Wimbledon 2022 – Week 1

It’s good to be facing the prospect of another Wimbledon fortnight!  I hope to be commenting regularly, throughout, as usual.  And as is my custom, I am starting with the top four Women’s and Men’s Seeds.  But there are some interesting wildcards this year, so I am likely to look at them later.

Women’s Seeds

No. 1 Seed: Iga Swiatek

I wrote last year:

“Youngster Swiatek hails from Poland, and has an unusual Element pattern in her chart: 7 planets in Air (Intellect), 0 in Earth and 0 in Water.  With Sun in the adaptable sign of Gemini, she also has 6 planets in Mutable (adaptable) signs – and by all accounts she likes to bring variety into her game.  Her Sun is conjunct Saturn, and so she also has an element of caution and planning in her game; apparently she ‘constructs points carefully’.”

At the outset of Wimbledon this year, Mars is on her natal Venus (heightened pleasure in her play), Saturn is on her natal Uranus (discipline, but possible clashing).

By the time of the final, she has: Jupiter square her Nodal Axis (exaggerated karma), and Saturn still on her natal Uranus.

These are not particularly inspiring transits, but I will monitor things as they go along.

No. 2 Seed: Anett Kontaveit

I haven’t looked at Anett’s chart before.  She was a Christmas baby in 1995, born in Estonia, with the Sun, Mars/Mercury/Neptune and Uranus in Capricorn.  The Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius is lucky and sporty.  Mercury exactly conjunct Mars gives her razor sharp mental reactions, and Mercury exactly sextile Saturn, with Mars exactly sextile Saturn add precision and control.  Mercury/Mars also conjunct Neptune add some whimsy and inspiration to her moves and shots, too.  Venus conjunct Uranus and closely sextile Pluto give her personal magnetism.  Uranus conjunct Neptune, a feature of all charts in her birth year, helps her cope with complexity.  All in all, a chart admirably suited to her craft.  The greatest difficult is that she has four squares to her Nodal Axis, so karma may sometimes work against her.

At the outset of Wimbledon this year, Uranus trines her natal Mars (an electric start), and Mars squares her natal Neptune (some subtle discomfort).

By the time of the final, she has: Uranus trines her natal Mercury (a sparky mind), Mars squares her Venus (may need to take care physically), Uranus trines her natal Mars (electrical energies), Uranus sextiles her natal Saturn (playing with more intuition than usual, over discipline), and the North Node sextiles her natal Saturn (steady karma).

Her finishing transits are far better than her beginning ones, so if she gets through the first rounds she could be a real contender for the final.

No. 3 Seed: Ons Jabeur

Like Kontaveit, Ons Jabeur has half her planets (5) in Earth signs, so they are both very grounded.  Ons has Sun in Virgo sextile Mars, so good energy for athleticism.  Sun opposite Saturn may see her struggle at certain times, e.g. during significant Saturn transits.  Tunisian Ons has Mercury trine Uranus/Neptune, so an inventive mind, capable of outwitting an opponent and tackling complexity, also bringing in inspiration.  Mercury exactly sextile her North Node suggest she will do very well as a trainer later in her career, and Mercury’s conjunction with Chiron is mentally tense, but capable of breathtaking problem-solving.  She has a Grand Trine in Water consisting of Mars/Saturn/Jupiter, which can give her a great deal of power and presence on court.  Neptune sextile her North Node may also make her a spiritual leader, so her growth in life will be very interesting.  She is married to her fitness coach.

At the outset of Wimbledon this year, Jupiter squares her Mars (she won’t be short of enthusiasm), and North Node trines her Neptune (her level of inspiration will be high) Neptune will be trine her Pluto (great depth and sensitivity of play), but Saturn will be square her natal Pluto (some level of struggle).

By the time of the final, she has: the North Node trine her Mercury (attention to detail), Jupiter still square her natal Mars, and Neptune exactly trine her Pluto to the day.  Saturn will no longer be square her Pluto, so there will be less holding her back.

All in all, a reasonable set of transits, so she could get close at least to the final.

No. 4 Seed: Paula Badosa

Unaspected Sun in Scorpio describes a free spirit.  Mercury sextiles Jupiter in her chart, so she has a wide ranging mind, and a talent for languages (she speaks Spanish, Catalan English and French). Mercury also trines Saturn, giving good mental application, with Jupiter between the two, creating two sextiles.  Jupiter exactly sextile Saturn suggests good, balanced judgement.  Mercury conjunct Pluto, re-emphasizes the sign of Scorpio, giving her the mental attributes of that sign: a forensic mind, incorporating emotional intensity.  Uranus sextile Pluto in her chart gives her the ability to handle change.

