When I undertook my interview series earlier this year, it was put together intensely and over a short period of time.  I immediately realized that more than half the interviewees had asteroid Chiron (the wounded healer, the inner healer) in Capricorn. Chiron was in Capricorn for the years 1951 to 1954 plus the first month of 1955, and I felt that to ask each of them the Chiron question  would constitute a resource for contemplation of the subject.

Your Chiron sign represents the type of wounding you had earlier in this lifetime and in past lifetimes.   How you resolve it or have resolved it shows you how you can help to heal others who may have the same wounding.  Chiron is the key to your inner healer, and I have found it very relevant in past-life work.  A Chiron transit can announce itself through a healing crisis.

The effects of Chiron have some similarities with Pluto: they are both psychologically profound and both concerned with healing.  However, they have different energies, and two approaches to Chiron I have found helpful are:-

  1. The problem contains the solution, and healing and solutions can be instantaneous and miraculous.  The healing can also take place on the level of consciousness.
  2. Chiron asks you to dig deeper into your Soul, for the shift which will resolve and enhance the situation.

Chiron in Capricorn has an authoritative, teaching-style of healing.  The wound and healing can be connected with responsibility.

Children born between 2002-5 also have this placing, and come under the banner of the crystal children according to some new age thinkers.  Crystal comes under the rulership of Capricorn, and crystals are a powerful tool for healers.

The first question and answer occurs in the interview with Felicity Cook. Felicity is a voice healer, teacher and analyst among the other areas of her life’s work.  She describes her Chiron in Capricorn placing in combination with her Sun in Aquarius:

Interview Series No. 2 – Felicity Cook

Lana:  Thank you!  And last but not least for Question 5, other facets of your work are Healing and Psychotherapy (I am not sure which year of training you are in).  You have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Capricorn, and I wonder if you can describe to me your Inner Healer?

Flick:  Hmmm…You do like to throw the cat into the pigeon’s nest, don’t you?!  I am actually in my 3rd year of Psychotherapy training and really enjoying the journey.  As a healer I trained at the Snowlion School in the South of France and this was in Psycho-Spiritual Energy Therapy.  I use it now in my world in an indirect way as it has informed my wholistic approach to life and my work.  As you say, I have Chiron in Capricorn.  I feel this is a difficult placing for me along with one or two other significant astro placings to do with my mother.  It has been a challenge for me to let go of the workaholic and see where this has come from.  If I am answering the question from the *healed* place I see it is connected with my Aquarius Sun very strongly…to do with groups, humanitarian quests etc.  I feel my work is on the cutting edge and quite difficult to give birth to, as there is nothing like it that I know of, apart from voice recognition where the results are generated by hi tech equipment.  My inner healer is holding group consciousness, group and individual wounding and offering space for this to be transformed.


Next is Laura Dane, a deep-thinking Theosophist and Telepath, who presents a very thoughtful research of this question in the exploration of her spiritual world.  She adds the input of her guides when looking at this topic:

Interview Series No. 3 – Laura Dane

Lana:  You were born in a year when Chiron was in Capricorn, in common with other teachers such as Caroline Myss who has a definite style of teaching. I wonder if you can describe the particular healing needed for this placement, and if possible also how you see your Inner Healer.

Laura: I have not found it at all easy to understand role of Chiron in my life because I have not been able to understand the common astrological description of the Chiron, the wounded healer, who had to give up his immortality to heal himself.  I have had to seek information from my guides on this subject.  So far, I have been given three ideas:

1.  In relation to the theme of “immortality. The “immortality” as it applies to humanity, is the belief in the immortality of the personality and therefore its God-like status, to which everything else must be subservient.  We eventually learn, however, that the power of the personality is limited and that in order to progress and gain the power to which we aspire, we must give up our sense of personality immortality and allow our soul nature to control and guide the personality.  It is akin to an adolescent child recognising and accepting that adults have greater wisdom and power than he and that aligning with it is to his benefit.

