Boris, again

It has been an unprecedented week for resignations and votes of no confidence in Boris Johnson, after weeks of scandal over parties held at Downing Street while the rest of the country observed his rules.  Will he stay or will he go?  If so, when?  Ian Blackford of the SNP was asked to leave the chamber at PMQs for implying that Boris is a liar. And we often hear that apparently Boris is the laughing stock of Europe.  The medium Sally Morgan recently pronounced he is thinking of going, and may go in May, and the number 5 may be significant:

“Within my work I often receive numbers – for Boris, the number 5 is incredibly important. This number relates directly to his resignation. My initial thoughts are that this will happen in the month of May; however, if he is to leave before that, then it will likely take place on the fifth day of the month.” 

~ Sally Morgan, 20th January

I have noticed a number of people moving house since December and am surmising the Universe wants to move people around for the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in April.  So will Boris be relocating soon?  I thought I would look at his transits, his highs and lows, for the next three or four months.  Transits are more accurate for personal lives, but I will also check them out with the aspects, as he is a public figure and his fortunes affect society.  I will also have an eye to Carrie Symonds’ transits, because if he moves house, she would move with him.  And another eye on whether it looks as though Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, favourite to replace him, will be moving next door?


Last week:

Monday 31st January: Saturn from Aquarius in his 5th House squared his natal Neptune in Scorpio in his 2nd House – Kicking off his natal unrealistic opposition between Neptune and Jupiter.  This date brought the unveiling of a shortened version of the long awaited report from Sue Gray about Downing Street parties during lockdown, having turned the matter over to the police in the long term.

Boris proclaimed in parliament:

“Mr Speaker, it is not enough to say sorry. This is a moment when we must look at ourselves in the mirror and we must learn.”

Wednesday 2nd:  This was the day he unleashed his programme for levelling up the North and South, the poor and the rich.  It was met with less enthusiasm than he would have hoped.  At Prime Minister’s Questions, Boris accused Keir Starmer of failing to prosecute Jimmy Savile, an untrue accusation which has cost him dear.  His close aide Munira Mirza (Director of the Number 10 Policy Unit) resigned as a direct result of this:

” You are aware of the reason for my decision: I believe it was wrong for you to imply this week that Keir Starmer was personally responsible for allowing Jimmy Savile to escape justice. There was no fair or reasonable basis for that assertion…

You are a better man than many of your detractors will ever understand which is why it is desperately sad that you let yourself down by making a scurrilous accusation against the Leader of the Opposition.”

She had worked alongside him for 14 years, and their astrology bears testimony to their closeness:  her Sun on his Jupiter (a lucky charm), her Mars sextile his Ascendant (motivating) and her Jupiter trine his Saturn (a balance of optimism and realism).  Her transits for this leavetaking included Saturn square her natal Sun (a difficult decision) and Mars square her natal Uranus (a forced separation).

Thursday, 3rd: Saturn from Aquarius in his 5th House squared his natal Jupiter in Taurus in his 8th House – Also transiting his natal unrealistic opposition between Neptune and Jupiter. Multiple resignations and letters of no confidence then ensued. Fifty four letters of no confidence are needed to start an election for a new leader.

Sunday 20th: Jupiter from Pisces in his 6th House opposes his natal Pluto in Virgo in his 12th House – Could this be a challenge to Boris’ power?

On the same day, Rishi Sunak has a major transit, that of Neptune squaring his natal Neptune.  This could involve him in a confusing quandary, e.g. should he support Boris?  If this is a time when he is considering his position, he might find the idea of taking charge overwhelming.  If and when Boris resigns, there would be an interim period of choosing a new leader.  Neptune square natal Neptune implies a feeling of being in limbo.

Thursday/Friday 24/5th: Jupiter from Pisces in his 6th House trines Boris’ natal Midheaven in Cancer in his 10th House – Classically, this would point to a career promotion or beneficial lifestyle change.  So either the troops will be rallying round Boris, or he may be freeing himself (Jupiter) from a burdensome role.

Aspect on 24th: Venus sextile Neptune – a sublime and serene vibe.

Aspect on 25th: Mercury square Uranus – controversial words flying.


Monday 7th: Jupiter from Pisces in his 6th House trines his natal Neptune in Scorpio in his 2nd House – If he is still in office, he may experience hope that he can continue.  If, however,  he has left office, he will be feeling euphoric, and may also receive a boost to his bank balance.

