Aries Careers

This is the second in a series in which I look at careers for the various zodiac signs.  Maybe you have children or grandchildren born under this sign, or you are an Aries looking at re-training for a change of career.  If you are an Aries and consider yourself to have an ideal or fulfilling career,  you could share that under comments.

Accountant, Mathematician, Chess Master or Company Secretary

People with Mercury in Aries are especially adept with figures.  Martin Lewis, desperate to help everyone through the current fuel crisis, is one such.  The asteroid Pallas, which stands for wisdom, justice and negotiation, is currently transiting his natal Mercury at 24 degrees Aries.  Martin’s Sun is in Taurus, so he combines the financial instinct with the numerical talent. Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov is an Aries.

Footballer, Athlete or Fitness Trainer

Aries is a supremely physical sign, so these careers are especially associated with them.  Mo Farah and Chris Hoy are both early Ariens, born on 23rd March.

From my blog about archetypes:


“Although other signs approach sport from different angles, e.g. the Leo through competition, the Sagittarian via horse riding and archery particularly, and the Aquarian through teamwork, Aries represents the building of the strength of the physical body.  So the modern craze for keep fit and membership of the gym suit the Arien very well.  You see women body building as enthusiastically as men in this 21st Century, although even fifty years ago it was a rarity.  One related Archetypal figure is Tarzan, that raw male, the He-Man, hero of early 20th Century film.

Athlete is one of the modern Archetypes identified by Caroline Myss.  She acknowledges that this archetype was born in the original Greek Olympics.  Her final thought for the athlete is: “this is your time to shine. Through your commitment to your own physical well being and self-care, you are helping to set a new standard of personal health and individual responsibility. In doing so, you are changing the world for the better. ”


From my blog about archetypes:

“The Inner Warrior Archetype speaks for itself: bold, active and protective.  It comes up in many charts where there is a strong Mars.  We all need to be able to stand up for ourselves.  When linked with the North Node, it represents the fact that the person has trained in the warrior tradition in past lives.  The modern tradition emphasizes the way of the Peaceful Warrior, as expounded by Dan Millman.  Hopefully, we have all had enough of war by now.”  [written several years ago!]


Although Aries is not the only Fire sign, the affinity with the flame of fire burns brightly with this sign.

Car Mechanic, Engineer, Motor Racer or Driving Instructor

Motor racer Jacques Villeneuve is Aries, and racing legends Ayrton Senna, Jack Brabham and Jochen Rindt were Aries.

Dog Walker

Aries has an instinctive understanding of canine energy.

From my blog about animal totems:

While large dogs are the province of Sagittarius, most dogs come under the banner of Aries and Mars.  This especially pertains to the good old mongrel!  While Aries represents Everyman, it also especially has resonance with the Mongrel dog.  But all breeds do come under this sign.  Dogs carry the Inner Warrior and Protector energy of this sign.  The dog can stand for courage, another outstanding quality of the Aries personality.

Aries make wonderful allies.  Sams and Carson comment: ‘Reclaim the power of loyalty to self and self truths.  Become like the Dog – your own best friend.’  The sign of Aries is about your relationship with yourself.”

Other occupations:  Surgeon, Optician or Physiotherapist

Above all, if you are Aries, you are a doer, so you would want a career which fulfils your mantra that “actions speak louder than words”.


Early tomorrow morning (Monday 18th) Mercury sextiles Venus, and you may already feel the benefit today.  This is a smooth flowing sextile which favours socializing and conversing, and creative forms which combine art and writing.  There is potential for negotiation in diplomatic efforts, and harmony and agreement between kindred spirits. It’s a sunny Easter Sunday here in the U.K., providing a happy backdrop for your chocolate Easter egg hunt, or other chosen activity.

Also early tomorrow morning, there is a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus at 13 degrees Taurus.  Communications, already favoured by the previous aspect, are spiced up by this conjunction.  We will certainly see speedier communication, though with a possible touch of unpredictability.  It’s likely to keep you on your toes, on a mental level.  It could be exciting mentally, and unusual phenomena may happen, such as startling coincidences or undeniable telepathic experiences.  You’ll be thinking inventively and out of the box.  People will realize their connectedness in non-physical ways.

Around breakfast-time Venus will sextile Uranus, which ramps up the social benefits in the astrological picture.  A chance meeting on a walk in the park is not out of the question.  Sometimes Venus-Uranus meetings can be strange or seem random.  Venus sextile Uranus is on the pleasantly uplifting side of the equation, and can bring reunions.  The three S’s come to mind: spontaneity, synchronicity and serendipity.

Still with Monday, but moving on to the afternoon, the picture may change dramatically, and the weather from Springlike may turn squally, for Pluto will be squaring the Sun.  This is a deep soul-searching aspect.  It is the sort of aspect which can be looked upon as a gamechanger, or watershed.  So if you are in integrity, you may be able to influence what side the coin lands on.

Wednesday (20th) brings a new Earth-centredness, with the ingress of the Sun into Taurus.  Again, this aspect occurs in the very early hours of the morning, so may influence a dream.  Look for guidance about how you can support efforts at combating climate change, for instance.  It is a good day for gardening, and planting seeds.  We were away for a few days last week, and the pigeons took all our swede seeds, so it will be a case of re-planting.  Taurus is a sign which fosters a whole host of talents: cooking (seasonal vegetables), expressing art and music, and creative management of money (keep following Martin Lewis).  So the coming month is a favourable climate for learning to breathe and blossom in whatever talent you wish to nurture within your repertoire.

A Fixed Star to finish off the week: that of Sheratan, the Beta Star in the constellation of Aries. Our Sun aligns with this star on Saturday (23rd).  “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives an interesting picture of what you can expect if you commune with this star:

In working with this star individuals can develop a deeper awareness of how they are able to transfer the powerful energy of change into their current life.  These are accumulations of unconscious energies developed from repeated past life involvement with change.  The unconscious aspects of the Law of Progress can be brought into consciousness.  Using this star alone before falling asleep at night is of great benefit in bringing these pastlife attributes into greater awareness… There can be benefit in using this star when selecting a key or doorway lifetime for exploring other past lives.”

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – the early bird catches the worm; drama later
  • Wednesday – earth-centredness
  • Saturday – past life work