge step can be made to put your life on a new footing.

*Interpretations from “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld