Antonio Gutteres

Secretary-General of the United Nations

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, visited both Russia and Ukraine this week, in an effort to defuse tension in the region.  As an institution, the U.N. is dedicated to the maintenance of international peaceful relations, and as its head the Secretary-General has the diplomatic responsibility to carry this out.  As the 9th person to hold this title, Guterres faces arguably the most difficult situation since the second World War.  I am interested in what makes a diplomat, astrologically.

Birth Chart

We are lucky enough to have a birth time supplied, which gives him an Ascendant of 0 degrees Capricorn (the politician’s sign).  Gutteres has two of the signatures of the Diplomat Archetype in his chart: the Sun conjunct Venus (a projected image from his 5th House), and the South Node in Libra (peacemaking skills acquired in past lives).  His predecessor Ban Ki-Moon has the Sun conjunct Venus, as did the notable peacemaker Yitzhak Rabin.  Guterres has an unusual Element and Quadruplicity balance, with 0 planets in Water (an ability to be dispassionate) and 7 planets in Fixed signs (an extremely strong will).  He has the Moon conjunct Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter, showing erudition and a global outlook.  He was awarded an award for being “the best student in the country” at secondary school, and Mercury trine Jupiter is especially associated with an ability to speak several languages (in his case, Portuguese, English, French and Spanish).  He has high energy levels, with Mars square Jupiter, and the Engineer Archetype appears in his chart in the shape of Mars sextile Uranus (he studied physics and electrical engineering at the Technical University of Lisbon.  Something a peacemaker finds valuable is an understanding of conflict, and he has Mars conjunct the North Node in Aries, giving him the Warrior Archetype in addition to that of the Diplomat.  Uranus trine his Midheaven shows success in his career, and with this aspect, I often find “some have greatness thrust upon them”.  Also worthy of note are deep psychological strengths afforded by Neptune closely sextile Pluto, and Pluto trine Chiron.

Life and Career

Antonio Guterres was born in 1949, and was raised in Lisbon.  After beginning his career in teaching, he switched to a political career, joining the Socialist Party in 1974, and taking leading roles in that party. He became prime minister of Portugal in 1995, taking the oath of office on 28th October.  His progressed Sun (leadership) was trine his natal Midheaven (career; politics).  Uranus was trine his Mercury (mental prowess), Neptune was square his natal Midheaven (an uncertain future) and Pluto was squaring his natal Saturn (a difficult and responsible job, but preparing him for his later even more challenging role).  When he resigned in 2002, a poll ranked him the best prime minister  in 30 years.

He was elected Secretary-General to the United Nations in October 2016, and took  up the post on 1st January 2017, declaring “Let us resolve to put peace first”.  Neptune was sextile his natal Sun in Taurus in 5th House (a role requiring a spiritual shift).  In his first term he remonstrated against the war in Yemen, opposed Donald Trump on various issues, condemned the persecution of the Rohingya in Myanmar, but was criticized for his silence about the treatment of the Uyghurs in China.  His record must have been reasonably sound, for on 18th June 2021, he was appointed for a second term as Secretary-General.  Saturn trine his natal Neptune, a complex but responsible transit, while Uranus was square his natal Pluto (perhaps an augury of the deep change in the world which was about to transpire).

He is a practising Catholic, and has been married twice, with two children.


Guterres’ immediate predecessor was Ban Ki-Moon (2007 – 2016), and before him was Kofi Annan (1997 – 2006) who won the Nobel Peace Prize.  As has already been mentioned, Ban Ki-Moon had the peacemaking conjunction of the Sun and Venus, and the same number of degrees apart (three).  Kofi Annan’s chart shares the high energy square of Mars and Jupiter, with Jupiter in humanitarian Aquarius in common with Guterres.   Like Guterres, Kofi Annan had Mercury and Venus in Taurus.

