…I didn’t predict that I wouldn’t be blogging from sleepy Snailwell this morning, but I did predict that there would be awkward customers on Friday. Anyway, a Happy Equinox to you all! The focus as the Sun enters Libra this morning is on balance, inner and outer, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. Deep and meaningful discussions are possible on Monday morning with a sextile between Mercury and Pluto. Perhaps you will assess the true meaning of the Autumn Equinox in our lives and the life of the planet. Or if you are back to work, you may have an idea to revolutionize working conditions. Those snazzy new paper clips you ordered from Stationery on the New Moon may be coming into their own and be just the job. From then it’s onward and upward to the Full Moon on Wednesday (26th) which comes with a trine between Mercury and Mars in tow (it makes such a change to be reporting good news). Mercury trine Mars helps you achieve your goals for this Full Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra. It is another focus for balancing this week and for equalizing the power struggle between male and female. Mercury enters Scorpio on Thursday (27th) and this may slightly tip the balance again, especially on the mental level, necessitating the acknowledgement of deep emotions and how they need to be fitted into the equation. And late on Friday night, Mars enters Cancer, again leaving aside theoretical equations and pouring in more emotion to be taken into consideration. It’s a good time to nurture the inner child or any newborns who have recently come into incarnation, and to honour their life force and the new energies they have brought in with them.