2.  In relation to the “wound”. There is a part of us which is highly sensitive and therefore more vulnerable to being wounded.  Because we are not aware of it, we cover it up with a psychological shield, scarring or some other form of protection which acts as a barrier between it and the world.  We have effectively walled it up and separated it off from the rest of our personality. That is the first wound. That highly sensitive part of us – indicated by the house position and sign of our natal Chiron – is a gift designed to act as a compass to keep us to our true selves.  The barrier we erect is, symbolically, the “immortality” of Chiron which has to be released in order to recognise and heal the wound.  The resources we draw upon to heal the wound (and to continue to heal the wound as we re-create it by going off-course) becomes a healing power in ourselves which we are able to share with others.

3.  The healer within us is often the most powerful aspect of our Chironic nature because it is that aspect which enables us to recognise the wound and to evoke the correct healing.

My natal Chiron, being in my first house, indicates the nature of wounds which occur when the sense of self and self expression is not able to flourish because the personality finds itself in an unsupporting environment.  The healing comes from the soul and being able to understand the soul’s perspective of the personality, which it loves unconditionally.  In the end, I think it just comes down to loving oneself as the divine loves its creation. So, the continuous development of self love, self esteem, self regard etc is extremely important and essential to healing the wound.

According to Barbara Hand Clow’s excellent book on Chiron, a Chiron in Capricorn requires the personality to recognise the importance of joy and laughter and not to take life so seriously as it is wont to do due to the influence of Saturn!  I agree with her analysis.

The next answer is a double turn, two for the price of one, portrayed by Gemini Sarah Berry who is a Homeopath. A channelling by her guide Hendry follows her own view:

Interview Series No. 5 – Sarah Berry

Lana:  Thank you!  Like some of the other interviewees, you have Chiron (the wounded healer) in Capricorn.  What (if anything) does that mean to you, and I wonder if you can describe to me your Inner Healer (not necessarily in astrological terms)?

Sarah: The Wounded Healer makes me think of Archetypes, which I am rather vague about. I’m not disputing them, but perhaps am challenged, so hope I am dealing with it as I progress.  I think I have had to deal with sorting mine and family karma and this has occupied me. Rather like channelling, healing is something I don’t consciously set out to do.  I know myself as an enabler, and to achieve this I guess healing takes place.  My struggle has been to find my real self, and this has felt life-threatening, personality and emotionally-wise. So I have needed to heal my inner self. Along the way it has been possible for me to support others.

Hendry: Best Beloveds, of vital importance is the influence of Chiron in life as the inner healer and in Sarah’s work and the path she is undertaking.  This significance comes slowly to her, and she is currently not too aware of it.  However there will be rebirthing later in the year, including processing and progress and functionality.

[Postscript: The rebirthing did take place, close to her birthday, and a revised birth time was obtained during this session.  Subsequently, it has illuminated the focus of certain areas of her birth chart]


And last but by no means least cj wright aka auntie moon, who draws on the disciplines of Astrology, Numerology and the Tarot in her thought. I think this gives her a wise overview on life:

Interview Series No. 6 – cj wright, Auntie Moon

Lana: Astrologers vary in how much they use Chiron, and I wonder to what extent you do use it and how you experience your Chiron in Capricorn if this is something you have a sense of.  Also, taking the astrology aside, how would you describe your Inner Healer (which may, or may not, be the same thing)?

Cj: I have minimal experience with the asteroids, so I don’t have a good sense of it in my chart. I know Chiron indicates a wound, and that it’s a healing point. It’s also in my 12th house. An astrologer once told me that it was a beautiful placement so I didn’t pursue it. I’m a firm believer that sometimes we just need to let the mystery be.

I don’t really know how I would describe my inner healer because I’m not sure I’ve actually gotten a grip on it yet. I think I heal most when I stop talking and thinking and start listening. That opens a lot of doors to understanding. I’ve found that help has always arrived when I’ve needed it most. There are messengers who come when answers are needed. They’re real people—bank tellers, random phone calls at the office from a stranger who needed to tell a story, poets, and grocery baggers. They’re all around. I just have to be receptive and hear the message. They’ve always been there and they make the path smoother. Solitude is a great healer. Listening within.


As you can see this is a handful of perspectives, and all are still reaching for understanding of the placement.

If you would like to know more about Chiron in general, I would refer you to the site of Joyce Mason (the Radical Virgo) who presents information on the subject in a very readable way.  She has written books on the subject, including a book of poems depicting the Chiron signs.


If you have Chiron in Capricorn please add your experience if you would like to contribute to understanding.

Thanks, Lana