Monday/Tuesday 7/8th: Uranus from Taurus in his 8th House trines his natal Pluto in Virgo in his 12th House – Another favourable and strengthening transit for Boris.  This could be an important time for him.  If he is staying in office, he’ll be announcing sweeping changes.  But otherwise, it may indicate constructive new change for him personally.

Tuesday 8th: Jupiter from Pisces in his 6th House trines his natal Jupiter in Taurus in his 8th House – He is on a roll, feeling lucky.  If he is still in office, he may pull off a triumph.  If not, he will be hugely enjoying his freedom.

Thursday 10th:  His wife Carrie has a major transit: Neptune in Pisces squares her natal Chiron in Gemini.  This could indicate a possible healing crisis, or adverse reaction about her influence over Boris.

Friday 11/12th: Chiron in Aries transits Boris’ natal Descendant, opposes his Ascendant, and enters his 7th House – This could indicate a crisis in his primary relationship and physical well being.  This may be as a result of Carrie’s own crisis the previous day.  The relationship will be entering a more tricky period.  Also, Chiron entering his 7th House may indicate a more tricky relationship with his public.

Saturday/Sunday 19/20th: Jupiter in Pisces in his 6th House transits his natal Chiron – This may be helpful to Boris, in his personal healing or recovery.

Aspect on 19th: Venus square Uranus – not a helpful aspect for relationships in general.

Wednesday 23rd: Jupiter in Pisces in his 6th House squares his Mercury in Gemini in his 9th House – He could make an international gaffe, or if at PMQs he may go too far with a quip at the opposition.

Aspect on 23rd: Mercury conjunct Neptune – words can confuse.

Thursday 31st: Uranus from Taurus in his 8th House sextiles his natal Midheaven in Cancer in his 10th House – A change of life direction.  This would be a good day to resign, if he hasn’t already done so.  Perhaps the previous day’s events brought a trigger for this.


Saturday/Sunday 2nd/3rd April:  This is an important day for Rishi Sunak, with Neptune from Pisces trine his natal  Uranus in Scorpio.  Again this may be as a result of events in the second half of the previous week.  Perhaps his leadership is confirmed, but the transit indicates weathering a complex situation.

Aspect on 2nd: Sun conjunct Mercury in Aries, some clarity is reached, going forward.

Monday 4th: For Boris, Pluto from his 4th House of Home and Family quincunxes his natal Sun in Gemini in 9th House – This could indicate a house relocation, or a deep change of heart resulting from soul searching.

Friday/Saturday 8/9th: A major uplifting transit for Carrie, with Jupiter transiting her natal North Node in Pisces.  If still at Downing Street, she may be celebrating a triumph of her own.  If out of Downing Street, she may be enjoying domestic bliss elsewhere.  But there is a karmic tone to this transit, so past consequences may be coming home to roost.

Aspect on 8th: Mercury sextile Mars, a good aspect for getting things done.

Monday 11th: For Boris, Chiron from Aries in his 7th House squares his Midheaven/I.C. Axis – This indicates some sort of crunch time for his career or life direction, and possibly a health situation.

Tuesday 12th: [for the general population] Jupiter conjunct Neptune at 23 degrees Pisces.  This occurs in Boris’ 6th House of Health and Working Conditions.  If still in office, chaos in the cabinet?  If out of office, a health issue to sort out.  May be feeling in good spirits, though.

Thursday 14th: For Rishi Sunak, Uranus transits his natal Chiron in Taurus – If he has a new job, he may be finding things unexpectedly tricky. If still in his current role of Chancellor of the Exchequer, there may be an excruciating dilemma in handling the public purse.

Tuesday 26th: For Carrie, there is some personal joy on the way, with Jupiter transiting her natal Sun in Pisces. Difficult to know what would make her happy, but there is a ring of freedom about it, e.g. a holiday.


Tuesday 3rd: Jupiter from Pisces in Boris’ 6th House of Health and Working Conditions squares his natal Sun in Gemini in his 9th House – He may overreact to something, or liberate himself from something.

Aspect on 3rd: Jupiter sextile Pluto – There may be an exchange of power, so a good day for a transfer of power.

Thursday 5th: Mars from Pisces in his  6th House exactly trines his natal  Neptune in Scorpio in 2nd House – Some financial dealing may be revealed or boosted, either for Boris’ private finances or the public purse.

Aspect on 5th: Sun conjunct Uranus, the unexpected.

Monday 16th: Uranus from Taurus in his 8th House opposes his natal Neptune in Scorpio in his 2nd House – This could be chaotic for Boris.  Maybe a house move?  It is also a Full Moon and Eclipse, so may be a turning point.

