Hi folks! It’s your friendly Sagittarian Astrologer intruding into your life again. The tone of the coming week is set by Venus re-entering Virgo on Monday (8th) and trying to maintain standards. Venus has high standards and fine taste in everything while in Virgo, and you may find, if you catch her mood, that you’ll be trying not to lower the tone. Taureans, Librans and Virgoans in particular will be settling for nothing less than organic, locally-sourced ingredients. But Tuesday (9th) brings rebellion and high kicks, with Jupiter sextile the Sun and square to Uranus. While Mars sextile Saturn may attempt to keep things under control and maintain some decorum, the influences of Jupiter and Uranus will probably dominate in favour of progressive values, while Venus in Virgo frowns or averts her gaze. Jupiter square Uranus is a theme which has been around most of this year, starting at the end of January when you might have noticed exciting new avenues in connection with technology, electronics and computers, and possible disruptions to them as well. Then came more of the same in May, but Tuesday brings a culmination of sorts to these proceedings. You may have been installing some complicated and sophisticated computer system which has taken months to get right for instance. If that’s not your thing, then alternatively you may have been engaged in a project throughout this period designed to bring a new and different vibe into your lifestyle. Look back and recognize that you’ve done something amazing this year! So between adjusting the tone and the vibration, you may strike the right balance. Hopefully we won’t be caught off guard, even if Gordon Brown announces he won’t be holding an election. Welcome in the New Moon in Libra on Thursday (11th), providing us with another chance to practise balance and equilibrium in our relationships, which may have wobbled a bit at the last Full Moon. There may be an air of people being careful with each other or treading on eggshells with Saturn conjunct the Mean South Node (it’ll be conjunct the True South Node later in the month, so you’ll have a chance to compare effects). Mercury goes stationary on Friday (12th) and you’ve guessed – it’s going retrograde again, and that could increase the rail and postal disruption, especially at Cambridge Station at weekends (speaking more as a Commuter than an Astrologer here). Just make sure that you get your communications loud and clear in those relationships which need clarity and don’t need confusion. And Saturday (13th) dreams up a lovely trine between Sun and Neptune, so you couldn’t wish for a more gentile aspect to entice Venus from behind the scenes. It favours painting, dancing, channelling, making music and generally using the right side of your brain. Time to let your left brain off the hook, breathe in trust and hope on the in-breath, and release any paranoia on the out-breath.