Eurovision Song Contest 2022

“I’m incredibly excited to make some friends, chat some music, and just take in every moment of this beautiful, wild bonkers thing.”

– Sam Ryder

Long-term readers of my blog will know how much Eurovision means to me!  And I have to declare last night’s Eurovision Song Contest the best ever (and I have been watching since 1959).  I attended when Duesseldorf hosted in 2011, which apparently was the last time we were on the left hand side of the scoreboard, until last night of course.  It was such a special occasion, not least for the overwhelming unity and love for Ukraine, who won deservedly.

Sam Ryder

Last night was the first time I had been able to watch Sam Ryder’s performance all the way through his song “Spaceman”.  We had been told, as usual, that we stood a chance of winning, but they say that every year…So I was pleasantly surprised to find that I loved everything about the performance: the long strawberry blonde locks, the soaring falsetto voice which seemed to encompass the universe, and the imaginative set and costume (which a young friend texted me to declare it blogtastic).  For many of us, this year is the first we have heard of Sam Ryder, but in fact he has been singing since 2009 (at the age of 20).  He sang first in bands, then went solo in 2016, but in the interim has taken jobs, such as bricklaying, to make ends meet.

Compere Graham Norton, successor to Terry Wogan, gave us character references for Sam Ryder from time to time:

“A positive ray of sunshine”

“the nicest man imaginable” and

“a great ambassador for the U.K. and Eurovision”

Does his birth chart reveal someone who can turn around the decade long slough in our Eurovision fortunes, and take us from zero to almost the top of the leader board?  His Sun is in patriotic Cancer, exactly opposite Uranus, which suggests that he could suddenly find fame.  This is indeed what happened: in the first lockdown of the pandemic in March 2020 Uranus (sudden success) activated his natal Sun-Uranus opposition, in a trine with his Uranus and a sextile to his Sun.  In addition, Pluto opposed Venus, bringing about huge changes to his personal life.  With the Sun conjunct Chiron, he is a healer of sorts, and certainly has healed our long-term Eurovision wounds! Mercury unaspected, makes him a free thinker.  And he has managed his natal exact conjunction of Saturn and Neptune, which can, from a position of imprisonment, dissolve boundaries.  He was born in 1989, when the Berlin Wall came down.

He was chosen to sing the Eurovision entry on 10th March this year, with Uranus (the Spaceman planet) trine his natal Saturn/Neptune conjunction and opposite his natal Pluto.  He has his North Node (karmic mission) in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, which may explain the impact of Uranus transits to his chart, in the absence of a time of birth.

Ukrainian Entry

We don’t have any birth dates for the members of this wonderful troupe who entertained us last night, but I went to bed happily humming their tune (“Stefania”) last night, having voted for them.  They are known as the Kalush Orchestra, and their song was a haunting refrain interspersed with some hip hop or rap (this septuagenarian doesn’t know the difference!).  It really gave you a sense of the soul of Ukraine.  This fairytale for them would not have come about, had not the original entry for Ukraine been forced to withdraw because they were being investigated for having visited Crimea, at a time when the Russian invasion was beginning.  One of the members of Kalush Orchestra had to stay behind to fight in the Ukraine, but the others got special dispensation to perform.


When Sam Ryder got picked as our entry for Eurovision, apparently his first thought was one of joy and jubilation, then he momentarily panicked, and asked himself “What if I get nul points?”

The current scoring system, which registers the jury votes from each country, then the public votes, extends the suspense for viewers. It was especially poignant for the U.K. this year, who came top of the jury vote, then had to wait last for the score from the public vote.  Sam Ryder then went and hugged the German contestant, who at that point had received the dreaded nul points, telling him “We know how you feel”.  But it was a glorious and thrilling night for the U.K., and so heart warming that so many voted for Ukraine.  It was the perfect result.

I don’t know if any astrologer or numerologist or lexicographer could have foretold the predominance of the letter “S” in the top five results last night. The songs Stefania and Spaceman came top and second; Spain, Sweden and Serbia took the next three places.

