Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1926 – 2022)

“I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service”

~  Elizabeth, 1947

As a nation, and also in the wider world, we are shocked and stunned at her passing this week on 8th September, even though we always knew Queen Elizabeth wasn’t immortal.  It seems not just the end of an era, but maybe the end of the end of all eras.  She was a remarkable woman in her fortitude and dedication. And it has been said that one in every two people in the U.K. have met her, so that is a lot of memory, spanning the 96 years of her life and the 70 years of her reign.  I never met her, but I did dream about her, which apparently is a common phenomenon, as she is deeply ingrained as an Archetype in our psyche.  Her revealed personality has changed over the years, from stiff formality through to the later years when she increasingly revealed so much wisdom and humour.  She reigned longer than any other British monarch, and longer than any female monarch in the world (the record is held by Louis XIV of France).

Birth Chart

Elizabeth was born at 2.40 a.m. on 21st April 1926 at 17 Bruton Street, Mayfair

I analysed the Queen’s chart in 2012.  I was going to present an abridged version, but instead am re-posting almost the whole piece:

“Taurus (her Sun Sign) and Capricorn (her Ascendant) have been very evident in the hard work the Queen has put in to making her own Jubilee year a success.  She has the South Node conjunct her Ascendant, and that is often seen in one who puts their own wishes aside for others, i.e. in this case for public service.  These qualities are reinforced in her chart by Saturn on the Midheaven (Careerpoint) defining her Career Path as one of duty and discipline.

The wealth that has accompanied this destiny is very simply portrayed by Jupiter at the beginning of her 2nd House of Finance…

Her Jupiter is in conjunction with Mars which is at the end of her 1st House, which gives her indefatigability, but also I think reflects her love of horses and corgis too.  Jupiter rules horses and Mars rules dogs…

She has the Moon in regal Leo, and so to dominate emotionally comes naturally to her.  This is a role she doesn’t have to feign.  Her other female planet Venus trines Pluto, which as her ruling planet, gives her considerable strength and fortitude.  Venus is in Pisces, and this gives her the Vision required to carry out such an all encompassing role.  Especially when the Commonwealth was inherited by her and the size it was then, the trine gave her empathy with the Third World (Pluto in Cancer, the sign associated with the African continent).

Uranus (the capacity to support change) trines her Saturn/Midheaven, and her grandchildren have been praising her this week for her ability to adapt the monarchy into the 21st Century.

She also has Chiron at the end of Aries conjunct the Sun at the beginning of Taurus, and the life role designated to her will have been a tremendous challenge to her individuality, and a test of her strength and steadfastness. The Sun/Chiron conjunction is in the 4th House of Home and Family, thus showing her to be the upholder of tradition and her genetic heritage.”

Her Life in Transits:

Her parents were King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and she was brought up with her sister Margaret.

She met Philip in 1934 and 1937;  they were second cousins once removed.

22/7/1939 She met him for the third time at Royal Dartmouth naval college, reportedly falling in love.  Uranus was exactly sextile her natal North Node (an exciting karmic meeting).  In their synastry, his Neptune was on her Moon (fascination) and his Mercury trine her Venus (good communication).

During the second world war she joined the Auxilliary Territorial Service, and learned to drive and maintain vehicles.

20/11/1947 She married Philip Mountbatten at Westminster Abbey, and he became the Duke of Edinburgh.  Neptune was exactly sextile her natal Moon on the day, in her 7th House of Marriage, a sensitive heightening of emotion.  Uranus was on Philip’s Mars in Gemini in his 7th House of Marriage (great excitement).

14/11/1958 Their first son, Charles, was born

15/8/1950 Their daughter, Anne, was born

6/2/1952 Her father King George VI died and Elizabeth succeeded him.  The sudden death of her father is depicted in the transits by Pluto opposing her natal Mars.

She became Queen of the Commonwealth, to which she was extremely dedicated, and notably at the time there were seven independent Commonwealth countries, the U.K, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon (which became Sri Lanka).

As Queen she carried out engagements at home and abroad, too many to mention here, but the following tend to be more personal dates.

2/6/1953 The Coronation of Elizabeth II took place at Westminster Abbey.  Among her transits at the time were Jupiter sextile her natal Mercury (an expansion of the mind), Saturn square her Nodal Axis (the taking on of karmic responsibility) and Neptune trine her natal Mars (a spiritual pledge).

19/2/1960 Prince Andrew was born

10/3/1964 Prince Edward was born

27/8/1979 Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip’s uncle was killed by the IRA by a bomb in Ireland. Pluto was trine his Pluto at the time, and Pluto represents bombs in astrology.

