Well, here we are…We’ve arrived at one of the most important and transformative astrological weeks this year…if you haven’t already filled in your diary, I would try and keep it as free as possible, as there will be a lot going on, especially on Monday.  This morning Jupiter squared Pluto, and sadly we hear of the demise of Alex “Hurricane” Higgins, Piscean genius snooker champion.  He died of throat cancer, and is quoted as saying: “I read the bible my mother gave me when I was 15 and told myself ,You can fight.’  I have been a fighter all my life.  That’s what stopped me going through with it [suicide]”.  He was a fighter all right, with Sun exactly conjunct Mars at 27 degrees Pisces.  Mark that degree.  I prepared a Jupiter square Pluto blog earlier, but will add that we shall see and understand the results of this aspect intensively and clearly over the next 10 days, for the second pass is as soon as Tuesday 3rd August, with both planets travelling retrograde.  Financial Astrologer Raymond Merriman emphasizes that this could mean a financial explosion.  He writes, deliciously: “We also hoped it would be wild, for we wanted to see Astrology live – in real time – correlating with market movements reflecting these hugely diverse geocosmic dynamics”.  So that you can easily find this quote in context, I have just added his link on my contact page.  Could it be that we will find out if we are in for a double dip recession?  Another aspect I would like to deliver for today is a double quincunx.  Sounds like a double rainbow, as it looks slightly bent, but quincunxes are not easy aspects.  For Neptune is conjunct Chiron (a healing cauldron) at 27 degrees Aquarius and 0 degrees Pisces respectively, and quincunx Mars conjunct Saturn (disciplined action) at 27 degrees Virgo and 0 degrees Libra respectively.   Notice that 27 degree mark, again.  Mars was exactly opposite Alex Higgins’ Sun/Mars yesterday.  What this picture means is that we are all struggling with drama (Jupiter square Pluto) and complexity (the double quincunx) against a backdrop of changing structures (the ongoing T-square formation in the early Cardinal signs.  As if this is not enough, tomorrow (Monday 26th) has 5 aspects to report, including a Full Moon in Aquarius.  The Full Moon in Aquarius will highlight those areas in which we need to come together in communities and brother/sisterhood in order to produce healing outcomes for these complicated astrological configurations and what they bring to our attention.  Mercury opposes Neptune, so clarity of thought will be at a premium, though mystical attunement may win through.  Mystical attunement itself can sometimes compound the cloudiness of vision and the illusion, especially if accompanied by substances such as caffeine.  So drink plenty of water tomorrow, as purity can be crucial to outcomes.   Oh dear…Inner Astrologer…you seem so serious these days, let me tickle your chin…next the Sun trines Jupiter.  Gee thanks!  You could see the funny side of life amidst all the complexity and furrowed-brow truth seeking.  The Mars/Neptune quincunx also becomes exact tomorrow, which adds energetic confusion to the mental confusion of Mercury opposite Neptune.  All that mayhem is just the warm-up act for the main event of Saturn opposite Uranus later in the day, which I have blogged to the hilt.  It is the 5th and final pass of this transit, which has been about dismantling the old and constructing the new on the world stage, in society, and in our personal lives.  The new feature of this final pass is that whereas the other oppositions occurred over Virgo/Pisces (Saturn/Uranus) this one occurs across Libra/Aries.  What was about health and healing, has now become about individuality and relationship.  With Saturn now in Libra, cooperation and negotiation are now vital, and with Uranus in Aries, we must express our individuality and authenticity within that.  We all have to evolve together, as we are challenging each other every step of the way, in this process.  The rest of the week you will be dealing with issues raised by these first two days.  Tuesday (27th) Mercury opposes Chiron, and the confusions of thought give way to pressure to find healing solutions.  These may be creative as Mercury is at the end of Leo, and later Mercury enters Virgo analytically inspecting health options.  It may be an important day, and week, for the National Health Service.  On Thursday (29th) Mars changes signs, to Libra from Virgo.  The focus changes from demanding health solutions to negotiating and warriorship.  We will all need to find our Inner Warriors, our Inner Negotiators, and merge them into Peaceful Warriors.  At least if we can do so that would be a good day for it.  Friday (30th) is a mixed bag: Mercury trine Pluto and Mars opposite Uranus.  The first aspect promotes profound thought and mental solutions, and the second aspect is incident prone especially around electrical activity.  Fitting in a morning meditation may ensure that you stay on a constructive vibe, in the same way that taking your bio yoghurt early on may ensure good digestion.  You will then be able to deal with any other excitements that occur, or any breaches of health and safety conditions, in the optimum way.  We end the week (Saturday 30th) on the conjunction of Mars and Saturn.  With all the wealth of wisdom we’ll have gained, we will be in a position to act with deliberation and intent and focus, and hopefully constructively.  Read this blog today, and read it next Saturday, and look back at yourself.  You could find a different person.