At the outset of Wimbledon this year, Pluto is on her natal Neptune (a supreme challenge).

By the time of the final, she has:. the same transit, exact to the day.

She may either go out in an early round (fairly likely), or if she can conquer this astrological challenge, make the final, strangely enough.

Of the four, I would pick Ons Jabeur to go the furthest in the competition.

Men’s Seeds

No. 1 Seed: Novak Djokovic

In the quarter finals of the recent tournament at Roland Garros, Novak lost to Rafael Nadal, who of course went on to increase his record in Paris.  The two of them still have the capacity to dominate a tournament.

At the outset of Wimbledon this year, Pluto is sextile his natal Moon (he is intensely emotional), Saturn is sextile his natal Uranus (he may be more cautious than usual, but still powerful), Neptune squares his Uranus (he may have moments of losing concentration), and Jupiter squares his Neptune (he may feel out of sorts spiritually).

By the time of the final, he has: Neptune still square his natal Uranus, Jupiter still square his natal Neptune, and Uranus from the top of his chart square his natal Ascendant (a possible upset).  That’s three major squares in his transits, so he may well fail to reach the end of the tournament.

I don’t this indicates that he will be the winner.

No. 2 Seed: Rafael Nadal

At Roland Garros, Nadal won his 14th French Open title, close to his Solar Return (birthday).  He also had Uranus sextile his natal Venus (the power of surprise), the North Node sextile his natal Jupiter (karma on his side), Jupiter square his natal Neptune (like Djokovic has for Wimbledon) and the South Node on his Ascendant (very karmic).

Now, a few weeks on, at the outset of Wimbledon this year, Chiron squares his natal Venus (the  health issue with his foot could plague him, as it was only just manageable at Roland Garros.  However, he a new treatment after Roland Garros, which he says is holding up well.  He still has the North Node sextile his natal Jupiter, which proved lucky at Roland Garros, and the South Node is still on his Ascendant.

By the time of the final, he has few strong transits, so it may be that he does not have as much motivation for Wimbledon this year as for the French Open, and may decide he needs more healing time for his feet.

Astrologically, it does not look all that promising for his progress in this tournament.

No. 3 Seed: Casper Ruud

I wrote about Casper Ruud for the French Open:

“Caspar Ruud is a Capricorn, with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius (a deep thinker).  Also Moon conjunct Uranus in Aquarius (a vivid imagination, and intuitive).”

Historically, he is the highest ever ranked Norwegian tennis player, and grew up idolizing Rafael Nadal, who has taken him under his wing.

He seems to have taken the tennis world by storm recently, reaching the final against Nadal at Roland Garros.  His transits at the time were:

“Mars trines his Mercury, so there is good energy and co-ordination
The North Node sextiles his Jupiter….
Mars trines his Pluto, so there is a powerhouse of energy available to him.”

I felt he had a chance of winning, at the time.  So let’s see how his transits have moved on  He now has:

Mars trine his natal North Node

Saturn on his South Node

These two transits may balance themselves out karmically. At the end of Wimbledon, he has:

Jupiter trine his natal Mercury/Pluto

Saturn still on his South Node

Pluto square his Saturn

The Jupiter transits are very positive, the Saturn transit he may still be able to balance, but Pluto square his Saturn may prove ultimately disappointing – he could make the final, though.

No. 4 Seed: Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos was No. 3 Seed at last year’s Wimbledon.  I wrote:

Tsitsipas is a young Greek Lion (Leo), born in 1998 like Sabalenka and Kenin.  With four planets in the Fire Element, including Moon in Aries, he may have fiery traits!  He also has a fair deal of Water, with Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Chiron in that element.  Perhaps his water may put out his fire, sometimes.  Venus/Mars trine Jupiter makes him very sociable.”

His idol, growing up, was Roger Federer, and he decided to become a tennis player at the age of 9.  He lost to Rune in the fourth round at Roland Garros.

At the beginning of Wimbledon: The Nodal Axis squares his Sun (there may be a powerful force against him, karmically), Mars squares his Mars (may be injury prone), Neptune trines his natal Mars (some inspirational action), and Pluto sextiles his natal Jupiter (some powerful moves and passion from him, too).

At the end of Wimbledon: The Nodal Axis will still be square to his Sun, Neptune will still be trine his natal Mars, Pluto will still be sextile his natal Jupiter.  Additionally, Mars will be exactly on his natal Saturn, which may spur him on.