The event rocked the whole family, and  Mars was on Queen Elizabeth’s Pluto at the time (an explosive event), but Prince Philip and Prince Charles (as he was then) were particularly deeply affected.  For Prince Philip, Mars squared his Chiron (wounding) and Neptune squared his Saturn (unfathomable pain).  For Prince Charles, Uranus was square his natal Pluto (an explosion in his life) and Pluto was sextile his Pluto (confronting death).  Their deep bond was shown in their charts by sextiled Plutos.

1992 was a big year for the Queen, as most people will remember.

In March Prince Andrew, separated from wife Sarah Ferguson

In April Princess Anne divorced Captain Mark Phillips

7/6/1992 The Sunday Times began serializing Andrew Morton’s book, “Diana: Her True Story”, in which the affair between Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles was revealed, and in which Diana’s bulimia and suicidal feelings were also revealed.

20/11/1992 Windsor Castle was partly destroyed by fire.  The transits for the Queen were quite graphic, and showed her sense of devastation.  There were 5 transits from Mars (fire) including Mars trine Uranus, Mars square Chiron in Aries in the 4th House of Home; in addition to which there were 6 transits from Pluto (destruction) including Pluto square her natal Jupiter in Aquarius in her 2nd House of Belongings.

24/11/1992 The Queen gives a speech.  She describes the last year as an “annus horribilis”.

9/12/1992 The “annus horribilis” continued…Prince Charles and Diana announced their separation, with an eclipse on Diana’s Ascendant.

31/8/97 Diana died in Paris, her car pursued by the paparazzi in a tunnel.  The Queen decided to stay away, and issued no statement, which was interpreted in the media as coldness.  But on the eve of Diana’s funeral, she gave a warm televised address.  She had been shielding William and Harry.  This proved a turning point in how she was perceived by the public, as she realized she needed to show a more human side.

Her transits at the time show Chiron opposite the Queen’s Sun in Taurus in the 4th House of Family, a heavy wound leading to a lesson of healing.

9/2/2002 Elizabeth’s sister Margaret died suddenly of a stroke (Mars on Margaret’s Uranus).  Uranus (shock) was square to Elizabeth’s Saturn/Midheaven in Scorpio.

30/3/2002 The Queen Mother died, on her Pluto Opposition.  For the Queen, Uranus was sextile her Chiron, another healing lesson.

17-20/5/2011 The Queen visited Ireland, historically the first British monarch to do so since Ireland gained independence in 1921, and throughout the “troubles”.  She spoke of reconciliation: Neptune was sextile her natal Sun in Taurus in 4th House, signifying a spiritual act.

6/2/2012 The Diamond Jubilee of the Queen’s accession to the throne.

27/7/2012 In the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games she surprised everyone by playing herself with Daniel Craig in a spoof James Bond sketch, revealing a bold sense of humour!

9/9/2015 Elizabeth became Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

18/6/2017 from my blog after the Grenfell Tower fire:

“Queen Elizabeth II has been a sterling force these last few weeks, visiting patients in hospital who were victims of the London Bridge terrorist attack, and then visiting members of the community this week in Kensington.  In both cases she showed sincerity, compassion and genuine interest.

The Queen’s transits at the moment show Neptune on that Venus in Pisces (a greater opening of that compassion and love), and Jupiter squaring her Pluto (an awareness of the need to be positive in the face of tragedy).  Hence her very apt words: that the country has been “resolute in the face of adversity” and ‘This year, however, it is difficult to escape a very sombre national mood.’ ”

2/8/2017  Prince Philip retired from official duties as the Queen’s consort, at the age of 96.

20/11/2019 The Queen had to suspend Prince Andrew from representing the Royal family by giving him permission to “step back from public duties” after claims were made against him relating to the affairs of his friend, sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. This must have caused her immense emotional pain, and is reflected in her transits of the time by Pluto on her Ascendant.

19/3/2020 Due to the pandemic, Elizabeth and Prince Philip moved to Windsor Castle. Saturn (isolation) was square her natal Sun in Taurus in the 4th House of Home, representing a confinement.

31/3/2020 Harry and Meghan’s office was closed and the Sussexes stopped “undertaking official engagements in support of the Queen”.  In June, they bought a house in California.

5/4/2020  The Queen thanked key workers in a televised address in lockdown, and urged people to draw strength from the thought “We’ll meet again”, showing the skill and compassion of her delivery.  At the time, Boris Johnson was being hospitalized with Coronavirus, and the country needed that cohesive force at the helm.

