The action starts on Tuesday (23rd) this week with the Sun entering Scorpio through the front door, meeting Mercury who is exiting Scorpio and retrograding back into Libra. This against the wallpaper of Saturn conjunct the True South Node which has been in operation over the last 3 weeks in subtly shifting nuances (first conjunct the Mean South Node then in a half-way alley between the two). So it will be an important day, and it may be difficult to disentangle the influences in your mind to know who is responsible for what. I could attempt to do the whole thing, like in charades, when it’s the only option if you are stumped to break it down…but on second thoughts I will first of all separate the three. Sun entering Scorpio brings a profound mood, echoes of yesterday when the Sun was sextile Pluto, reminders of mortality and questions of what are we doing here loom. Experiencing life in an intense way, and looking deeper than the surface of things. Mercury has already been there recently and has decided to nip back for a bit of light relief into Libra, hoping perhaps that going back in time they might have relaxed the public smoking laws. But there’s no escaping reality, and really from that Libra-Scorpio Beauty-Truth cuspal vantage point it’s actually glorious: the pink-gold of Autumn leaves, the art galleries of life. You just need to catch it at the right angle and hold your focus enough to take a snapshot for your favourite album. Actually, now I think I have done the whole thing and don’t have much more to add, except to say that Saturn conjunct the South Node says be at peace with where you are and your karmic efforts over the last two or three weeks. Sometimes there is only so much you can do, before you have to let yourself off the hook. Mercury’s entry per se into Libra actually happens on Wednesday (24th) he was only in the transitioning zone on Tuesday, so it’s a good day to catch up with any artistic projects, for instance have you got any unfinished potential masterpieces or manuscripts lurking under the bed (like I have)? You may now be inspired to take them up again. Hope you do that, because Venus is opposite Uranus on Thursday (25th) which causes disruption in the arts and also possibly in relationships, so you may be tempted to shove the potential masterpiece under the bed again, having only just dusted off the cobwebs. There may be unexpected meetings that day, but also possible estrangement. But estrangement is always temporary…Friday (26th) is as intense as Tuesday, serving up the Full Moon in Taurus opposite Sun in Scorpio, one of the most emotionally loaded Full Moons of the year, plus Mercury sextile Pluto which reinforces the theme but adds a constructive mental outlook. [Moonpodders, your jetlagged Full Moon questionnaires will arrive on the Full Moon itself this week, after I have flown back into the country, instead of the day before]. Take heart from the fact that Mercury sextile Pluto will provide you with the necessary psychological insight into your experience, plus the means to communicate that. And take heart, also, that you have the imminent aspect of Jupiter sextile Neptune to look forward to.