Apparently, though it doesn’t win the war against Russia, the result has raised the morale and happiness quotient in  Ukraine, at the same time confirming European solidarity and support.

Sam’s transits last night included Mars square his natal Jupiter (which I always say propels you into another dimension), and Neptune trine his natal Venus (inspired singing).  Enough said.

“If I was an astronaut, I’d be floating in mid-air
And a broken heart would just belong to someone else down there”

– song co-written by Sam Ryder


We start today with a conjunction between Venus and Chiron at 14 degrees Aries, highlighting the need for healing in relationships, and hopefully also providing the means to that healing.  Where there is a will on both sides, healing can be achieved.  Or forgiveness on one side can also move mountains.

At tea-time, Saturn will square the Sun, which may bring disappointing or deflating news,  delay or frustration.  The Sun-Saturn square is an opportunity to think through what you are doing, and your strategies.  If you are making economies, are they the right ones, based on your optimum values?

Slightly later, Neptune will be sextile the Sun, which may bring some higher resolution to the preoccupations of the day.  This aspect gives you the best chance of creating beauty and inspiration in your life, conferring spiritual harmony.

By then, you may be starting to feel the oncoming Full Moon and Eclipse at 25 degrees Scorpio, which will occur at 4.14 a.m. tomorrow morning (Monday 16th).  It’s a time to look within and examine your emotional health.  Another area demanding attention is that of shared finances and an attempt to balance material resources and needs between two people.  It is  one of the most intense Full Moons of the year.  For some there may be a temptation to lash out; some may be prickly about the conditions we find ourselves in, and many are angry.  In the creation of the new conditions, one requirement is the quality of forgiveness, for there is no room for holding onto grievances and blame.  In order to make the best of a new slate, forgiveness is one of the things to cultivate.

We have another conjunction on Wednesday (18th), that of Mars and Neptune, at 24 degrees Pisces, almost 25 degrees.  This could be supportive to any issues which arose around the eclipse on Monday.  Mars conjunct Neptune may empower the spirit, but for some it may serve to confuse, especially if they are dashing like headless chickens.  Chilling out would give a better outcome.  More meditative activities such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Qijong will achieve a greater sense of balance and serenity.  It is difficult to have one foot in the material world and one foot in the spiritual world, but some can do it.

Thursday (19th) brings us a trine between the Sun and Pluto, so there may be the sense of an ending.  You may have to make a decision which brings about change.It is time to construct a new psychological mindset: one which is creative but also bears in mind the changes and cycles which are transforming our lives at this time. You may have felt that you haven’t got very far with a goal, but may receive an indication in this period that you have done better than you thought, your patience is rewarded, or that a pipe dream could become a going concern.  You may have cause to remember fondly the dearly departed.

Mercury sextiles Jupiter in the early hours of Friday (20th) ushering in a bright new day. This sextile encourages mental development and learning (if you are on a course of study, for instance), and is helpful to businesses in need of a lift.  If you are learning a new language, you may experience a shift and take off with it!  It will also be favourable for the teaching profession.

Saturday (21st) ushers in a new mindset, with the Sun entering Gemini in the early hours.  That may keep you awake, for a while, with new ideas whirling round a busy brain.  With the Sun leaving Taurus, earthy preoccupations may give way to a need for Communication and lightness of heart.  In the month of Sun in Gemini any kind of communication goes, writing your book, dealing with your documentation, ensuring that you are walking and cycling to work instead of taking public transport.  It all aids the general connectivity, which society needs.  We are in the midst of forging a new society.

The Sun then goes on to conjoin with Mercury at 1 degree Gemini at tea-time.  That brings a touch of sparkle to your consciousness.  It is a good time to apply your mind with clarity,  concentrate and focus,  make important statements, and look to the future.  You may write or speak some memorable lines.  Look out for some telepathy, too!  Past-life insights may also occur.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – relationship healing; deflation; raising the spiritual level
  • Tomorrow – turning point; intense emotion
  • Wednesday – empowering the spirit
  • Thursday – psychological health
  • Friday – bright new mindset
  • Saturday – busy mind; great insight