7/3/2021 Harry and Meghan are interviewed on television by Oprah Winfrey, making some hurtful comments about the royal family.  Buckingham Palace put out a statement of ‘recollections may vary’.

9/4/2021  Prince Philip died aged 99.  They had been married for 73 years. The Queen said his death left a huge void in her life. Saturn was opposite her natal Moon in Leo in 7th House of Marriage, the huge void.  Pluto square her Chiron, an extremely painful point in her life.

17/4/2021 Prince Philip’s funeral.  The laxity of the partygoing the night before at Westminster provided a contrast between her values, as she sat on her own in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, wearing a black mask in the Abbey, observing the rules religiously.  She set the example, but it was not followed.  We only found out later.

20/10/2021 Elizabeth cancelled a trip to Ireland, and that was the beginning of concern for her health.

4/6/2022 At the  Platinum Jubilee of her accession to the throne, the nation was again surprised by the boldness of her humour as she smilingly sat straight opposite Paddington Bear and proceeded to extract a marmalade sandwich from her iconic handbag!

6/9/2022 She fulfilled the duty of saying goodbye to outgoing Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and instituting the incoming Prime Minister Liz Truss, at Balmoral.  This was our last sighting of her, looking diminutive next to Liz Truss.

8/9/2022 The Royal Family were called to Balmoral at concern for the Queen’s health.  The time of death is disputed, but Saturn was on her natal Mars (a diminishing of life force) and Neptune was trine her natal Saturn in Scorpio (at peace).

King Charles III

This will take time to get use to, but he takes up his new position at a time when Chiron opposes his natal Venus (a personal wound) and the Nodal Axis squares his natal Pluto (a karmic death), but Jupiter trines his Ascendant from the cusp of his 9th House of Religion (he will be defender of faiths).

Liz Truss

This of course was to be a blog about one Liz (the new Prime Minister), and turned out to be about another (Queen Elizabeth).  Liz Truss’ relationship with Prince Charles will be very important.  Though he has promised not to intervene, he has such strong values, e.g. about the environment, that I hope that he will somehow influence her conscience on the matter (she currently proposes to cut back on green policies, where she should be forging ahead on climate change).  Her Mars squares Charles’ Pluto, which is a real clash, but where Prince Charles has the greater moral force, astrologically.

Queen Elizabeth II was treasured the world over.  And she couldn’t have done a better job!  Let us hope that her values stay in people’s hearts and influence the direction of society through all generations.

“Grief is the price we pay for love.”

~ Queen Elizabeth II, 11th September 2001


The Sun trines Uranus today, which may give you the go ahead to forge ahead with innovative plans and original creativity.  This is a hopeful influence, at a time when we need it, and we have a new King.  The aspect can also bring surprise – think of the surprises that Queen Elizabeth sprang on us in her cameo acting appearances!

The pattern of aspects is similar to last week, in appearance at the beginning and end of the week, so I again offer you a Fixed Star for mid-week.  On Wednesday (14th) Denebola from the constellation of Leo is aligned with our Sun.  Tuning in to this star, “Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld offers us the following information, on the theme of Leadership:

“This star has a direct bearing upon will and leadership functioning, enhancing awareness of the deep meaning of leadership, and the ability to create more consciously the links usually unconscious between any leader and a group.  This is the basic form in which charisma comes, in the way in which one becomes the voice for many, in a way in which the many are unable to express that voice.

This star can also be beneficial anytime a group focuses on an individual, even when it is group healing or receiving energy of the group, as this group energy then becomes one-pointed and focused within the individual.

In many cases, this rise to leadership or awareness of charismatic principles in past lifetimes affects the consciousness of individuals now.”

This may have a message for the new King Charles.

There are two aspects on Friday (16th), the first being Venus square Mars.  You may find that you and/or others are letting your hair down with Venus square Mars loosening the inhibitions.  This square may also have a bearing on the battle of the sexes (within, or interpersonal).

On Friday evening Neptune opposes the Sun, so fogginess could be obscuring your aims.  Try to apply yourself to the basics and look at the detail (though that may seem impossible).  I am reminded of the phrase “there’s many a slip between cup and lip”, so that is worth bearing in mind.  Grounding may be needed, especially if Venus square Mars were responsible for inappropriate behaviours!  Maybe ask yourself, “What would the Queen do?”

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sparkling
  • Wednesday – leadership
  • Friday – loosening of inhibition; fogginess