Wimbledon 2022 – Week 2

What a week that was: a week that saw Andy Murray, Emma Raducanu and Serena Williams out of Wimbledon, and various players (such as Berrettini) staying away due to Covid.  Yesterday’s Mars-Pluto square was very much in evidence on court yesterday, in the match between Kyrgios and Tsitsipas, dubbed “the most bad tempered match”! Kyrgios played extremely well, but messed mercilessly with Tsitsipas’ head.  This Sunday morning, I am looking at some of the next players in line.

Women’s Seeds

No. 16 Seed: Simona Halep

I wrote in 2014:

“She has Neptune conjunct her North Node natally.  This points to spiritual leadership potential, so she may have many followers who do not only follow her for her tennis playing.  She is Libran, one of the commonest Sun signs for tennis skill, because it involves a close monitoring of the person the other side of the net!”

Her transits on Monday:

Saturn exactly opposite her natal Venus, to the day (could point to a disappointment)

Chiron opposite her natal Mars (tricky and could point to a potential injury)

Mars square her natal Saturn (again, she may be accident-prone)

Uranus opposite her Pluto (difficult change)

Not an accommodating set of transits at all.  I would not expect her to get to the final.

Her transits at the end of Wimbledon:

Saturn still opposite her Venus

Chiron still opposite her Mars

Uranus still opposite her Pluto

South Node on her Pluto (difficult karma, but not insurmountable)

These are not promising transits at all.

No. 17 Seed: Elena Rybakina

Rybakina was No. 18 last year.  I wrote:

“Rybakina…is a 6-footer.  She has 5 planets in the Fixed signs, showing strong will.  Her Sun is exactly trine Mars, making her a Warrior (she is an “aggressive baseliner”).  With Sun sextile Jupiter she is sporting and positive, and her energy and enthusiasm are sometimes over the top due to Mars opposing Jupiter.  She has the Moon/North Node/Venus in competitive Leo and has enormous self-belief.  This triple conjunction opposes Uranus, so she can be emotionally unpredictable.”

Her transits on Monday:

Jupiter trine her Pluto

Uranus sextile her Mercury

Neptune square her Sun

Pluto square her Jupiter

With the Jupiter/Pluto exchanges, she could be fighting with herself to some extent.  But this could be a powerful set of transits, and Uranus trine Mercury could result in some ingenious play.  There may be moments of loss of concentration with Neptune square her Sun, but overall an interesting and helpful set of transits, which could take her to the final.

Her transits at the end of Wimbledon:

Jupiter still trine her Pluto (a big plus)

Uranus sextile her Mercury exact to the day (electrifying thought)

Neptune square her Sun (some confusion)

Pluto still square her Jupiter (power tussles)

I still like this set of transits, so she could be in the final.

No. 20 Seed: Amanda Anisimova

Amanda Anisimova is a Virgo Sun sign, an unusual sign for a tennis player, but of course a sign which pays attention to detail and has perfectionistic standards.  Her focus is widened by having Jupiter closely sextile her Sun.  Mercury squares Mars, so she can get quite tense at times.  Mars sextile Uranus in her chart can produce some enthralling shots.

Her transits on Monday include Neptune square to her natal Mars, which may be error-prone.

Her transits at the end of Wimbledon look very similar, nothing much changes over the week.

I would not expect her to be a strong contender for the final.

The rest of the Seeds are out.

Unseeded: Harmony Tan

Harmony Tan, who beat Serena Williams in the first round, has her birthday on 11th September – 9/11 took place on her fourth birthday.  Like Anisimova, she is a Virgoan, and is born to shine with the Sun exactly conjunct her North Node.  Her Sun sextiles Mars exactly, so she is a pure Warrior.  Mercury exactly squares Pluto in her chart, so she is a deep thinker and a problem solver with Mercury exactly sextile Mercury.  Mars square Jupiter takes her energy and enthusiasm to another level, almost another dimension.  An unaspected Saturn gives rise to an unusual attitude to discipline and control, perhaps a sense of inner freedom.

Her transits for Monday’s match against Anisimova:

Harmony is riding high with Uranus trine her Sun, though she should watch out for injury with Uranus opposite her Mars.  And Pluto on her Neptune, so it is not plain sailing for her.

Her transits for the final:

Harmony will have the Sun, Uranus and the North Node all trine her Sun (again, she is really riding high).  Mars will be trine her Mercury (acute senses), Uranus will still be opposite her Mars (riding high on a tightrope), and with Pluto still on her Neptune.  I think she could be a contender for the title.

Of these four women’s transits, I like Rybakina’s the best, though Ons Jabeur (my tip from last week) may still overcome.  Harmony Tan could also appear in the final, and even win.  There are still other contenders I haven’t looked at (e.g. Heather Watson, who I hope will win today) so look out for them under comments, or make a request.

Men’s Seeds

No. 5 Seed: Carlos Alcaraz

Looking at his chart for the first time, he has half his planets in the Fixed signs, and is therefore strong willed and stubborn.  He is a Taurean (a sign of great stamina), with his Sun caught in a T-square with an opposition between Mars and Jupiter.  He has plenty of energy and enthusiasm, but may struggle to balance them sometimes.  Saturn trine Uranus gives him strength and some adaptablity to counteract the Fixity.

His transits today:

Uranus transiting his natal Mercury (mental brilliance)

Chiron transiting his natal Venus exact to the day (talent)

Jupiter sextile his natal Mars (luck and energy)

Jupiter closely trine his natal Jupiter (luck and enthusiasm)

A good set of transits.

His transits at the end of Wimbledon:

Exactly the same, a week later.

He has a good chance of being in the final.

