The dramatic event of last week fell between the aspect of  Jupiter in Aries (the individual, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks) square (versus) Pluto ( the Institution: United States, Defence) with Pluto also representing the uncovering of information, and  the aspect of Saturn opposite Uranus  5 (The dismantling of institutions), and partook of the nature of both.  Saturn opposite Uranus 1 physically removed the administration of George W. Bush in the vote to install President  Obama, while its 5th and final pass destroyed further the reputation of the Bush administration. The parallel regime of Blair was also suffering damage to its reputation with the appearance at the Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq war of Hans Blix and John Prescott, neither of whom was complimentary about Tony Blair’s involvement.  Saturn opposite Uranus 3 saw healthcare as its theme and our N.H.S. is now seriously at risk, in a way that was unexpected.  Contender for the Labour leadership Andy Burnham has said that the Coalition are taking a reckless gamble [Jupiter conjunct Uranus – my words] which could spell the end of the N.H.S. as we know it.  Saturn opposite Uranus 4 saw the Greek finances on the brink, and that particular cycle has seen some restoration  (Guardian last Monday: “In an interview at the weekend, the Greek finance minister, George Papaconstantinou, said that the nation had begun to turn the corner”).  So some Institutions were dismantled, some reconstructed, some destroyed.   I am archiving the story of Saturn opposite Uranus.  The customer service bell rang loudly in my hallway this week  with a punter demanding to know why their week had not been transformational (so far – there was one day to go). The truth is, there are many meanings to the word transformational, and many transformations take place on the psychological level, and I do know some people who have experienced that this week.  And you can’t have your money back on this occasion!  We are still in the Pluto-Jupiter square, for with both planets retrograding (at different rates) they square again on Tuesday (3rd).  There is an ongoing war of words now between Julian Assange of WikiLeaks and the U.S. government, and the consequences are starting to unravel (Observer, today: “WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [no birthdata, my words] has hit out at the U.S. military, saying that they bear the ultimate responsibility for any deaths of Afghan informers in the wake of the publication by his organization of 75,000 leaked files of American army secrets”).  In your life, did you pit yourself against an Institution this week?  Was deeply hidden information uncovered?  Did you have to let go of a structure in your life?  Whatever was begun at the beginning of last week (and I know of many cases of deep psychological healing) re-intensifies on Tuesday, along the lines of the Jupiter-Pluto square (as distinct from the Saturn-Uranus opposition material which is now completing).  On Wednesday (4th) Mars first opposes Jupiter and then squares Pluto.  Ariens and Warriors could feel beleaguered by this.  They may start out with high hopes of defeating the enemy, and then realize they are fighting themselves.  If two Ariens or Warriors are both having this experience, then there could be real confrontations, inside and out.  Venusians stand back…!  Maybe the era of the Way of the Peaceful Warrior is at hand.  Let those who wish to fight, fight amongst themselves, on this day at least.  It is not a day for the Negotiators and Peacemakers.   The most commonly heard phrase of the day will be “Aargh!” as people are hoisted by their own petards.  Let all the fighting die down centre stage, and enter the Peacemakers and Negotiators and Diplomats  stage right (or left, it doesn’t matter) on Saturday 7th.  For Venus enters Libra that day, having done her homework and taken notes at the end of Virgo while all the aggro was taking place.  If you are a sincere seeker of Peace and promoter of Peace, do your work now.  The warmongerers had their turn in the middle of the week.  Show them that your way is the best way…Hoist your Mahatma Gandhi banner, but get your pitch in early and set the tone, because later that day there will be a twist, as Venus opposes Uranus, e.g. the Warriors may not have completely left the building.  But it will be a good chance to use your Intuition for Peace (that would make a good website) and invent something new for the cause.  Activism may join with Peacemaking that day.  And I don’t want to leave this blog without mentioning Pakistan.  It was hit four ways this week:  Criticized by Cameron, widespread flooding, its worst ever air crash, and not doing so well in cricket.  The chart for transits to the Republic (1956) does not show up any dramas, but the chart for the original founding in 1947 (perhaps its soul) shows Saturn and Uranus both squaring the natal Mars (danger) by transit.  This T-square would be putting a great strain on the vitality and fighting spirit of the country and also its resources (Mars in 2nd House) while Pluto also still opposes the Mars.  Benazir Bhutto was assassinated 3 years ago, and her Sun was conjunct  Pakistan’s Mars, which is why she had such a magnetic bond with the country.  At her assassination, Pluto was exactly opposite the Pakistan Mars and her Sun.  War and Peace, Violence and Non-Violence…the struggle goes on.  The networking website iPeace is still struggling to survive, despite its passionate hope 2 years ago when it began to be a voice for those who wish for peace and are committed to peace.  If that flame is alive in you, I suggest a visit there to see what you can do.