Sunday (14th) morning surfaces with a conjunction between Venus and Saturn. Bit of a dampener if you look at life from the Venusian point of view, but a heartener if you are of the Saturnian cup-half-empty disposition. Know who you are… Saturn is still conjunct the South Node, so everybody is looking to pay up their karmic dues, unconsciously if not consciously. There is an air of revisiting old haunts, maybe even from past lives. Two handy tips: if you are visiting, make sure your visiting present is suitably non-allergenic for your host (check in advance if she or he has any food sensitivities such as wheat or nuts or goat’s cheese). Tip two: just adopt a zen-like attitude when you are travelling back under the Mercury retrograde regime combined with Sunday public transport service. Did I make that joke last week? I may even recycle it again before Mercury goes direct. Tuesday (16th) brings the cheeky aspect of Venus sextile Mars: light flirtations, more balancing between your inner male and female, more life in your artwork or musical jamming. Compose that painting, poem or song on Tuesday night, because there’s more to follow on Wednesday (17th) so you can capitalize and maybe combine all three into a multi-dimensional synaesthetic extravaganza. Wednesday’s jubbly aspects come from Mercury, perhaps countering some of the communication difficulties of the retrograde motion. It’s sextile Venus first of all: that sets the harmonies and articulates the words or meaning, and then it’s trine with Mars so that you can bring on the action, liven the pace, and maybe inspire others to be involved. If you are looking to set up a band, get it together now. If not, watch the final of The Restaurant, unless you are still on the LighterLife sachet diet. Another solid aspect from Mercury arrives on Friday (19th) which may bring about sensible decisions about communication. Personally, I found the last Mercury-Saturn sextile perfect for filing, so try that if you are at a loose end. And finally, the Sun is sextile Pluto on Saturday (20th), time to honour the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.