Current Transits

Antonio Guterres visited the Kremlin on Tuesday, and Ukraine on Thursday this week.  For his visit to sit at the end of Putin’s long table, Guterres had a Mercury Return (it’s good to chat), Mars was square his natal Chiron (delicate wounds being addressed), Jupiter was sextile his Moon/Mercury in Taurus in 5th House (foreign travel and the use of communication skills), and Uranus still square his natal Pluto (still tackling deep world changes).  Putin’s chart is currently contested, but for his original chart Chiron is opposite his Sun, Jupiter square his natal Mars and the Nodal Axis square his natal Pluto (all challenging transits, the latter particularly karmic).  Guterres called Russia’s military action a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.  Putin responded by saying he still hoped for a negotiated agreement, and agreed to involve the Red Cross involvement in evacuating the besieged town Mariupol (though there are still many civilians trapped there).

Guterres went on to Ukraine, where the Russians were still shelling parts of Kyiv while he was there.  He called the war evil, declaring: “When I see those destroyed buildings, I must say what I feel. I imagined my family in one of those houses that is now destroyed and black.   I see my granddaughters running away in panic, part of the family eventually killed.”  He met and expressed solidarity with Ukrainian President Zelensky, pledging humanitarian aid.  It was close to Guterres’ birthday of 30th April, so he was experiencing a Solar Return, and Pluto was trine his Moon, increasing his empathy.  For Zelensky, Chiron was square his Mercury (mental conundrums to solve), Jupiter square his Mercury (an overstretched mind), and Uranus trine his Mercury (his intuition working well).

The U.N itself has been criticized as being ineffectual, but it is better to have it until something better is created.  It has been suggested that as the majority of nations are opposed to this war, Russia should be expelled from the institution.  Guterres himself has been criticized as being ineffectual, but the role he has is unenviable, and must take a great deal of courage.  All luck to them, and to the collective nations, in solving the current impasse.

“Blessed are the Peacemakers” – The Bible (Matthew 5:9)


In the first of five sextiles this week, which should set up a harmonious vibe, Venus sextiles Pluto today.  It could be all systems go!  You can add extra artistry and harmony to your current projects.  You can also experience profound connections between people, and it’s a good time for evaluating what people mean to you.

Tomorrow (Monday 2nd) Venus waves goodbye to Pisces and enters Aries in the afternoon.  Though Venus was sympathetic in Pisces, there is a warmer and more demonstrative feel while she is in Aries.  On the flip side, she is out of her comfort zone in the warrior sign, so there may be some uncomfortable wrestling with issues around whether to express true feelings or stay away from possible conflict.  Venus stays in Aries until 28th May.

On Tuesday (3rd) there is a major sextile, this time between Jupiter and Pluto.  This is likely to be quite impactful, and constructive.  It is about the bold but wise use of power, if you are keyed into it.  Philanthropy flourishes, and is appreciated.  Don’t miss this opportunity to display your best self.

Wednesday (4th) brings the next sextile, that between Mars and Uranus.  This promises dynamism for the day.  Engineering especially benefits from this aspect, but that also includes social engineering.  Electricity and Astrology are other areas which can be stimulated by this combination.  Cars, mechanics, mechanical goods and household appliances may receive a boost or a renewal.  This aspect can refresh your energies, if you have been feeling jaded.  It is helpful for both beginning new tasks, or completing long term projects. The power of surprise may be constructive today, too.

The Sun conjoins with Uranus at 14 degrees Taurus on Thursday (5th), a day of Council elections for some.  A day when expectations can be overthrown!  It is a good day to demonstrate your originality and inventiveness, and in your leisure time begin a project which is highly creative or benefits society.   If you are operating from your Intuition, you could have a very successful day, but if you are lagging behind backfootedly, you may have a struggle to keep up.  Some tuning in early on may help with this.

The convivial sextile of Mercury with Venus occurs on Friday (6th), a combination that aims to please.  This favours socializing and conversing, and creative forms which combine art and writing.  There is potential for negotiation in diplomatic efforts (hopefully helping the peace effort, though it is not a major aspect, so in baby steps), and harmony and agreement between kindred spirits.

Last sextile of the week, Sun sextile Mars, comes on Saturday (7th).  Energy is injected into our affairs.  It should hopefully allow you to press on with active projects, and dynamically get your jobs done.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – deep harmony
  • Tomorrow – warm feelings
  • Tuesday – bold but wise use of power
  • Wednesday – dynamic electrical energy
  • Thursday – originality and inventiveness
  • Friday – gentle communication
  • Saturday – dynamic energy