It’s time to prepare for the dance of Neptune and Jupiter (not sure who to give top billing to) on October 30th, so it’s time to give it some thought. Jupiter represents religion and Neptune spirituality, and it’s an opportunity to create right relations between the two, either in your own psyche, in your own life, or on the world stage. I would say that this aspect has the potential to create religious tolerance and understanding and peaceful conditions which relate to these matters, but since there are no signs of this golden age materializing this month, the best that can be done is to promote these ideals as far as you can now to contribute to some future utopian time. Time to sow seeds of understanding and sew stitches of connection between the different races and religions. Goodwill, harmony and peace are trying to establish themselves between two areas of your life depending on how they fall in your chart, and in the outer world in the realms of ideas, thought and debate. Those working on inter-faith and intra-faith issues need to look at the underlying universal truths between them. With Jupiter at 19 degrees Sagittarius and Neptune at 19 degrees Aquarius, you stand a good chance of making the best of this aspect if you have a planet (any planet will do) at either of these positions. If you remember back to the end of January 2006 and any projects you were setting up at the time when Jupiter was square Neptune and posing the question, this aspect could provide the answer. As this website was set up at that time, I can say that what I learned was that you need to add humour to the ingredients – otherwise no one’s going to take you seriously!