Invasion of Ukraine

Added to the pandemic, and climate change, the world has a new threat: that of war between Russia and the Ukraine.  Wary of involvement after what transpired from the Iraq War, Syria and Afghanistan, NATO is trying to support Ukraine by other means than military forces.  Rhetoric has been ramped up against the chilling protagonist Vladimir Putin of Russia, whose sanity has been questioned.  Currently, Ukrainian citizens are literally fighting for their lives, reportedly today in the streets of Kharkiv on the outskirts of the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.  The population of Kyiv have been told to stay underground, and the Prime Minister is staying firmly in the capital.


For the chart of the invasion, I have used 5.55 a.m. on Thursday 24th February 2022.  Mars (war) is still conjunct Venus (peace), in an unusually long conjunction – she has been worn down, and run out of diplomatic options.  Pluto is exactly trine to the North Node, which is a powerful time of reckoning karmically.  The transits to the Ukraine chart seem very karmic – Putin claims Ukraine should still belong to Russia, and won’t forgive the split.  Ukrainians feel they want the freedom and democracy which they would not have as part of Russia, and would like to belong to NATO.   Astrologically, the Nodal Axis is square the Ukrainian natal Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in the 7th House of Close Relations.  The North Node (karma) is about to enter Ukraine’s 4th House of Homeland.  Two more squares threaten Ukraine’s stability at this moment: Chiron square its Uranus (crisis) and Saturn square its Pluto (destructiveness).

Volodymyr Zelenskyy

The Prime Minister of the Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is the hero of the hour.  He was born on 25 January 1978 in Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine.  We have a birth time for him, which gives Jupiter rising (he started out as a comedian).  He was an actor, who played a man who unintentionally became prime minister.  He became prime minister of Ukraine in reality in 2019, campaigning on anti-corruption.  In the lead up to the invasion, he consistently urged calm, while pleading with NATO for support.  Putin has stated that he wants to rid Ukraine of Nazi influences, which is astonishing, given that Zelenskyy is Jewish.

Zelenskyy’s current transits include Saturn from Aquarius in his 8th House opposite his natal Moon in 2nd House.  This is a tough emotional transit which can affect the home or homeland through the Moon’s association with them.  He has Neptune at the top of his chart, indicating uncertainty in his life direction.

Putin’s military might far outweighs that of this relatively smaller country, yet Zelenskyy stands firm (he has over half his planets in the Fixed Signs) and urges his population for fight for their country: “I am here. We will not lay down any weapons. We will defend our state, because our weapons are our truth. Our truth is that this is our land, our country, our children and we will protect all of this.”


Under Putin’s lengthy dictatorship, Russia has become more and more extremely alienated from the west.  Its transits at the moment are surprisingly upbeat: Chiron trine its Mercury, Neptune trine its Venus, Jupiter sextile its Uranus and Mars (force) sextile its Pluto.  At this moment in time, the sanctions are not too threatening.

Vladimir Putin

Who knows the extent of his ambitions?  Putin’s own transits for the event indicated Mars square his natal Mercury (initiating the event), Uranus opposite his natal Venus (alienating half the world), Saturn trine his natal Saturn (a long term plan) and the North Node trine his natal Ascendant (giving himself the go-ahead).

United States

This week a historic transit took place in relation to the United States chart, the Pluto Return (to its original position).  It is such a rare event that an individual will not experience that in one lifetime, and those that are long lived will only experience the Pluto Opposition.  Pluto in the U.S. chart represents its power, so this was an important moment in relation to its power in the world.  Pluto in its natal chart is placed in its 2nd House of the Economy, so its economy will be very much affected by this transit.  The transit itself took place on Monday 21st February 2022, on the very brink of the invasion of Ukraine, but its effects are far-reaching.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has been tasked with this monumental role in history, to act as counterpoise to Putin, who seems not to care about the fate of the world and its citizens.  Biden has come in for criticism from some quarters, but like Barack Obama faces difficulty in getting legislation past the opposition.  Donald Trump claimed this week that the current crisis involving Ukraine would not have happened on his watch, because of his warmer relationship with Putin, who he described as “savvy”.  Joe Biden has important and heavy transits at present, including the South Node on his Sun/Venus, and Pluto sextile his natal Sun.  But he also has Jupiter trine his natal Mars, giving him courage.

United Kingdom

How is the United Kingdom chart placed in relation to this event?  I am using the 1922 chart.  The Nodal Axis is squaring its natal Mars, so talk of war is in the air.  Transiting Saturn is trine its Saturn, which is fairly stabilizing, however.  The uncertainty is shown by Saturn opposing its Neptune.  Change is in the air (Uranus sextile its natal Pluto) and crisis is also shown (Chiron square its Pluto).  There are, of course, other things going on in U.K. politics!