A mixed set of transits, but overall there are some encouraging signs there, and I would not rule out the final for him.

Of the four top men’s seeds, the best transits belong to Tsitsipas, closely followed by Ruud.  I haven’t checked the draw, so I don’t know if they could both be in the final.  That may be clearer later, or if you know, please leave a comment below.

If your favourite player isn’t here, stay tuned to comments, or post a request.


We start the week with a sextile between Mercury and Chiron tomorrow (Monday 27th).  This can bring a satisfactory outcome in the arena of communication.  For example, something you might have been told was impossible finds a way through, and a problem may turn up with a solution.  This may be particularly true for health conditions.  That may bode well for the first day at Wimbledon, keeping injuries to a minimum!

Another sextile follows, in the evening, that between Mars and Saturn.  This will enable us to harness energy constructively, and feel our way with any new energy that arises.  Mars sextile Saturn is a useful aspect on a practical level, and you may feel you have achieved something by the end of the day.  It helps to stabilize and firm up any plans, foundations or active projects you are currently undertaking.

On Tuesday morning (28th) Neptune is Stationary, prior to turning Retrograde.  What stone might you have not have left unturned?  What have you left undone, what loopholes are you looking to fix?  What memories have you not yet worked through?  Now is the time to address those.  Where are you on your spiritual path? And are you ready to have a period of revision?  Answer as many of these questions as you can, before the Neptunian period of brain fog sets in…

Just within the first hour of Wednesday (29th) Jupiter squares the Sun, an aspect which exaggerates everything it comes into contact with.  It’s the square of the Clown and the Prankster, among other Archetypes. Just try not to get side-tracked.  There is also a joyful, humorous side of Sun square Jupiter, so some laughter-yoga from time to time during the day would not go amiss!  It could be a fun day, but be aware of carelessness or overreaching goals.  If you were late to bed the night before, you may be kept awake by some comedic event which occurred the night before.

A couple of hours later, there is a New Moon at 7 degrees Cancer, so if you find yourself with insomnia, you can diligently do your New Moon intentions.  It’s a pure and simple chance to get back to basics with our home, family, roots, locality, emotions and ancestry.  Where it falls in your chart can give you extra clues about placing your intentionality, your hopes and wishes.  Again, the night before may have had a sense of clearing out the decks in order to start anew.

As if that were not enough excitement for one early morning when you are catching up with your sleep, at almost 4 a.m. we have our third sextile of the week: that of Venus and Jupiter.  That is of course no ordinary sextile, being composed of the two “benefic” planets.  It’s one of the highlights in a year, conducive to socializing, celebrating partying, and romancing.  This sextile combines luck and love.  Enjoy!  You may have experienced a party mood before retiring, or may be planning something special for  Wednesday itself (as it happens, we do have a birthday celebration in our family that day, which will involve cake).  If you live in the U.S., it’s less of a problem involving this trio of aspects, as you can celebrate on the evening of Tuesday 28th.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may…for the clouds are gathering towards Saturday’s infamous square between Mars and Pluto – in stark contrast to its predecessor, it’s one of the most difficult aspects of the year.  But make the most of the period in between Wednesday and Saturday, as the party mood may last longer for some.  For others, they may start to feel the pinch of the approaching square at some point in between.  The square occurs in the early hours of Saturday (2nd July), so again the evening of Friday (1st) may be tense (and for those in the U.S.).  Mars-Pluto requires physical care, but on this occasion equally feelings could be hurt or bruised, and you may need all your conflict resolution skills. In the U.S. someone may be feeling trigger happy, and gun laws may be again under scrutiny.

Saturday is likely to be a complex day overall, starting with the square, but then smoothing out and stabilizing a little mid-morning (in the U.K.) with Mercury trine Saturn.  If there has been a problem arising from Mars-Pluto, you can effect some damage limitation.  If not, then you can apply your mind to exacting tasks and documentation which may be outstanding.  It favours list-making, planning, and practical productivity.  Constructive serious conversations can also take place under this aspect.

Matters may be thrown into (further) disarray in the evening, when Neptune squares Mercury.  Some undefinable snag may be nagging at you.  If so, allow your subconscious to bring it up in its own time, but don’t shut up shop until you have identified the rum note.  Then you can deal with it, move on and let it go.  There could be some scandals in the news…(such as Boris Johnson not resigning).

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – healing communication; harnessing energy
  • Tuesday – questioning
  • Wednesday – exaggeration; new beginning; party party
  • Saturday – stay away from conflict; constructive thought; intrigue