No. 9 Seed: Cameron Norrie

Earlier this year, I wrote:

“He has the Sun at the end of Leo conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus (the King), and exactly sextile his North Node (a very strong karmic mission). On the more difficult side, he has the Sun square Pluto and Mercury opposite Saturn. I think he has a very strongly competitive nature.”

His transits for Today:

Mars will be trine his natal Sun (great energy and strength) and squares his Uranus (liable to upset)
Pluto will be on his Uranus (a time of change and upheaval in his life)
Pluto sextile his natal Pluto (self-empowerment)

Mixed influences. We’ll know the outcome by the end of the day!

His transits for the end of Wimbledon:

Pluto will be on his Uranus (a time of change and upheaval in his life)
Pluto sextile his natal Pluto (self-empowerment)

Reasonable…if the Pluto sextile triumphs. He could make the final.

No. 10 Seed: Jannik Sinner

Italian Jannik Sinner will be playing Carlos Alcaraz, so only one of them can win through to the next round!  Here’s another chart I haven’t seen before…with all these new players coming up through the ranks. With Mars trine his Sun in Leo, Uranus opposing his Sun and Uranus sextile his Mars, he could be a bit of a maverick and is certainly a ball of energy who can surprise an opponent.  His Chiron also exactly trines his Sun and forms a conjunction with his Mars, so he is a problem-solver too.  Moon conjunct Venus in Cancer suggests he can also play those surprise soft strokes such as drop shots, which sometimes take other players by surprise.  Jupiter conjunct his North Node in Cancer brings him some luck and success down to good karma.

His transits for Monday:

Saturn opposes his Sun, Chiron squares his Venus, Jupiter squares his Jupiter and sextiles his Neptune

His transits are not as good as those of Alcaraz, but he could take a loss philosophically and count his blessings with Jupiter sextile his Neptune

His transits for the end of Wimbledon if he were to get there:

Saturn still opposes his Sun,

Mars trines his Mercury (on the ball mentally)

Uranus sextiles his Venus (some intuitive play)

and Chiron still squares his Venus (some discomfort)

I think he will have peaked before the final.

Of the two, I favour Alcaraz

No. 11 Seed: Taylor Fritz

Taylor Fritz is another maverick, like Jannik Sinner, with Uranus exactly square his Sun in  Scorpio.  His Sun is also conjunct Chiron, so he is a problem-solver, too.  He has a wide-ranging mind, with Jupiter square Mercury, and enjoys foreign travel.  Mars trine Saturn is good for precision shots, and Jupiter sextile Saturn helps balanced judgements and decision making.  There is also an entrepreneurial conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in his chart, in the sparky sign of Aquarius, so he may be a whizz with technology.

His transits for Monday:

Pluto transits his natal Neptune (a deep psychological challenge)

His transits for the end of Wimbledon if he were to get there:

Pluto still transits his natal Neptune, and

Mars opposes his Sun (could experience burnout)

These are not promising transits.

Of these four men, I like Alcaraz’s transits most, now that last week’s tip (Tsitsipas) is out.

But I will still be looking at other players throughout the week (e.g. Kyrgios), in case there are some standout final transits.


With Neptune square Mercury yesterday evening, we did indeed hear more scandal as forecast, about the Deputy Chief Whip, but it has become almost an everyday occurrence.

6 a.m. is the time to watch this week!  Each aspect described takes place in that hour this week, extraordinarily – three of them on one day!  So tune up your daily rhythm to make the most of this and focus or meditate at that hour.  Other features of this week is that we have two Ingresses, so if 0 degrees of a sign features in your birth chart, events and achievements may be triggered.  Also, either Mercury or Mars or both are involved in all four features, so if you are Aries, Gemini or Virgo, things may be lively for you this week.  For the exact times in the U.K., see below:

6.04 a.m. Tuesday (5th)

Mars enters Taurus – For many, this is a call for slowing down, except for Taureans, who will be stepping up their game.  If you have a Taurus Ascendant, you may begin several new projects between now and 20th August, while Mars is in Taurus.  Although Mars is not so happy in the earthbound sign of Taurus, the testing quality of this energy has its reasons and worth.  You may find yourself querying more often why you are doing something, and how to do it, e.g. working more resourcefully and more in alignment with planetary requirements.  Any enterprise on Tuesday needs to take account of the new energy and attitude.  As Taurus rules the Arts, an aesthetic angle or a musical rhythm may need to come into the equation, for instance.

6.25 a.m. Tuesday (5th)

Mercury enters Cancer – The collective mind will be more able to encompass emotion when considering an argument.  Mercury will be staying in Cancer until 19th July (it’s a short and quickfire stay), so we have to get with the programme.  Family matters are under the mental microscope throughout Mercury in Cancer, and examining our emotions about our roots.  Under this transit, you have to take emotions into account when making a rational judgement.

6.37 a.m. Tuesday (5th)

Mercury sextiles Mars – This leading to brisker action, even though Mars is in Taurus.  Your mental reactions may be heightened, and this can lead to enhanced productivity.  It’s a spike in activity, paradoxically on a day when most of us are being asked to slow down.  Taureans, hop to it!

You can take the middle of the week off, from working on the aspects…!

6.14 a.m. Saturday (9th)

Mercury square Jupiter – This will stimulate us mentally, almost to the point of too much information!  There may be travel involved or planned.  It would be a good day to be out in nature, taking a good stroll, and picking up information.  Or visiting a museum, such as the Museum of Making in Derby, recommended in the Guardian this week, and shortlisted for the art fund Museum of the Year Award [this is my attempt at being an Influencer].  Mercury square Jupiter is a refreshing aspect, if not a little over-stretching to manage, so you may find yourself travelling a little bit further than your comfort zone.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – it’s all happening! The early bird catches the worm; slow down, unless you are a Taurean; take emotions into account; some briskness for some!
  • Saturday – educational, informational and mind-stretching