Boris Johnson

For Boris, it is a chance to inhabit his Winston Churchill Persona, and evade Partygate.  Jupiter opposes his Pluto, exercising power, and trines his natal Midheaven.  Uranus trines his natal Pluto (change in the air).  I looked at his transits a few weeks ago, and earmarked this as an important week.  For Thursday, my conjecture was: “…either the troops will be rallying round Boris, or he may be freeing himself (Jupiter) from a burdensome role.”  He has been praised, in certain quarters, for his speeches.

Germany and France are playing major roles within the European Union, in imposing strong sanctions against Russia.  China is purportedly allying with Russia, but has economic interests in the Ukraine.

For many, the best option would be for those around Putin, seeing the destructiveness of his actions, to execute a political coup.  We in the west salute the bravery of the Ukrainians, and need to support the individual sovereignty of Ukraine, providing as much aid as possible.

The main astrological hope will be the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces on 12th April.  The last lines of the Great Invocation by Alice Bailey come to mind more than ever now:

“From the centre which we call the race of men

Let the Plan of Love and Light work out

And may it seal the door where evil dwells

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth”


Tomorrow (Monday, February 28th) Mars trines the North Node, accentuating the karmic aspects of war, possibly tipping the balance on the right rather than the might.  It is a good day for exercising bravery.  We might be more galvanized to action, especially from a karmic standpoint.  You may feel there is something you must do, or right a wrong, put something straight, in your own life.

Venus also trines the North Node, indicating that the desire for peace is a component in the hearts of men and women at the same time. This links karma with harmony and love, and reminds us that love is a force underlying a great deal of human interaction, e.g. standing up for one’s country, and protecting loved ones.  It also reminds us of the Hindu law of ahimsa, or harmlessness, required to neutralize and promote good karma.

Wednesday (March 2nd) is an important day this week, starting with a sextile between the Sun and Uranus at 5.05 a.m in the U.K.  You may wake early, with ideas of how to make this day count.  Spontaneity and innovation characterize the evening’s proceedings.  Telepathy and higher consciousness, or liaising with a constructive group, are also favoured.

In the afternoon, at 16.33 Hrs, there is a conjunction of Mercury and Saturn at 18 degrees Aquarius, prompting communications of a serious nature.  You may have found yourself attending to minute detail, or scrutinizing something, perhaps with a view to solving a problem.

A New Moon in follows at 17.35 Hrs at 12 degrees Pisces, so you may have come to a decision that day, and follow it up by cementing your intentions.  This New Moon is especially focussed on service, emotion, the use of water (wild swimming is becoming increasingly in vogue), and overcoming addiction(s).  Any affirmations, practical projects and creative visualizations along these lines would be apt.

Thursday (3rd March) may be a more stressful day in terms of witnessing one man’s inhumanity to an independent state, for Mars conjoins with Pluto (at 27 degrees Capricorn), one of the most explosive aspects astrologically.  It occurs once every two years.  Keep out of mischief, and try to work out your strategies for peace in advance; organize a group meditation if possible.  This conjunction takes place at 8.43 a.m.

At 17.56 Hrs the same day, Venus conjuncts Pluto (also at 27 degrees Capricorn), trying to salve the wounds brought about from the Mars-Pluto conflict.  There is much more reflection about the enormity of changes, and the impact on humanity.  You may need to do some soul-searching in order to have a handle on your feelings.  In your interactions, deep honesty may be required. A strong dose of chamomile tea and lavender may be needed all round.

Fixed Star Achernar in the constellation of Eridanus is aligned with our Sun on Saturday (5th).  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld indicates its helpfulness for those struggling with maths:

“This star has the capacity to increase the mental functioning needed for the ability to work in multiple dimensional understanding.  This can be helpful for some individuals who not only seek to understand the relationship of mathematics and science to the everyday world, but who also have a concept of the limitations of science at the current time.  This can be helpful to individuals who have blockages to science and mathematics in themselves, assisting them to bridge these blocks.  This star is helpful for individuals who seek to teach science and math to individuals of an artistic bent.”

Finally, Jupiter conjuncts the Sun at 14.06 Hrs on Saturday in the 14 degrees Pisces, in one of the brightest aspects of the year.  Where there has been dejection, it is time to let in hope, or even celebration.  It will certainly be lucky for some.  Focus on what makes you happy, and make more of that.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – karmic aspects of war and peace
  • Wednesday – bright ideas, serious information, new beginning
  • Thursday – extreme conflict, efforts at peace
  • Saturday – a mathematical space; luck and joy