There have been a few reports in the news over the last two weeks about people recovering from brain damage or coma and speaking in different languages or accents. As a regression therapist, I would be inclined to put this down to activation of a link with past lives. The region(s) of the brain connected with language(s) may be the holding place for languages known in other lifetimes. Dyslexia too can show clues to its origins in past lives, e.g. a language block acquired in medieval times can result in medieval spellings, while a Russian or Tibetan style of forming letters can point to a lifetimes spent in those countries. You may conversely be one of those lucky people who instantly know another language wholesale without having to learn it, which points to a clear access to that part of the brain, mind or even the cells of the body which connect with past lives. If you are learning a language, try programming yourself before sleep to recall a past life in that country.