Thursday 19th: Jupiter in Aries in his 6th House sextiles his natal Mars in Gemini in his 8th House – Something arouses his fighting spirit.

Aspect on 19th: Sun trine Pluto, a good day for a change in power.

Saturday/Sunday 21st/22nd: Uranus in Taurus in his 8th House transits his natal Jupiter – A sense of freedom.

Aspect on 21st: Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini, more clarity.

Monday 23rd: Jupiter in Aries in his 6th House squares his Nodal Axis – A karmic reckoning for some of the more excessive activities (e.g. a Partygate interim report from the police.)

Aspect on 23rd: Sun sextile Jupiter, lucky for some.

Tuesday/Wednesday 24/25th:  As 4th April, but with Pluto Retrograde – This could indicate a house relocation, or a deep change of heart resulting from soul searching.  The need to learn lessons from the past.

Aspect on 24th: Mercury sextile Mars – getting things done

Aspect on 25th: Mercury trine Pluto, serious conversations

At this point in time, Boris’ cabinet are staying close to him, whatever they are thinking, but few (apart from say Nadine Dorries) believe he can carry on in the same vein, and it is difficult to imagine a leopard changing its spots.  So, right now, it seems like when rather than if he will go.  A change of leader seems on the cards, though not yet a change of governing party.


Chiron squares Mars today, which is like trying to place a square peg in a round hole.  What may be required is the acknowledgement and acceptance of two different outlooks, and the agreement to co-exist.  Even better, an encouragement of the other’s right to exist.  However, one party may not be able to elevate their outlook, and a minor skirmish may occur. This would be a healing crisis, showing what needs to be healed.  Some things are better revealed than kept hidden, and a coming to terms can begin.

An easier expression of energy occurs on Tuesday (8th), with a trine between Mars and Uranus.  You are likely to see, or initiate, bold and controversial moves.  It favours mechanical and engineering enterprises, but also social engineering, and sporting interests.  There could be surprises in connection with men, cars and dogs!

I am mixing in a few Fixed Stars this week, as the actual aspects are a bit thin on the ground.  So the first one of those is Nashira in the constellation of Capricorn.  Our sun aligns with the star on Thursday (10th).  According to “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld:

“At the present time this star is good to utilize when you wish to have the ability to see the whole picture of what is happening on Earth: politically, economically, and geophysically.  This is very difficult to create with only the mental body.  The emotional body alone is also insufficient.  This star will encourage  in a gentle way the combination of faculties needed for this larger perspective.”

We do have an aspect on Friday (11th), though not an easy one: Mercury conjunct Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn.  It’s an aspect we experienced recently (in the early hours of 29th January), because Mercury has just turned direct – you might want to consult your diary.  This is about serious thought and communication.  Words will have a profound effect.  Deeper motives may be revealed.  Listening too is important, and exchanges may become cathartic, if sincerely transacted.  I noted a few personal challenges in my diary, and some gusty winds.

On the same day, our Sun is aligned with another Fixed Star, Sadalsud, which is from the constellation of Aquarius.  Also from “Starlight Elixirs”:

“This star can create peacefulness in the interaction amongst all women and men by increasing the female part of their understanding.  The male mind can open to its female aspects and in this way relate better to women.  Women are able to better express and share the very nature of what it means to be a woman.  This star may eventually be able to work with these energies in large groups; for now it is simply in small groups or in one to one relationships.”

And one more Fixed Star for the road, in the same time period, Deneb Algedi from Capricorn.  Bernadette Brady in her book of the “Fixed Stars”  says of this star:

“If this star is going to be used in astrology, then the symbol of the law giving, justice-oriented god trying to civilize his people is probably the best tool for approaching it, since this would reflect its long history.  This is the star of a person who is a benefic ruler, one who is trying to use wisdom and knowledge to protect and help the people around them.”

Information from “Starlight Elixirs” reveals:

“This binary can enhance the ability to work with patterns and cycles that are related to practical environments.  This can strengthen the ability to make predictions based on past performance.  Some aspects of the underlying cycles may become clearer for individuals when they work with this star.  This is a way of predicting the future based on a careful study of patterns and how they move through various cycles.  The individuals who work with this are Astrologers, Economists, and Historians.”

The end of the week should provide food for thought…

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – awkward energies
  • Tuesday – flowing electrical energies
  • Thursday – see the whole picture
  • Friday – profound thought; peace between men and women; working out patterns